20 Teal Office Ideas for a Refreshing Workspace

Last updated on December 24, 2023

Explore these refreshing teal office ideas because they can manipulate the ambiance and alter the energy of your workspace to a more calming and creative one.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Integrating the calming allure of teal into your office’s aesthetic can be an inspired and refreshing design decision.

With a horde of teal office ideas already adorning the internet, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of options.

This article aims to navigate you beyond that.

While providing helpful resources for you to delve into tried-and-tested ideas, our primary focus is on offering fresh, unique perspectives that further expand your palette of choices.

Intriguing, innovative and sure to inspire, these creative teal office concepts may just spur you to reimagine your workspace like never before.

Let’s dive deep into this ocean of possibilities!

What's Inside

Teal Accent Wall

teal accent wall

Opt for a teal accent wall to infuse a sense of calm and focused energy into your office space. This hue is compatible with different shades and textures, giving you lots of room for creativity.

You might consider a flat matte finish for a subtle, professional look or a glossy one for a more vibrant effect. Combining teal with neutral tones, like grey or white, will balance the intensity of the color, keeping the atmosphere comfortable while still adding a dynamic focal point.

Wallpaper designs can be an additional layer, with subtle patterns or textures bringing more visual interest. Ensure that there’s sufficient natural light to truly make the teal wall stand out. This color also absorbs artificial light well; hence, stylish lighting fixtures could amplify its appeal.

Add wall-mounted shelves or frames in contrasting hues for an extra pop. Experiment with your ideas but keep it tastefully minimalistic.

Wall Art With Teal Touches

wall art with teal touches

Displaying an art piece primarily with teal shades against your office wall can create a stunning focal point.

A large canvas painting, an abstract art piece, or a teal patterned tapestry would all work well.

Various options can be explored such as tribal prints, floral motifs, geometric patterns, or even conceptual artworks.

You could also consider wall sculptures, teal-framed mirrors or an artistic wall clock with teal elements.

The key is to balance the strong teal with other neutral or complimentary shades in the artwork to keep your workspace vibrant yet professional.

Teal Chair Upholstery

teal chair upholstery

The right chair can make a world of difference when it comes to comfort during work hours and it can also dramatically enhance the overall office vibe. Opting for a chair with teal upholstery can inject a liveliness into your space. This uniquely vibrant color can help your seating stand out, becoming a central feature and conversation starter.

There are various types of materials and finishes you might consider. Velvet could be a striking choice, providing a textured, luxury feel. Alternatively, a teal mesh chair could offer breathability and a contemporary spin. Consider the type of work you do and how much use the chair gets when picking out upholstery material.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix different styles. A retro, mid-century modern teal chair can provide a surprising and delightful contrast in a minimalist or industrial styled office. You can also experiment with different tones of teal to find the one that fits best with your lighting and other decor.

In an otherwise neutral or monochromatic room, a teal upholstered chair can take center stage. Conversely, in a space with various colors and patterns, a teal chair can work as a cohesive component, cementing the entire look of your vibrant office.

The chair offers an easy way to incorporate teal into your office decor without the commitment of more permanent alterations. It’s more than just functional: it becomes part of the overall office atmosphere. Thus, choosing the right teal chair is crucial to capture the stylish, vibrant, and welcoming work environment you’re aiming for.

Teal Themed Shelves

teal themed shelves

Adding a teal accent to your shelves can create an interesting focal point in your office space. It’s as simple as painting the inner parts of your shelves in your favorite shade of teal. This pop of color can help break up the monotony of an otherwise all-white or neutral workspace.

If you prefer a subtler approach, consider using teal accents on the shelf displays. This could include teal-colored books, teal vases or even teal office accessories like staplers or pencil holders. You can also play with different tones of teal to give your shelves more depth and dynamism.

For a dramatic effect, go for backlit teal shelves. The LED strip lights illuminating the shelves not only showcase the beautiful teal color but also create a soothing ambiance – perfect for those long office hours. Moreover, teal colored floating shelves can add a modern touch to your office.

