What to Look for in an Outdoor Venue in Ashburn, VA

Last updated on April 14, 2024

Celebrations and events are a normal part of our lives. Throughout your lifetime, there will be many milestones worth celebrating. If you are a business owner, then you can boost employee morale with social gatherings or parties. Nonprofits often host fundraising events to raise money for their causes. 

What do all these situations have in common? They require places to gather for the event. When hosting a party or event on your own property is not an option, you have to search for a venue that can accommodate your guests and the needs of the event.

Throughout Ashburn, Virginia, there are many outdoor venues at which you can hold your upcoming event. Trying to decide which location is the best for your needs can be a challenge. Here are a few things to look for in an outdoor event venue in Ashburn, VA.

What's Inside

Beautiful Landscaping

Beautiful Landscaping

As the event planner, your goal should be to ensure your guests have a good time at this event. Whether it is a gala for a nonprofit, a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate gathering, you want your guests to have fun.

A comfortable and lovely atmosphere for an outdoor venue starts with the landscaping. Is the property manicured and well cared for? Is the grass cut short so people do not have to worry about wading through overgrown fields?

Are there standout landscape or hardscape elements that make the space more appealing? A well-maintained property will create a more comfortable atmosphere where people can socialize and enjoy the afternoon or evening. 


The thing about outdoor event venues is they are reliant on good weather to be successful. A venue with no form of shelter could result in a disaster if it rains unexpectedly or the forecast isn’t looking great.

Any good outdoor venue will either have an indoor space or something like timber frame pavilions where people can shelter from rain or the sun on a hot day. Make sure you choose a location that has some type of shelter to ensure your guests are comfortable if the weather isn’t behaving. 

Audio/Visual Tech

Audio/Visual Tech

Many events may involve a speaking or presentation element. For weddings, there will be speeches by the best man and maid of honor. At a corporate gathering, the CEO may want to stand up and give a presentation about how grateful they are for the efforts of their employees.

A nonprofit event may feature a presentation about the organization’s purpose and its funding needs. If your event will include this element, then it is important to see if your outdoor event venue has good audio-visual tech.

It may be a bit more complicated for outdoor venues to have high-quality systems when compared to indoor locations, but the amount of technology available should mean they have a system set up to accommodate your needs. 


Events are unlikely to be a success if your guests cannot see each other. While plenty of events can be well-lit because of the afternoon sun, what about those evening gatherings? Outdoor venues should have extra lighting fixtures to keep the outdoor space bright when the sun drops below the horizon.

If there is an interior element to the event, then does the architecture manipulate lighting well enough to keep the whole room visible? Are there lanterns, string lights, or flood lights outside to keep the pavilion and green space from becoming too dark? Ask about lighting when speaking with outdoor event venue owners. 


In many cases, events can last a long time. Some could have your guests in attendance for hours. If there is no place for them to take a load off, your guests may become uncomfortable or tired from standing around so much.

An event venue should have a good furniture selection so that your guests will be more comfortable and can sit down for a while. There is plenty of outdoor furniture that can be found online, so inspect the property and see what kind of seating they have available so everyone can enjoy the event without getting tired. 

Keep Your Guests’ Needs Front of Mind

When planning an event, it is important to prioritize your guests and their enjoyment of the afternoon or evening. While an event like a wedding is focused on the bride and groom, couples should still choose a location that their friends and family will enjoy for the ceremony and/or reception.

As you consider the elements listed above, consider how they will impact the guest experience at the event. This will help you find the perfect outdoor venue in Ashburn, VA.

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