Oh Hey: An Austin-Based Lifestyle Blog by Corrin Foster

Last updated on February 20, 2024

Dive into the review of “oh hey,” an Austin-based lifestyle blog crafted by Corrin Foster, because of its unique blend of travel, wellness, fashion, and home decor advice.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of Texas with Corrin Foster’s lifestyle blog, a treasure trove of Austin’s eclectic scene.

From spotlighting the city’s distinctive fashion flair and supporting homegrown talent to guiding you through the best-kept local haunts and eateries, this blog is your passport to living the Austin way, no matter where you are.

Bathed in the warmth of the Texan sun, it’s also your go-to resource for beauty tips tailored to thriving in the heat.

Join us as we unpack the quintessential Austin experience, piece by stylish piece.

Key takeaways:

  • Corrin Foster brings an authentic Austin vibe to her lifestyle blog.
  • The blog covers fashion, beauty, travel, food, and lifestyle.
  • The fashion section showcases Austin’s unique style and local artisans.
  • The beauty section offers tips for maintaining a radiant complexion in the Texan climate.
  • The travel section provides insights into hidden gems and local experiences in Austin.

What's Inside

About The Blogger

about the blogger

Corrin Foster, the creative force behind the blog, brings an authentic Austin vibe to her content through a personal lens.

Her expertise in marketing and passion for storytelling converge on the platform, delivering a rich tapestry of Austin’s lifestyle offerings.

Not only does Corrin explore the city’s vibrant culture, but she also does so with the flair of someone who both knows and loves her community.

Followers of Corrin get a daily glimpse into her life and inspirations, making the content both relatable and engaging for anyone looking to embrace the Austin spirit.

With her quirky sense of style and keen eye for trends, Corrin’s blog serves as a beacon for what’s hot, fresh, and uniquely Austin.

Corrin Foster’s Background

corrin fosters background

Corrin Foster brings a blend of personal flair and professional expertise to her lifestyle blog that captures the essence of Austin living. Her immersion in the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the city is reflected in her content, which spans fashion, food, and all things Austin.

With her background in marketing, Foster leverages her skills to create a blog that’s not only a showcase of her own journey and tastes but also serves as a guide for residents and visitors alike. Her ability to connect with her audience through authentic storytelling and relatable experiences has cemented her reputation as a go-to source for the latest trends and local happenings.

Foster’s passion for her hometown shines through, making her insights particularly valuable for those looking to experience the city’s unique lifestyle.

Categories of Oh Hey An Austin Based Lifestyle Blog

Delving into the content categories, readers find a treasure trove of recommendations and reflections tailored to diverse interests. The fashion section serves up a blend of trend forecasts and personal style insights, offering readers outfit inspirations apt for the vibrant Austin scene. Beauty enthusiasts revel in product reviews and beauty routine tips, emphasizing both indulgence and practicality.

The travel division ventures beyond Austin’s borders, sharing getaway stories and tips while inspiring exploration. Food content is a banquet of flavors, where reviews of eateries intertwine with recipes, celebrating Austin’s culinary diversity. Lastly, lifestyle articles span from home decor to wellness, reflecting the holistic approach Corrin takes towards the everyday joys and challenges of life in Austin.

Each category is thoughtfully curated to resonate with the blog’s ethos of authenticity and local charm.


Navigating Austin’s diverse fashion scene can feel like a revelatory experience, with the “Oh Hey” blog casting a spotlight on the eclectic mix of local boutiques and thrift stores that dot the cityscape. The emphasis on sustainable fashion aligns with Austin’s environmentally conscious ethos, often featuring garments that are as kind to the planet as they are fashionable.

Each post often includes a personal spin, sharing how to integrate national trends into the laid-back, Austin style. Beyond clothing, accessories sourced from local artisans are highlighted, providing readers with a guide to unique pieces that capture the spirit of the city.

Whether it’s tips on how to rock cowboy boots with a modern twist or where to find the perfect sundress for the city’s endless summer vibes, the blog serves as a go-to resource for residents and visitors alike looking to update their wardrobe with a touch of Austin flair.