For those unwilling to change their existing furniture, a quick solution would be to line the shelves with teal contact paper. It’s an affordable and non-permanent way to infuse teal into your workspace.

Remember to balance out the intensity of the teal with lighter colored items or use it to highlight unique art pieces or awards on your shelves.

Teal Tinted Glass Incorporated Into Office Décor

teal tinted glass incorporated into office decor

Incorporating teal tinted glass into your office décor provides an elegant and modern aesthetic that also allows for optimal light diffusion. This choice comes across as both sophisticated and fresh, improving the mood and productivity in the room.

You can utilize this color in various forms:

  • Glass Table Tops: A teal tinted glass table can be a show-stopper centerpiece. It reflects light, making the room appear more spacious.
  • Glass Dividers or Screens: Ideal for dividing spaces. They maintain an open feel within the room while providing privacy.
  • Window Films: This alternative provides privacy, controls sunlight, and adds a pop of color.
  • Teal Glass Accessories: Think desk lamp in teal glass, teal glass vases or teal glass photo frames.

These are a few ideas on how you can incorporate teal tinted glass into your office. Ensure to complement it with similar shades or contrasting colors for a chic and balanced look.

Office Ceiling in Teal Shade

office ceiling in teal shade

Choosing the right shade of teal for your office ceiling can dramatically change the space’s atmosphere and charm. Here are a few considerations when jumping into this unique decor choice:

1. Light and Airy: If your office is small or lacks natural light, consider a lighter hue to enhance the sense of height and space.

2. Dark and Dramatic: In contrast, a darker, more vibrant teal can create a stunning focal point and add a certain depth to a spacious room.

3. Finish Matters: Choose a matte finish to reduce glare from overhead lighting, or consider a glossy finish for a sleek look that reflects light, opening the room up.

4. Matching Elements: Coordinate your ceiling color with other teal accents in the room, such as upholstery, wall art, or desk accessories, to create a cohesive look.

Remember, painting your ceiling is a commitment but can be a game-changer in the design of your office. It can set the mood for productivity and creativity while giving your office that wow factor.

Teal Colored Plants for Fresh Look

teal colored plants for fresh look

Incorporating greenery into your office setting contributes to a refreshing environment. For an additional pop, consider plants that carry a teal tint to match the design aesthetic.

Air plants, for instance, although green, can give off a teal hue in specific light conditions. Moreover, some succulent varieties like Echeveria “Black Prince” may offer deep teal notes, complimenting your teal theme flawlessly.

Painting regular terracotta pots in shades of teal is another popular and cost-effective method to utilize plants in your color scheme, whilst keeping the natural greenery. Remember, allowing hints of nature into your workspace not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also aids in purification of the air and enhancement of mood!

Teal Office Equipment

teal office equipment

Consider incorporating essentials like staple removers, paperclips, or binders in this eye-catching color. A teal computer mouse or keyboard can add a fun, personal flair. Desk organizers or pen holders in varying shades of teal can both brighten the workspace and keep things tidy.

Don’t overlook the benefits of a stylish teal mouse pad or even a teal-rimmed bulletin board for posting important notes. Not only does this approach infuse your office with a cohesive aesthetic, but it also makes mundane tasks a little brighter. Small, functional items become a joy rather than a chore.

Remember, balance is key. Too much of any one color, including teal, can feel overwhelming. Aim for a mix of teal and other complementary colors for a harmonious effect.

Teal Colored Lighting Fixtures

teal colored lighting fixtures

Light fixtures can play an essential role in transforming your office space. Instead of standard options, think about teal colored lamps or chandeliers. They can provide the necessary ambience while reinforcing the color scheme.

Keep in mind a few aspects:

  • Pendant lights with teal hued glass shades are a great option, adding a splash of color to the ceiling.
  • If you prefer a subtler approach, consider lamps with teal bases. When placed on your desk or near a seating area, they will draw the eye and create a focal point.
  • Don’t overlook the possibility of teal colored bulbs. Combined with clear or white light fixtures, they can create an interesting lighting effect.

