When Do Appliances Go on Sale: Your Ultimate Savings Guide

Last updated on June 6, 2024

Find out the best times to snag great deals on appliances so you can save money and upgrade your kitchen with confidence.

Key takeaways:

  • October and November offer the lowest prices for appliances
  • Year-over-year model clearance sales provide major discounts
  • Shop on holidays and retail holidays for big savings
  • Ask about floor models for discounted prices and extended warranties
  • Buy appliances during the off-season for great deals

What's Inside

October and November Offer the Lowest Prices, but Tentpole Sales Like Memorial Day Still Offer Discounts

october and november offer the lowest prices but tentpole sales like memorial day still offer discounts

October and November are prime time for appliance deals, thanks to the chaos of pre-holiday sales. Retailers are practically giving away refrigerators and dishwashers to make room for new stock. Think of it as the Black Friday sneak peek.

It’s not just the end of the year that shines for deals. Memorial Day sales offer another golden opportunity. While you’re flipping burgers, retailers are slashing prices.

Timing is key. During these periods, even high-end brands can be found at bargain prices. You could score that dreamy stainless steel French door fridge without having to eat beans for a month!

Be strategic. Keep an eye out for ads and compare online prices. Trust me; a little homework can save you hundreds.

Year-over-year Model Clearance

Manufacturers roll out new models annually, which means retailers need to clear out old inventory to make space. This is a golden opportunity for snagging major discounts on last year’s appliances.

First, look out for end-of-year sales. As the year winds down, stores ramp up their efforts to clear older models. Keep an eye on sales starting in late September through December.

Next, don’t shy away from last year’s models. Often, the differences between an old and new model are minimal—think minor design tweaks or additional features you might not even use.

Lastly, get cozy with your calendar. Major appliances tend to follow a predictable release schedule, like cars. You’ll see deep discounts closely following these release dates. For instance, laundry appliances often come out in September, so grab those summer deals.

Happy hunting for those year-over-year clearances.

Shop On Holidays and Retail Holidays

Holidays are like the Super Bowl for scoring deals on appliances. Retailers love to celebrate with sales, and we get to save big. It’s a win-win!

Think about Memorial Day. Right before summer kicks in, it’s perfect for grabbing a new fridge to keep your drinks cold. Labor Day rolls around before you know it, offering pre-fall discounts, ideal for that snazzy oven upgrade.

Don’t forget about Black Friday. That day is practically the Santa Claus of sales, bringing joy through spectacular markdowns. Cyber Monday follows suit for those who prefer shopping in pajamas. Sign up for store newsletters too. They often dish out insider info about upcoming sales.

Even lesser-known retail holidays can be treasure troves. How about Singles’ Day or Amazon Prime Day? Keep your eyes peeled and plan ahead. Your dream kitchen awaits, and it’s just a holiday away!

Ask About Floor Models

Floor models are those dazzling appliances you see on display in stores, looking all shiny and ready to be taken home. Retailers often discount these beauties to make room for new stock or updated models. Here’s why asking about them could save you big bucks:

They’ve been out of the box, sure, but they’re usually in mint condition. Think of it as buying a car with barely any miles on it.

Stores need to switch out displays regularly, meaning you can scoop up a deal on last season’s showpiece without the hefty price tag. It’s like buying a diamond for the price of cubic zirconia.

Don’t be shy. Asking about floor models can not only get you a great deal but sometimes even an extended warranty. Now, isn’t that a win-win?

Inquire if the appliance has been checked for functionality. Chances are it’s in perfect working order, but it never hurts to ask. So go ahead, work that charm and nab that shiny fridge.

During the Off-Season

Ever try to buy a snow shovel in July? If you did, you probably got some odd looks. The same principle applies to appliances. Retailers often discount items during their “off-season.” Want a great deal on an air conditioner? Look during fall or winter when nobody’s thinking about cooling down. Need a heater? Scoop one up in the summer when retailers are focused on selling fans and ice makers.

Appliances that are meant for holiday cooking, like ranges and ovens, often go on sale right after the holidays. Everyone has already roasted their turkeys and baked their pies, so stores are more likely to discount these items to clear out inventory. Keep an eye out for grills in late summer as well; when people stop barbecuing, prices often drop.

And here’s a pro tip: don’t wait until you desperately need something. Planning ahead can save you big bucks and headache. Stay ahead of the game, and you’ll be cooking up savings in no time.

When New Models Release

Yes, much like the excitement of seeing a blockbuster movie on its release date, appliance manufacturers roll out new models annually. This typically happens around September and October. Why is this important for you, the savvy shopper? Because last year’s models need to go, and stores are eager to clear floor space for shiny new gadgets.

  1. Discounts: Retailers slash prices on previous models to make way for the new arrivals.
  2. Features: New models may slightly improve on features, but last year’s versions are often just as functional and much cheaper.
  3. Timing: Aim to shop just before or right after the new releases come out. This is the sweet spot for snagging a near-current model for a steal.

So, keep an eye out in late summer and early fall. Your wallet will thank you, and your kitchen will still look stunningly modern.

Comparison Shop

Ever wandered into a store, dazzled by a shiny fridge, only to find it cheaper online later? Avoid that forehead-smacking moment by doing a bit of homework.

First, browse online. Hit up multiple retailer websites. Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot—go wild. Compare prices, check out customer reviews, and look for any sneaky promo codes.

Next, hit the physical stores. Sometimes, they have in-store deals that aren’t online. Plus, you get to see the appliance up close and personal. Poke it, prod it, maybe even name it.

Don’t forget to check for price matching policies. Many retailers will match a competitor’s price if you ask nicely—or maybe even if you don’t. Bonus points if you provide proof.

Keep an eye out for local classifieds or marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist, too. Sometimes folks sell virtually new appliances for a fraction of the price.

Lastly, use price comparison tools. Apps and browser extensions like Honey or Google Shopping can be your best friends. These tools do the legwork for you and keep you updated on price drops.

Remember, finding the best deal shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. A little sleuthing can save you a ton of cash. Happy shopping!

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