Navigating through the latest beauty trends can be overwhelming, but Corrin Foster simplifies this journey with her personal insights. She offers honest reviews on skincare products tailored to the humid Texan climate, ensuring readers can maintain a radiant complexion despite the heat.

Makeup enthusiasts can find tips on which products stand up to Austin’s vibrant scene and active lifestyle, from the most resilient foundations to the perfect lip color for any occasion.

Corrin’s approach to beauty is holistic, emphasizing the importance of a beauty routine that nurtures both physical appearance and wellbeing. She occasionally highlights local beauty brands, supporting the community and encouraging natural, ethical choices.

Through her encounters with beauty experts and stylists during local events, she shares professional advice that can elevate any personal care regimen.

Practical and relatable, her recommendations and how-tos cater to both everyday looks and special occasions, ensuring readers are always at their best while enjoying the city’s dynamic offerings.

Whether it’s a low-key gathering by Lady Bird Lake or a night out on Sixth Street, Corrin’s insights help readers find the beauty balance that works for them.


Exploring the vibrant city of Austin through Corrin Foster’s lens offers an intimate guide to hidden gems and popular spots alike. Her travel insights delve beyond the typical tourist destinations, providing readers with unique experiences that capture the essence of Austin’s soul.

Posts include curated lists of must-visit locations, alongside practical tips on transportation, accommodation, and the best times to enjoy certain attractions. Each entry is punctuated with personal anecdotes and vivid imagery, allowing readers to virtually wander through eclectic neighborhoods, soak in the scenic beauty of local parks, and revel in the bustling nightlife, all while getting a sense of what makes each experience particularly Austin-esque.

This authentic approach invites readers to craft their own Austin adventure with confidence.


Diving into Austin’s dynamic food scene, this blog serves up a smorgasbord of culinary insights. The posts provide a varied menu of reviews, from the latest food trucks to the best alfresco dining spots. They highlight where to savor authentic Tex-Mex, barbecue havens, and the chicest brunch locales.

Readers get a slice of Austin’s food community through interviews with local chefs and sneak peeks into city food festivals. The practical tips on navigating farmers’ markets or concocting Austin-inspired cocktails at home stir up readers’ own culinary adventures. The blog’s food content flavors a unique blend of Texas tradition and contemporary gastronomic trends, equally serving a gourmet and a curious epicure.


Delving into Austin’s lifestyle through Corrin Foster’s lens reveals an eclectic mix of activities, recommendations, and tips that embody the vibrant heartbeat of the city. Her posts often highlight:

  • Essential wellness routines and practices that Austinites value, from yoga studios to mindfulness spaces.
  • Local events that are not to be missed, offering insights into festivals, concerts, and art exhibits.
  • Home decor tips inspired by Austin’s unique aesthetic, blending modern and vintage styles.
  • Personal anecdotes and stories which add a personal touch, reflecting everyday life in Austin.
  • Sustainable living practices popular in the city, like community gardening and eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Pet-friendly places and activities, acknowledging the love for furry companions in Austin’s community.

What Makes “Oh Hey” A Valuable Resource for Austin-Based Lifestyle Information?

“Corrin Foster’s insightful recommendations and personal touches transform ‘Oh Hey’ into a treasure trove for Austin insiders and newcomers alike.

The blog shines in its diverse coverage, addressing everything from hidden gem eateries to the latest fashion trends.

Authenticity is key here; reviews are honest, and tips are tried and tested, ensuring trust and reliability.

A commitment to showcasing local businesses gives readers a taste of true Austin culture beyond the typical tourist spots.

The user-friendly layout, alongside engaging visuals, complement the high-quality content, making navigating Austin’s lifestyle through Corrin’s eyes an effortless and enjoyable experience.”

The Future of “Oh Hey An Austin Based Lifestyle Blog”

As Corrin Foster’s platform evolves, it’s clear there’s a dedicated plan to innovate and grow with the audience’s needs. Anticipate:

  • Content will diversify, bringing more depth to existing categories and possibly adding new interests that resonate with the followers, ensuring there’s always something fresh to explore.