Remember that light fixtures are not just about functionality. Think of them as an opportunity to add another layer of creativity and color to your work environment.

Teal Rug or Carpet

teal rug or carpet

A striking method to incorporate this serene color into your workspace is by choosing a rug or carpet. Opt for either a solid teal rug to create a bold statement, or select a patterned option, with teal hues blending with neutrals, for subtle integration.

Size matters, too. For a large office, consider a teal area rug, while a small-size rug under the desk works for compact spaces. To harmonize the teal, use complementary color hues in other office elements. If your rug has a geometric pattern with teal details, echo these through accent cushions or artwork.

Avoid saturation of teal; remember – balance is key in designing a visually pleasing workspace.

Offset Teal With Geometric Patterns

offset teal with geometric patterns

Introducing geometric patterns can indeed create a dynamic contrast to the uniformity of teal. Patterns disturb the eye allowing it to appreciate the calmness of the color even more. Stripes, triangles, or hexagons could be an excellent choice.

Printed pillows, patterned carpets or rugs, or even an art piece can easily incorporate these elements. Select artworks or fabrics with hints of white, black, or gold, setting off the richness of the teal backdrop.

To go beyond the norm, even a geometric patterned wallpaper on a feature wall can boost the space’s look. From subtle to bold, these patterns will bring an additional dimension breaking any monotony. Remember, balance is key. Too many patterns may create confusion and impact productivity, hence use them judiciously.

Creative Teal Desk Organizers

creative teal desk organizers

Diving into organizing your workspace, vibrant options can really infuse vitality into your day-to-day. Say goodbye to mundane organizers and embrace teal ones. Choose from a myriad of options – a teal acrylic desk organizer for the ever-looming stationery, teal wire racks for your files, or even teal wooden compartments to house your notes and napkins.

The goal is to create an efficient, clutter-free desk, but with a pop of creativity and color to make each workday unique and enjoyable. There’s no rule against bringing style into the mix while keeping things professional!

Teal and White Combo for Fresh Look

teal and white combo for fresh look

Pairing teal with crisp white elevates the overall appearance of the office to a fresh and bright level. This combination is quite refreshing in itself.

Start with a predominantly white base, using furniture and wall color, then introduce teal in a calculated manner.

Accessories like teal office stationery, pillows on chairs, and even a vase could bring that desired look. A white desk with a teal lamp or photo frame creates a noticeable contrast. Consider painting an accent wall teal for a bolder effect.

Vertical teal and white striped wallpapers or wall decals can create the illusion of a larger space, amplifying the fresh feel of the office.

Remember, moderation is key – too much teal could be overpowering. White’s clean canvas enables teal to really pop without dominating. This vibrant yet soothing combination will certainly uplift the mood and aid productivity.

Vintage Teal Furniture

vintage teal furniture

Imagine a handsome roll-top desk in a soft teal hue anchoring your workspace. With vintage teal furniture, you bring a piece of history into your setting, creating a unique charm.

The old-world design details of such items cater to those who appreciate finer aesthetics.

When selecting these pieces, look for the ones that have been refurbished but have still retained their years’ worth patina.

If you’re keen on DIY projects, consider a mild make-over for that old furniture piece lying in your basement.

Pairing these central pieces with minimalist environment or contrasting modern details like stainless steel lamps or clear acrylic chairs, creates an eclectic yet balanced look.

Remember, balance is key to prevent the environment from becoming visually overwhelming.

With vintage teal furniture, your office becomes more than a workspace; it turns into a space of inspiration and creativity.

Remember to integrate these pieces strategically into your office space.

Placing your vintage teal chair or desk in a place of prominence not only displays it beautifully but also maximizes its visual impact.

Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, start hunting for the right vintage piece and unleash the designer within you!

Teal Curtains or Blinds

teal curtains or blinds

Opting for teal curtains or blinds can dramatically change the appearance of your office. It’s a smart choice to instantly add color and highlight windows.

For a more traditional look, choose rich, deep teal curtains made of velvet or silk. If your office has a modern style, light teal blinds will fit better. Sheer curtains in a lighter shade of teal can add a casual, airy feel.

