What to Look for When Buying a Chainsaw

Last updated on October 2, 2023

Buying a new chainsaw may feel a little daunting, so read on to learn the qualities of a chainsaw that you need to consider when getting one.

A chainsaw is a handheld saw that cuts using a series of teeth on a continuous chain that spins and around a guide bar. Chainsaws used to be the sole instruments of farmers and lumberjacks. Nowadays, many homeowners use them to harvest firewood, prune trees, and build walls. If there’s no chainsaw in your household and you’re looking forward to buying one, there are a couple of things you can keep in mind until you make the order. You will find several powerful chainsaws on the market that come with various requirements. As they have risen in popularity, so have the choices. 

What's Inside

Safety Features

chainsaw safety

Dealing with a chainsaw is a very risky job that takes a lot of patience and practice. A minor error can cause a lot of harm, not only to the house but also to the operator. Therefore, the safety features provided by the chainsaw should always be reviewed. There are several options available online and you should aim for the finest chainsaw models with advanced safety features. It should not be that loud as it can cause hearing damage, and you should still wear ear protection when using loud saws, essentially those powered by petrol. The handguard of the saw should have a proper handle, and it should be doubled to trigger the chain brake.

Guide Bar Length

chainsaw guidebar

The length of the guide bar is determined from its tip to the level where it passes from the powerhead saw and reflects the actual cutting length. The length of the guide bar is determined by the height of the tree and, to some degree, by the level of your experience. If you are used to operating a chainsaw, you can have access to at least two different guide bar sizes, allowing you to change the length of the guide bar for different tree heights. The shorter guide bar weighs less and is easier to handle when cutting the branches of the tree. A longer guide bar is used for the felling of larger trees.

Engine/Motor Size

chainsaw diagram

For gasoline-powered saws, the size of the engine is estimated in cubic centimeters. Simply the higher the cc, the more chainsaw engine power is produced, but the stronger the weight of the trade-off. Engines will vary in size from 23cc to 120cc, but most homeowners would be fine for anything between 30cc and 45cc. The electric motor strength of the chainsaw is estimated in amps. In general, the motor engines range from 8 to 15 Amp. As with gas-powered saws, the higher the number, the greater the capacity. Many battery-powered saws now use Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries can last between two and three years, even though they are not being used, prefer selective rather than deep discharge. This means that it’s easier to refuel the battery often than not to run it back to zero.


chainsaw sizes

One important thing you should bear in mind when it comes to choosing a chainsaw is the size. You should still check the dimensions of the saw to make sure it matches where you intend to hold it. Often, evaluate how heavy a saw is and if you’re going to be able to operate it properly. You can keep your age and physical health in mind until you get a saw so that you can use it safely. Having said that, if you use a saw that you cannot manage easily, the chances of mishap would increase.


small chainsaw

Portability is another significant factor that most people overlook. You should be mindful that the portability aspect depends on where the saw is to be used. If you’re going to have it in your yard, consider buying an electrical wireless one because it’s more compact. However, if you are planning woodland areas, it is advised to consider a saw operated by petrol. But if you’ve got noise-sensitive neighbors, then there’s no other way, and you’ve got to go with the electric ones.


chainsaw use

Look for a chainsaw with rubberized grips and anti-vibration features to minimize fatigue. This is especially useful for gas-powered saws that have more vibration due to the working components of the motor.

You must pick the right saw for the right job and remember, the bigger one isn’t necessarily the better. There are a variety of considerations that you can take into account before settling on the most suitable saw for your specifications. Hope this writing provided you with the qualities and functionality of a chainsaw that you need to look at before you purchase it.

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