Expect strategic collaborations that will bring exclusive insights, deals, and experiences to the readership, tapping into Austin’s vibrant business community and beyond.

User experience is paramount, so look forward to design enhancements of the blog that streamline navigation and improve overall aesthetics, making every visit both enjoyable and informative.

Lastly, community is key; hence, fostering a more robust channel for reader interactions through comments, social media, and live events will be a priority, enriching the sense of connectedness the blog embodies.

Expansion of Content

The blog’s content has progressively diversified, encompassing a broader spectrum of interests. Recent additions include a section dedicated to wellness, providing readers with tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle amidst the bustling city life.

Eco-friendly practices and sustainable living options in Austin have also been integrated, reflecting a growing community concern.

Additionally, DIY projects and home decor have become a staple, appealing to those seeking to add personal touches to their living spaces.

In keeping with technological trends, the blog has started offering insights into the latest gadgets and apps that cater to the Austin lifestyle.

With these expansions, readers get a richer, more comprehensive guide to living vibrantly in Austin.

Collaborations With Brands

Corrin Foster’s partnerships with brands infuse “Oh Hey” with diverse perspectives and products that resonate with a trendy, Austin vibe. These collaborations often feature:

  • Local businesses showcasing Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Fashion and beauty brands that align with Corrin’s personal style.
  • Travel companies offering unique experiences around the city and beyond.
  • Artisanal food and drink purveyors that highlight the city’s culinary scene.

These partnerships help introduce readers to new products and services while supporting the local economy. They also provide authenticity to recommendations, as readers trust Corrin’s selective brand alignments.

Improved Design and User Experience

The transition to a more user-friendly interface has significantly enhanced the reader’s experience. With quick-to-load pages and intuitive navigation, finding your favorite Austin hotspots or the latest fashion trends is a breeze.

Accessibility features ensure the blog is welcoming for all users. High-quality visuals now complement the blog posts, providing a glimpse into the vibrant lifestyle of Austin before delving into the written content.

The addition of a search function streamlines the process of locating specific topics or interests, showcasing a commitment to efficiency and reader satisfaction. Overall, these technical improvements embody a forward-thinking approach to blog design, prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality.

Increased Engagement With Readers

To foster a deeper connection with the audience, the blog has implemented several strategies. Interactive elements like polls and quizzes on social media encourage reader participation. The comments section becomes a lively discussion forum, with Foster personally responding to questions and feedback. Holding occasional giveaways or contests incentivizes engagement and rewards loyal followers. Regular Q&A sessions and reader spotlights celebrate the community, making readers feel heard and valued. By integrating these interactive practices, the blog ensures visitors aren’t just passive consumers but active contributors to the vibrant Austin-centric conversation.

Social Media Presence

Corrin Foster extends the reach of her blog through an active and vibrant social media presence. By utilizing platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, readers can interact with content in a more visually appealing and immediate way. These channels offer behind-the-scenes glimpses, real-time updates, and additional insights into Austin’s bustling lifestyle:

  • Instagram showcases a curated gallery of Austin’s fashion, beauty spots, and mouth-watering food destinations, perfect for visual inspiration.
  • Twitter provides quick tips, shares blog post alerts, and fosters conversations with followers about Austin’s latest happenings.
  • Pinterest acts as a visual bookmarking tool, organizing ideas for future Austin adventures or lifestyle tips and allowing followers to save their favorite blog content.

Through these various social media outlets, followers can stay connected, get quicker responses to inquiries, and become part of a broader community that shares their interest in Austin’s unique lifestyle.

Exploring Austin’s Food Culture

Discovering Austin’s food scene is akin to embarking on a culinary adventure. This capital city is a foodie’s haven, celebrated for its eclectic mix of cuisines, where the ubiquitous food trucks serve up everything from succulent BBQ to vegan treats.