Depending on the amount of light you prefer, select the material accordingly; thicker fabrics block more light, while sheer ones let more in. Remember to coordinate the curtain or blind color with other teal elements in your office to maintain balance.

If the rest of the office is mostly neutral, let your curtains or blinds make a statement as the standout teal piece. Always choose quality materials; not only will they look better, but they will also last longer.

Mix Teal With Other Oceanic Shades

mix teal with other oceanic shades

Delving into the vast color palette of oceanic hues will enable you to create a captivating aesthetic in your office space. Navy, turquoise, light blue, and seafoam green pair impeccably well with teal, echoing the calm and tranquility of the sea.

1. Furniture Artistry: Consider a navy blue office chair to contrast with your teal desk. The blend will create depth and uniqueness in your office’s look.

2. Wall Play: A feature wall in light blue or seafoam green can complement teal accents elsewhere in the room. This combination can create a serene and productive atmosphere.

3. Accessories Upgrade: Swap out standard equipment for turquoise office supplies. Pieces like pencil holders, file folders, or mouse pads can provide that pop of color.

4. Textile Incorporation: Use rugs, curtains, or throw pillows in assorted oceanic shades. This can soften the overall look and infuse a soothing, comfortable vibe into your workspace.

Remember, balance is key when mixing colors. Have fun experimenting with these coastal hues to bring the serenity of the ocean into your workspace.

Professional Teal Business Supplies

professional teal business supplies

Subtle touches of teal in the choice of professional business supplies can greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of the office while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Opting for teal-colored notebooks or planners, paper clips, binders, and even pencil holders can add visual appeal.

Investing in teal office stationery like notepads, post-its or pens will give a consistent thematic touch. Even your printer paper or business cards can have teal-colored edges for a creative look.

Teal tech accessories, such as mouse pads, or keyboard covers, can be used for an added pop of color on the desk area. You could even consider teal printer ink for in-house printing, as long as it remains readable and professional.

Lastly, don’t overlook the power of small details. Things like teal paperweights, staplers, or desk lamps can tie together the overall design.

Soft Teal Couch for Relaxation

soft teal couch for relaxation

Incorporating a soft teal couch into your office space can create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Opt for a velvet or suede finish to give it an extra luxurious touch.

Place it in a well-lit corner of the office, giving you the perfect spot to unwind during break times. Pair it with neutral or pastel-toned throw pillows for added comfort and aesthetic value.

This couch can also double as an informal meeting area, making your workspace more dynamic and versatile. Remember, choosing the right shade of teal is crucial; a lighter shade can create a calming ambiance, while a darker shade can bring a sense of depth and tranquility.

Teal Bookcases or File Cabinets

teal bookcases or file cabinets

Implementing file cabinets or bookcases in varying shades of teal can significantly enhance your office aesthetics.

Opt for a darker, more robust shade for a substantial look or stick with a lighter, pastel teal for a softer touch.

Not only do these storage solutions keep you organized, but they also blend seamlessly with your overall décor theme.

Consider matte finishes for a modern approach or go for a glossy surface to add a hint of luxury.

Remember, the aim is to maintain a balanced look, hence choose a piece that complements other elements in the room rather than overwhelming them.

Lastly, take advantage of the versatility of teal and pair it with metallic accents, coats of white paint for a trendy two-tone effect, or anchor it with wood textures.

Metallic and Teal Office Décor

metallic and teal office decor

For a lavish yet modern touch to your office, combine metallic accents with the teal. Brass or gold accents work exceptionally well with teal, delivering a sense of elegance and sophistication.

A metallic desk lamp, photo frames, or even a gold-rimmed mirror is sure to lift the overall aesthetics of the place. Picture metallic wall shelving holding teal stationery items or a brass freestanding coat rack against a deep teal wall.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Just ensure that the metal accents don’t overpower the calming impact of teal. The key is balance – layer different metallic accessories without them overwhelming the space. Remember, less is often more when it comes to using metallics in décor.

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