9 Kitchen Pass-Through Ideas You Need to See Before Renovating

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Do you need to update or build a kitchen pass-through? These ideas will help you stay modern and stylish.

Kitchen pass-troughs were trendy back in the days when separate kitchens were popular. These days we have open plan kitchens where they are connected to the living room or the dining room. Nowadays, it’s more like a unique feature that adds charm to space in a nostalgic way.

If your house has an old kitchen pass-through or you want to add this feature, you will want to see these ideas. Let’s see what it’s all about.

What's Inside

How Can You Update Your Kitchen Pass-Through?

How Can I Update My Kitchen Pass-Through?
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The key idea to a modern kitchen pass-through, no matter what style you use, is to make it as full as possible. The days of small pass-through windows are long gone, so if you have one in your kitchen, consider widening it.

The other big thing you can make with the pass-through is to create a feature wall out of it. This is especially useful if you’re not able to change the architecture of the room to widen the gap.

Modern Kitchen Pass-Through Window

Be Open to the Idea of Installing Kitchen Pass-Through Windows
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This useful addition to your kitchen can add value to your home with a high ROI. Learn about the concept of modern kitchen pass-through windows. Check out the link to get the inspiration.

Farmhouse Kitchen Pass-Through

Kitchen Remodel Update: The pass through is done!
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See how this farmhouse-style kitchen was transformed when a passthrough was built in a load bearing wall between the kitchen and living room. Check out the website to get all the details.

Farmhouse Inside-Outside Kitchen Pass Through

Carolyn on Instagram: “The good news: temps got into the 60s today. The bad news: it rained all day. I really cannot wait to get back to this outdoor situation. I…”
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The kitchen passthrough may connect not only the kitchen with the living or dining room, but it can also connect your porch and inside. It’s the perfect setup for outdoor parties and meals. Follow the website to get more details.

Backyard Kitchen Pass Through

Sierra Pacific Windows on Instagram: “@casadelreyhomes knows how to make an already amazing kitchen even more amazing...by connecting it to the backyard bar top! . . . .…”
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Similarly, you can enjoy the connection with your kitchen and backyard. Passing the drinks and snacks for the next family outing is then a breeze and an enjoyable experience altogether. Follow the website to get inspiration.

Kitchen Pass Through for Outdoor Cooking

☀️Sunrise Appliance☀️ on Instagram: “With Spring right around the corner, we are loving inspiring outdoor cooking and dining area inspiration.  We've designed two kitchens…”
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Another area connected to the kitchen via a pass-through allows enjoying the cooking outside. Follow the website to get inspired.

Kitchen Outside Pass-Through Window

GingerRabeDesigns on Instagram: “Summer is coming. It’s time to start your   ... Call today  for your consultation. .   .  …”
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This brilliant setup allows the kitchen window opens up to a pass-through, and the window sill is used as a kitchen bar. See the website to get inspired.

Dining Room Kitchen Pass Through

RayzorWorks on Instagram: “Here's a project I did for some friends two years ago. They wanted a passthrough from their kitchen into the dining room. . . The most…”
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See how a granite countertop is raised to work as a kitchen bar in the dining room. The full open pass-through does not limit space and connects the rooms. See the link to get more details.

Build a Bar Pass-Through

Build a Bar Pass-Through
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Creating a bar pass-through between a kitchen and dining or family room can lighten both rooms and provide a gathering place between the two areas. Check out the link to get more details. This post includes detailed instructions on how to DIY this pass-through window as well.

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