How Often You Should You Clean The Pool Of Your Home?

Last updated on December 16, 2019

As a kid. When you imagined owning a house, a pool was definitely in the picture, wasn’t it? Of course, you loved the idea of coming out in the evenings to soak yourself in the pool right in your yard, as you saw in the movies.

Perhaps, you had that friend whose parents were rich enough to own a house with a pool. So, you swore that your house would definitely have a pool in your yard when you are all grown. You grew up and you finally bought that dream house of yours. Every evening, you execute your plan of soaking yourself in your pool and basking in how far you’ve come.

Suddenly, one evening after you have become a proud pool owner, it hits you! It hits you that apart from ensuring your house is clean, you will need to keep your pool clean. You never included pool cleaning in your plans while you dreamed, did you? But now, you have absolutely no choice.

When it comes to pool cleaning and maintenance, the common question is “How often do I need to do this annoying task?”

To answer that question, there are aspects of pool cleaning that must be done weekly and some aspects of it have to be done monthly.

What's Inside

Weekly Pool Cleaning/Maintenance

Sorry to break it to you, but as a pool owner, there are some aspects of cleaning that need to be done every single week. It involves a couple of simple things that would take roughly an hour to do.

Here, using a skimmer, you want to skim the surface of the pool in your home once every week, at least. This way, all the dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the pool within one week will not sink into the pool’s bottom. If the surface dirt is a lot more, then you can increase the frequency of skimming by making it every three or four days.

Also, cleaning the strainer basket is so important. Wash your pool’s tiles and walls to avoid having algae and calcium build upon it. This should also be part of your routine weekly maintenance. Run your pool vacuum through this water body that belongs to you to ensure the floor of your pool stays clean.

The pH level of your pool should be kept within the range of 7.2-7.8. If there are any changes that make it fall out of line with these values, then pour in chemicals (either acidic or alkaline) that would make it balance out.

When you’re done with the routine, you might need 4 quick ways to tell if your swimming pool is truly clean”, to know if you have truly done a great job.

Monthly Pool Cleaning/Maintenance

Filter cleaning of your home pool belongs to this area of routine monthly cleaning, but this is also not exactly apt.

Cleaning filters monthly can be termed “over-cleaning” in some cases and can result in huge damage to your pool filter. Conversely, if you don’t clean your pool cleaner frequently, your entire pool will also be dirty.

Hence, check the manual of your pool filter to see the specification of the manufacturer on how often the filter should be cleaned. While some pool cleaners are to be cleaned every month, some are to be cleaned every two months while some require their cleaning to be done every three to four months.

You also need to routinely shock your pool every month. This simply means you need to properly chlorinate your pool every month to ensure your chlorine levels are normalized. You could test the chlorine level of your pool before shocking it. Shocking also helps you in destroying bacteria.

Lastly, you need to check for reductions in the water levels of your home pool monthly, and then, replace adequately.

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To Wrap It Up

Remember that you do not necessarily have to do the pool cleaning by yourself. All you have to do is ensure your pool is cleaned at the right time. You can simply hire an expert to do either the weekly or monthly maintenance for you. You could also hire them to do both.

In the end, just ensure you’re sipping your champagne at the edge of a clean pool.

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