What Are Zip and Link Mattresses and Do You Need Them?

Last updated on November 2, 2023

Zip and link mattresses are two separate mattresses that can be zipped together to form a larger one, providing flexibility in comfort and size which can be an ideal solution for couples with different sleeping preferences or for guest rooms.

Zip and link mattresses are game-changers in the bedding world. They are essentially two single mattresses designed to be used separately or zipped together to create a larger bed.

Individuals may prefer them due to their versatility. For a couple with differing comfort preferences, Zach could have his firm preference, while Zoe enjoys her plush one.

In guest rooms, they provide flexibility for either two singles or one large bed based on need.

Wondering if you need them? Dive into this piece to discover every detail about zip and link mattresses and why they might just fish you out of your bedding dilemma!

Key takeaways:

  • Zip and link mattresses are two separate mattresses that can be zipped together to form a larger one.
  • They provide flexibility and personalized comfort for couples with different sleeping preferences.
  • Zip and link mattresses prevent movement or roll together, ensuring undisturbed sleep.
  • They are easier to maneuver and transport compared to regular king-size or super king-size beds.
  • Zip and link mattresses are versatile and can be used as two separate single beds or one large bed.

What's Inside

zip link mattress

A zip lock mattress consists of two single mattresses zipped together to form one large mattress. The brilliance of this concept lies in its adaptability. By merely unzipping the two, it can serve as two individual single beds or reattached to blend seamlessly into a king-size or super king-size bed.

Integrating independent spring systems, these mattresses ensure personalised comfort for each sleeper and an undisturbed night’s sleep. Being smaller sections, they’re easier to manoeuvre through tight staircases or doorways, making them an excellent choice for homes with narrow access. The zip might raise an eyebrow, but it’s usually concealed and doesn’t interfere with sleep.

Zip and link mattresses are highly valued for their flexibility and personalized comfort. They are unique as they allow each side of the bed to have a different firmness level, catering to both partners’ individual needs.

Paired with this is the advantage of preventing roll together. Even if one person shifts, the other’s sleep goes undisturbed. Their design also allows ease of transportation.

Compared to regular king-size or super king-size beds, they are simpler to move around tight corners or small hallways. Lastly, their versatile nature makes them suitable for guest rooms, easily converted into two separate single beds when needed.

Ideal for Couples With Different Comfort Preferences

In one bed, this design can provide two different comfort levels. Zip and link mattresses are, precisely, twin beds zipped together, delivering the beauty of choosing individual comfort. One side may be soft, the other firm. Offering an undisturbed sleep, each sleeper can select their own tension without disrupting their partner.

Especially invaluable for couples with significant weight differences, the tension versatility ensures personal space and body weight is uniquely considered. It’s a smart comfort innovation, fostering harmony in shared sleeping arrangements without compromising individual needs for a restful night.

Moving beyond the concept, one point to note here is their compatibility with inflexible and hard bed bases. These mattresses certainly fit the bill. Where solid top divan bases, sprung edge divan bases or slatted bases are in play, these mattresses can work seamlessly. Especially with slatted bases, ensure the gap between the slats doesn’t exceed 7.5cm to support the mattress correctly.

From an aesthetics perspective, your chosen bed frame isn’t limited by the choice of mattress. Go for the contemporary oak or the vintage metal bedstead; the zip and link system adds functionality without impinging on your style decisions.

Remember, it’s always prudent to double-check the dimensions. While most frame manufacturers craft according to standard UK sizes, slight variations may still exist. Matching your base and mattress dimensions is vital for both overall comfort and longevity of the setup.

Last but not least, this mattress type is a win-win for places where space access is limited or restricted. Each half can be easily transported and reassembled in the designated room, a feature not always possible with super king or king size mattresses.

Adapting standard linens to split designs, as you may expect, presents a slight challenge. But the variety of bedding options available today simplifies this task.

Twin or single sheets serve as excellent choices for each individual mattress.

For the covering, you can use either two single duvets for individual comfort or a one-piece king or super-king size duvet based on bed size, simultaneously maintaining unity and individual comfort.

For mattress protectors and toppers, bespoke zip and link solutions are available to accommodate the bed’s unique configuration.

Always ensure to measure the individual sections correctly before purchasing sheets to guarantee a snug fit.

Securing a headboard might seem challenging because of the distinct structure of the mattress, but it’s fairly simple. Most headboards mount onto any bed frame with a couple of bolts and these zip and link structures are no different.

First off, each part of your zip and link bed comes with its own headboard bolts. Find the headboard holes on the bed base – these are typically located at either end. Then position the headboard in line with these holes. One key thing is to ensure alignment with the bed, not just with one part of the mattress.

Use the bolts to secure the headboard to the base. You’ll wrench the bolts tight, but be careful not to over-tighten them as this could cause damage.

If you’ve got a solid, single headboard for the whole bed, remember to attach it to both bed bases. This evenly distributes the weight and ensures stability. You’re all set then, and can enjoy the added comfort of a headboard on your versatile zip and link bed.


Do Zip and Link mattresses work?

Yes, Zip and Link mattresses work excellently, particularly for sleeping partners with differing comfort preferences or significantly varied body sizes and weights, providing individualized mattress firmness for uncompromised comfort.

What is the difference between a zipped and non zipped mattress?

A zipped mattress consists of two separate mattresses linked by a zip to form a larger unit, while a non-zipped mattress is a single piece without the capacity to expand or separate.

Are Zip and Link mattresses better for couples with different comfort needs?

Yes, Zip and Link mattresses provide an ideal solution for couples with differing comfort needs as they can be personalized on each side for varying firmness levels.

Can you use any bed base for Zip and Link mattresses or do they require a specific type?

Zip and Link mattresses require compatible Zip and Link bed bases to ensure proper functionality and comfort.

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