15 Creative Ideas for What to Put on Open Kitchen Shelves

Last updated on June 7, 2024

Discover fun and practical ideas for what to display on your open kitchen shelves to make your space both functional and stylish.

Key takeaways:

  • Display seasonal decor for a lively and festive kitchen.
  • Use clear glass jars for a quaint market look.
  • Show off artisanal cookware for rustic charm.
  • Highlight handmade ceramics to add character and warmth.
  • Create themed displays to transport you to a cozy trattoria.

What's Inside

Display Seasonal Decor

display seasonal decor

Pumpkins for fall, pinecones for winter, and fresh flowers for spring keep your kitchen shelves lively and festive year-round.

Use Clear Glass Jars for Pantry Staples

Think rows of flour, sugar, and pasta in gleaming glass jars, making your kitchen look like a quaint market.

Show Off Artisanal Cookware

Your handcrafted pots and pans become statement pieces that add rustic charm and functionality.

Highlight Handmade Ceramics

Bring warmth to your kitchen with unique, handmade ceramics that add character and charm to your shelves.

Create a Themed Display (e.g., Italian Kitchen)

Picture a shelf adorned with olive oils, balsamic vinegar, and charming pasta jars, transporting you straight to a cozy Italian trattoria.

Utilize Stackable Containers

These containers make the most out of vertical space, keeping your pantry essentials organized and easily accessible.

Spotlight Limited Edition Kitchen Gadgets

They not only add a touch of exclusivity but also spark interesting conversations with guests.

Feature a Rotating Art Display

Swap out paintings, prints, or sketches for a constantly fresh and inspiring kitchen vibe.

Organize By Frequency of Use

Keep everyday mugs and bowls within easy reach while tucking special occasion pieces higher up.

Showcase Travel Mementos

Remember your culinary adventures by displaying unique souvenirs from your travels.

Use Chalkboard Paint for Labeling

It’s a game-changer for organizing spices, grains, and baking essentials.

Group Items By Functionality

Keep all your coffee items—mugs, beans, French press—together for a quick caffeine fix.

Display Heirloom Recipes in Frames

Give your kitchen a personal touch by framing cherished family recipes and placing them on your shelves.

Incorporate Small Potted Herbs

Small potted herbs add a fresh, vibrant touch to shelves while keeping flavor at your fingertips.

Use Tiered Trays for Height Variation

They add dimension to your shelves while keeping things organized and accessible.

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