The Top Interior Color Trends for 2023

Last updated on January 5, 2024

Considering repainting your living room, kitchen, or even entire home in 2023? Here are the trends to follow.

In this short guide, we’ll explore the best interior color trends expected for the year ahead. Let’s dive in!

What's Inside

emerald green kitchen

According to Tapwarehouse, interest has recently spiked in the colors emerald green and lilac when it comes to kitchen design.

Emerald green, as a dark color, would be great for contrasting much lighter tones. For example, you could opt for emerald green cabinets and white marble worktops. Moreover, gold or brass fixtures could also work well in a kitchen featuring plenty of emerald green.

When it comes to lilac, this gentle and welcoming color can make for a cozy and relaxing environment. Lilac usually goes well with variations of grey, white, and blue. Other colors expected to become more common in UK kitchens in 2023 are neutral, marble, sage, indigo, and beige. 

Once again, as touched on already, contrasting colors in the right way are very important. Colors that would look the part in one interior space may look awkward or uninviting in another.

If you’re considering having new colors added to your kitchen, it may be because you’re considering a total re-design. In this case, be sure to spend time to find a kitchen fitter that’s right for the job. We suggest obtaining at least three quotes and carefully weighing up your options before 

Sunset Hues

sunset yellow interior

Golden neutral and various shades of yellow are set to be popular among households in 2023. Moreover, Dulux has announced that Wild Wonder, which is a soft golden neutral tone, is its 2023 color of the year.

Of course, it’s important to go with the right shade of yellow/gold and ensure it looks the part when contrasted with other tones in the room. Yellow may seem a little daunting as some might find it reminds me of the 1970s, and thus, is outdated. 

However, with the use of modern designs (e.g., an up-to-date yellow embroidered cushion cover), and the right juxtaposition of yellow/gold with other tones, it can work, and scream the 2020s instead.

Using yellow in the right way can add warmth and energy to the room. Arguably, yellow and gold have been neglected in recent times, but with a bit of modern imagination, these colors are set to make a return.

Blank Canvas

yellowish off white wall color

The color ‘Blank Canvas’ by American paint company Behr might very well be a hit in 2023, just as is expected of Dulux Wild Wonder. Blank Canvas is a great choice if you’re looking for a neutral tone. 

Combining Blank Canvas with similar shades of white (or even near identical if you’re so daring) throughout a room could make for an interesting space. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but this warm and versatile approach can make for a cozy and visually intriguing space. 

One issue to consider, though is that if you had a room painted and decorated in this way, it might be an odd contrast if all the other rooms are generally darker shades. In that scenario, a white room would help an eccentric and unique home. Alternatively, keeping the shades of most or all downstairs rooms to light tones, whether it be white, yellow, or grey, could make this approach feel less experimental.

Grey and Beige (or even Greige)

beige colors

Both beige and grey can help to create a warm, soothing and earthly environment. By going with a fairly lightly toned rug atop a timber floor and a lightly shaded sofa, the grey or beige walls can create a warm unassuming palette. However, it would not feel like a white room as is a risk associated with the use of paints like Blank Canvas. 

You might also be interested in having your walls painted greige, which as you’d imagine is a blend of grey and beige. This color is available in the form of Dutch Boy’s Rustic Grey paint product.

Returning to the room design (when grey, beige or greige are used), you should add some slightly stronger contrast throughout the room than you’d get from a light-colored rug or sofa. 

You might want to opt for pink or light red curtains or brass fittings such as a rustic, formal lampshade. One way or another, you probably don’t want the contrasting colors to be too dark, however. 

Ideally, you should go no darker than medium darkness when it comes to these elements of the room, but ultimately, it’s up to you and your preferences. Moreover, a dark brown timber floor might look quite well, especially if it is the darkest feature of the room.

lilac inteiror

Aside from the colors already mentioned, here are some more interior colors to consider and look out for on the market in 2023:

  • Flora
  • Gentle violet
  • Templeton pink
  • Everglade deck
  • Wine dark
  • Rich chocolate and caramel-colored wood tones. Brown like yellow is making a comeback for interior design.

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