The blog spotlights these street eats, emphasizing not just the flavors but the stories behind the vendors. It also delves into Austin’s farm-to-table movement, showcasing how local produce is transformed into aesthetically pleasing and delectable dishes at trendy spots, driving home the connection between what we eat and where it comes from.

The food culture here is not only about sustenance but also about community, sustainability, and innovation—attributes consistently echoed throughout the blog’s food-centric content.

Food Trucks

Food trucks in Austin are more than just a novelty; they’re an institution within the city’s culinary scene. Here are key insights:

  • Diversity of Cuisines: From authentic Mexican tacos to adventurous Asian fusion, the variety reflects the city’s multicultural fabric.
  • Casual Dining Experience: These mobile eateries offer a laid-back atmosphere, encouraging foodies to enjoy meals alfresco.
  • Accessibility: Scattered throughout the city, food trucks make it easy for locals and visitors to grab a bite on the go.
  • Innovative Menus: Chefs often use food trucks as experimental kitchens to test unique and creative dishes.
  • Community Hubs: Often grouped in “food truck parks,” these spaces become vibrant social destinations for people to gather and share a love of food.

This trend captures the essence of Austin’s inventive and communal spirit, providing an immersive way to experience the local flavors and connect with the city’s lively food culture.

Farm-to-Table Dining

Embracing the farm-to-table dining scene, Corrin Foster showcases how the movement connects diners directly with the source of their food. This concept emphasizes:

  • Locally sourced ingredients: Restaurants partner with regional farmers, using fresh, seasonal produce to craft their menus.
  • Sustainability: The focus is on minimizing food miles, reducing carbon footprints, and supporting eco-friendly agriculture.
  • Community support: Dining at these establishments bolsters the local economy, ensuring farmers and small businesses thrive.
  • Education: Consumers learn about the origins of their meals, fostering a greater appreciation for the culinary process.
  • Freshness and flavor: Meals prepared with ingredients at the peak of their freshness offer unmatched taste and nutritional value.

Through “Oh Hey,” readers can discover Austin’s best farm-to-table restaurants that embody these principles, providing a gastronomic journey that’s both indulgent and responsible.

Exploring Austin’s Cultural Delights

With a pulse on the eclectic energy of the city, the blog dives into Austin’s live music scene, often hailed as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. From intimate gigs in quirky dive bars to major music festivals, readers get insights into must-see performances and behind-the-scenes peeks at local artists.

Outdoor activities are a significant part of the city’s charm and are frequently featured on the blog. Whether it’s kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, hiking in the green belts, or exploring the vibrant street art, the blog highlights how these experiences contribute to the vibrant lifestyle of Austin residents.

Engagement with the local art scene is also a focus area, showcasing Austin’s array of museums, galleries, and art fairs. The blog encourages exploration of cultural institutions like the Contemporary Austin and the Blanton Museum of Art, proving that the city’s allure extends well beyond its music credentials.

By paying homage to the uniqueness of Austin’s culture, the blog serves as an insider’s guide that encourages both locals and visitors to embrace the city’s distinctive character. Whether a resident or a tourist, there’s always something new to discover about Austin’s cultural landscape.

Live Music Capital of the World

Austin’s moniker as the Live Music Capital of the World isn’t just a catchy slogan—it’s a reflection of the city’s vibrant scene that Corrin Foster of “Oh Hey” encapsulates in her blog.

Here’s what you’ll discover when diving into this facet of Austin’s culture through her lifestyle lens:

  • A bustling calendar of music festivals such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits (ACL), drawing both major acts and emerging artists.
  • Intimate gigs and eclectic performances in local bars and music venues, highlighting the grassroots talents that keep the city’s soundtrack diverse and ever-evolving.
  • Tips for the best spots to enjoy live music, often coupled with great food and quintessential Austin vibes.
  • Stories behind the venues, shedding light on the history and character that make each location unique.
  • Community events that showcase local musicians and support the arts, keeping the live music tradition thriving in Austin.

Through “Oh Hey,” readers gain an insider’s perspective on why Austin’s live music scene is an integral part of its identity.

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