How to Design the Perfect Lighting Scheme for Your Hotel

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Are you in the process of creating a lighting scheme for a new hotel or want to change an old lighting design? Read the article and find out what light solutions to choose for different spaces of hospitality.

Lighting is a vital element of any hotel or accommodation facility, as it establishes the atmosphere, creates ambiance, and can impact the guest’s overall experience. Therefore, it is important to ensure that it is well-planned.

This article will elaborate on creating an ideal lighting scheme for your hotel. We will discuss the best fixtures, various lighting ideas, and the factors to consider when designing a lighting plan that complements your hotel’s style and brand.

What's Inside

Hotel Lobby

hotel lobby

Consider increasing the lighting around the reception area to create a welcoming atmosphere in your hotel lobby. However, it is essential to avoid placing lights directly behind the receptionist, which can cause glare and compromise their vision. Incorporating warm tones can also create a welcoming environment. Additionally, it’s crucial to balance the horizontal and vertical lighting to guide visitors through the lobby and towards their intended destinations.

Corridors of a Hotel

hotel hall

Install a central on and off switch on both ends of the hotel room for easy switching of the lights. A simple control panel on either the bed’s side or at the room’s entrance is sufficient.

Use bulbs with temperature ratings ranging from 2700 to 3000 K to provide enough light while avoiding glare. Avoid using extreme contrasts in the room, as the aim of lighting should be to blend in with the environment properly.

Hotel Rooms

hotel room

To cater to the varying preferences of guests, it is recommended to incorporate flexible hotel lighting options in hotel rooms. Adding a regulator allows guests to adjust the intensity of the lighting to their liking.

At the same time, temperature-changing lights offer the ability to switch between three temperature settings to create the perfect ambiance in the room.

Hotel Bathroom

hotel bathroom

When it comes to lighting the bathroom of a hotel, it is vital to ensure that the lighting is sufficient for the guests to perform their daily routines.

One way to achieve this is by aiming all lights toward the mirror. This approach has the added benefit of allowing guests to see themselves clearly while applying makeup, shaving, or brushing their teeth.

However, it is also vital to ensure that the direct light does not exceed 20% of the total light in the room. This is because when the light is too direct, it can create uncomfortable reflections that may impair guests’ vision.

By striking a balance between the amount of direct light and the overall lighting in the room, guests can comfortably perform their daily routines without any discomfort.

Hotel Bar

hotel bar

To avoid overwhelming visitors and create a relaxing atmosphere, it is recommended to use subdued lighting in the hotel bar. However, colorful lighting can be a great way to attract younger customers and create a more vibrant ambiance.

For instance, adding a chandelier as the bar’s centerpiece can create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Alternatively, a disco ball can be a fun addition to a bar with a dance floor, creating a playful and energetic environment.

Additionally, other lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces or table lamps, can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere for customers who prefer a more private setting. Overall, using different types of lighting can significantly enhance the customer experience and make the hotel bar a more memorable and enjoyable destination.

The Takeaway

Lighting is a crucial component of any hotel’s design. It can make or break the guest experience, so it’s essential to plan it carefully. By incorporating flexible lighting options in hotel rooms, balancing horizontal and vertical lighting in the lobby, and providing sufficient lighting in bathrooms, hotels can create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for their guests.

Additionally, using different types of lighting in the hotel bar can significantly enhance the customer experience, making it a more memorable and enjoyable destination. Overall, a well-planned lighting scheme can make a significant difference in the success of a hotel.

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