15 Kitchen Ideas with a Microwave Where Function Meets Fashion

Last updated on March 7, 2024

Where do you put the microwave and keep your kitchen decor neat and tidy? Here are some inspiring ideas.

Let’s establish that a microwave is not a decorative item. But we don’t want it to be an eyesore either. However, there’s no better way to destroy your kitchen decor than a misplaced appliance.

The built-in look is always the option for the humble microwave. But if it’s not an option in your kitchen layout, try other ideas like hiding it in an awkward corner or camouflaging it against a patterned backsplash.

We have the perfect bundle of ideas if you’re unsure how to keep your kitchen looking beautiful with a microwave in the picture.

What's Inside

Black Appliance Kitchen

You can’t go wrong with black. This kitchen boasts stainless steel finish that complements the other appliances in the kitchen. It creates a cohesive and stylish design.

Place the microwave beside the built-in cabinets. This microwave is perfect for any home chef with its spacious interior and powerful heating capabilities.

Kitchen with a Chimney Hood

This classic kitchen design is easy on the eyes and very functional too. Subway tiles line the walls, and black appliances provide an eye-catching contrast to the neutral tones of the space.

The chimney hood is an elegant addition that adds to the overall aesthetic. The metro tiles create a unique pattern on the floor. Add accessories and bring in subtle pops of color for added interest.

Everything in this kitchen is modern, practical, and stylish.

Patterned Tiles and Decorative Items

The microwave is placed on top of the counter in this kitchen design. It’s near the socket and very accessible on all sides.

Its stainless steel finish adds a contemporary touch to the space. The microwave’s large capacity allows you to cook larger meals quickly.

The microwave has intuitive controls and multiple settings for quick and effortless meal preparation. Its built-in timer ensures your food is cooked perfectly every time, while its defrost setting helps you thaw frozen items quickly and safely.

This stylish microwave is an efficient addition to your already convenient kitchen.

Immaculate White Kitchen

Kotikarikko | Niina kitchen with microwave
Source: @kotikarikko

This white kitchen design is to die for. It’s the ultimate minimalist’s dream. The microwave is beside the oven for easier access. There are also additional storage cabinets for other kitchen items.

The overall look is modern and inviting. It’s perfect for inspiring creativity in the kitchen.

Classic and Elegant Kitchen

The contemporary decor and architecture of the interior create an inviting atmosphere for meal preparation and entertaining guests.

This kitchen has decorative elements such as lighting fixtures, cabinetry, and countertops, providing a stylish backdrop for this functional appliance.

The combination of architectural elements, interior design features, and thoughtful microwave placement makes this kitchen a beautiful space to cook in.

Urban Renovations

What’s better than having your microwave at eye level for ultimate convenience? The surrounding cabinetry is white with silver accents. The color combination creates a bright, airy, inviting, and stylish atmosphere.

The countertops are durable quartz, providing a solid surface for meal preparation or other activities. There is also a backsplash that adds texture and depth to the room.

Everything about this kitchen is impressive.

Contemporary Kitchen with Patterned Walls

Jonas Manfrin Arquitetura kitchen with microwave
Source: @arqprestige

The microwave is in its own compartment. It’s all about functionality and keeping it stylish.

The microwave seamlessly integrates into the overall look, balancing form and function. The stainless steel appliance adds a statement to the room, contrasting beautifully with the lighter tones of surrounding walls and cabinetry.

The microwave can quickly complete any cooking task without taking up too much countertop space.

Its convenience and efficiency make it ideal for busy households who want to get meals prepped quickly.

Boho Chic Kitchen

This boho kitchen is a dream makeover. The design is tight, but every space is maximized.

The microwave is surrounded by white cabinets and drawers for plenty of storage, while the countertop provides ample workspace. A black backsplash ties in with the dark accents throughout the room, creating an eye-catching contrast.

The overall look is sophisticated and stylish, perfect for any home.

Simplicity in a Kitchen

Aga🌹 kitchen with microwave
Source: @aga327

Don’t overdo y our decorative items. Even a few appliances make the kitchen look as stunning as this one.

Modern, minimalist cabinets and countertops surround the microwave for a contemporary look. The white color palette creates a bright and airy atmosphere in the room.

This Scandinavian-inspired kitchen makes you creative with your cooking. It also allows you to take a break and talk to your family while preparing the food.

Farmhouse Kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen is impressively designed. The microwave is built into the wall and placed on the oven. It’s functional, and it’s due to its location.

The stainless steel exterior adds a touch of sophistication to the room, while the spacious interior allows you to heat your favorite meals efficiently.

The microwave is surrounded by stylish cabinets and countertops that create an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen.

A farmhouse-style sink and rustic accents complete the look, giving this kitchen a unique charm. With its combination of modern and classic elements, this kitchen is sure to inspire anyone looking to update their space.

Built-In Microwave Installation

If you want all the countertop space for kitchen preparation, some other decorative items, and more, this design is for you.

The microwave is placed on the shelf. It’s the perfect area to maximize the counter space. The microwave is the perfect addition to this stylish kitchen, adding convenience and efficiency to meal preparation.

Mini Kitchen Works

This design is perfect for homes with a little kitchen. It’s also great for apartments and condo units.

An efficient hob, oven, and cooker are ready for all types of cooking, while the shiny microwave provides quick meals with fresh ingredients.

This lovely space is perfect for creating home-cooked meals that everyone will love.

Among the Whites

Find the microwave? Yes! It’s right there along the white cabinet storage.

The microwave is conveniently located in the kitchen, allowing easy access when preparing meals. The kitchen also includes other appliances and storage spaces for creating delicious meals.

Stainless Steel Finish

If you want something modern, then try stainless-finish kitchen appliances. The stainless steel finish of the microwave adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen’s overall look.

The microwave is conveniently located near other essential kitchen appliances, such as an oven, cooktop, and range hood.

With its intuitive controls and efficient cooking capabilities, this microwave will make cooking more accessible. It can be used to heat leftovers or prepare quick meals with ease.

Its compact size allows it to fit into even the smallest kitchens without taking up too much space.

Add stylish small appliances like coffee makers or blenders to help create delicious dishes in no time!

Atop The Shelves

The microwave is perfect for any kitchen upgrade or update, providing superior performance and modern style. In this kitchen, the microwave is placed atop the range hood. The blue stainless steel adds an eye-catching touch to the room, making it stand out from other appliances.

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