How to Improve the Area Before Entering the Garage

Last updated on January 12, 2024

The area around the house and garage is not just land, which can be anything. It is not by chance that the owners are carefully engaged in the improvement of the site, because its attractiveness and functionality directly depend on it.

Let’s consider the question of what to do in front of the garage so that the territory is as comfortable and aesthetic as possible.

What's Inside

Features of the Arrangement of the Entrance to the Garage

Features of the Arrangement of the Entrance to the Garage

When landscaping the area in front of the garage, its attractiveness often fades into the background. This is not surprising, because it is extremely important to arrange the entrance conveniently and unhindered – there should be no decor, trees, or flower beds that prevent parking the car here.

The construction process will include several stages, even if the cement with reinforcement is replaced with other materials:

  • Planning. First of all, you need to make some kind of project, at least a sketch, according to which all work will be carried out in the future. You need to take into account the size of the car, you will require more space for a Nissan Patrol rather than for a Mini Cooper. Though a lot of people prefer to rent cars rather than buy ones, you still need a well-equipped space to store them. A long-term rental can be very profitable, you can contact any rental company to find out all the details about the vehicle you want to hire.
  • Markup. The place where it is planned to fill the area in front of the garage should be marked with pegs and a rope stretched between them.
  • Excavation. At the next stage, we proceed to the arrangement of the pit, which must necessarily be deeper than the level of winter freezing of the soil.
  • Creating the formwork. You can use improvised materials, wooden boards and slate are suitable.
  • Pouring concrete. The final stage, at when a solution is poured into the prepared pit. Pre-installation of reinforcement is possible to give the structure additional strength and durability.

Properly pouring concrete in front of the garage is not as easy as it seems. It will not work just to dig a hole and fill it with a solution – such a race will not last long.

What to Consider When Choosing the Type of Entry

It is important to make a platform in front of the garage for various reasons. Not only for the convenience of parking and protecting your Nissan or any other car from dirt, but also to protect the car from damage.

In general, the garage area is made to solve one or more tasks:

  • Protective blind area. A properly organized check-in will protect the foundation of the garage from flooding and excessive load.
  • Convenience of parking. The platform is always created in such a way that the driver can easily drive the car into the garage.
  • Temporary parking and maintenance. If you equip a large area in front of the garage, it can also be used for parking when the car needs to be left for a few minutes or to carry out maintenance / wash the car.
  • Car protection. So that even with a short parking the car is protected from adverse external influences, you can make a canopy in front of the garage.

How to Improve the Area Before the Entrance

How to Improve the Area Before the Entrance

The choice of material for registration of arrival is a personal matter for everyone. Some decide to pour concrete in front of the garage, while others prefer paving stones or even bricks.

At the same time, the design itself may be different. Let’s consider the main options.

Blind Spot

The simplest solution involves the device of a strip of “road” leading from the beginning of the territory to the garage. It is very easy to make a blind area – it is enough to fill the area in front of the garage with concrete mortar or lay asphalt on it.


A screed is called a reinforced slab, which is filled with a solution based on cement and sand. Of course, it is more difficult and more expensive to make it than just pouring concrete in front of the garage, but the effort will pay off with a solid, smooth, and durable surface that will allow you to park comfortably.


A special flat platform for the arrival of the car, which may have a different angle, usually not exceeding 10%. At the same time, it is believed that the smaller the angle, the easier it is to park. 

Regardless of the design features, both the ramp and the blind area perform the same task — they allow you to park safely. The most suitable option for each owner has to choose independently, taking into account the features of the garage and, of course, personal preferences.

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