20 White Shiplap with Wood Trim Ideas for Your Home

Last updated on March 8, 2024

Discover several imaginative ways to pair white shiplap with wood trim because it can transform your living space into a rustic, calming sanctuary.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

White shiplap with wood trim is a classic combination, making a sophisticated statement in any home. With so many ideas swirling out there, one could be spoiled for choice.

While a curated list of the best existing ideas awaits you at the end of the article, the focus here is to shed light on some fresh, unique perspectives. The goal? To stir those creative juices and inspire you to see this combination from angles you may not have considered before.

Exciting times await as you delve into this brand-new list of inspirations for dressing your walls in white shiplap with wood trim. Trust the process and allow the diverse array of ideas to reshape your understanding of this classic duo.

The world of interior decor never looked so captivating!

What's Inside

Cottage-style Shiplap Living Room

cottage style shiplap living room

An embodiment of inviting simplicity, this design concept combines the rustic appeal of shiplap with classy wood trim. For a warm and airy feel, paint your shiplap walls a creamy white. Align it with naturally stained or whitewashed wood trim to delineate boundaries and accentuate vertical lines.

Unfinished or mildly distressed trim adds to the cottage charm. Throw in some cotton upholsteries and linen drapes in muted tones to keep the mood light and delicate. Rustic furnitures such as a farm-style coffee table or wicker rocking chair blend perfectly. Complete the look with antique accessories and tasteful accents. Remember, cottage-style is all about creating a homely, tranquil atmosphere, so work with textures, and balance the visual weight within the room.

Nautical-themed Shiplap Nursery

nautical themed shiplap nursery

Pairing white shiplap with wood trim creates a perfect backdrop for a nautical-themed nursery. Start by installing shiplap halfway up the wall for a traditional wainscoting effect, adding a natural wood trim on top for contrast. This setup meshes beautifully with a color palette of blues and whites, evocative of sea and sky.

Consider a neat white crib against your shiplap wall, accentuated by anchors, sea creatures, or ship wheel decor. Coastal details such as seashell-shaped pillows and oceanic prints can add to the theme without being overbearing.

An area rug with hues of navy or lighter blues can tie the room together, complementing the crisp white of the shiplap. The wood trim could be painted or left authentic, depending on your taste. Either way, it contributes warmth and a tactile element to the room.

Opt for floating wooden shelves to display your ocean-themed accessories. They echo the wood trim and offer practical storage. Finish the ensemble with soft, white drapes to create a soothing, breezy feel. With these ideas, your shiplap nursery will be shipshape in no time.

Shiplap Fireplace Makeover

shiplap fireplace makeover

A well-executed shiplap fireplace creates a beautiful statement feature that enhances any room. Prior to revamping, identify the right wood trim that accentuates the shiplap’s rustic charm.

You can choose rich, dark tones to contrast against the white shiplap, or softer, lighter browns for a more understated, harmonious look.

Glue or nail the shiplap to your fireplace surround, maintaining even spacing for a clean, symmetrical feel. Secure wood trim along the shiplap edges to outline the fireplace, producing a visually arresting frame that elevates the entire design.

Consider additional features, such as a floating wood mantel that endorses cohesion between materials and adds utility.

Protect your new design by sealant application to combat potential soot and smoke damage. Enlist careful cleaning practices with a soft, dry cloth to preserve your fireplace’s new look while ensuring its longevity.

Remember, patience and meticulousness during installation yield finest outcomes for this transformative project.

Wood Trimmed Shiplap Headboard

wood trimmed shiplap headboard

To start with, select your preferred wood trim that complements your interior decor. The trim will add depth and character to your shiplap headboard and provide a refined outline.

Next, determine the desired size and design of your headboard. You can choose to have it either wall-mounted or attached to your bed frame.

Once the design and dimensions are clear, cut your shiplap boards and your wood trim to length. Sand down the edges for a smooth, sleek finish.

Opt for white or a light shade to paint your shiplap boards to create that classic, light-filled beach house look. However, no rule says you can’t go dark or choose a color that accents your room.

Finally, assemble the headboard by attaching the shiplap boards together using a nail gun, then affix your wood trim around the edge giving your headboard a tailor-made finish.

Remember, installing your standout piece can be done two ways: fasten it directly to the wall behind your bed, or, if you prefer, attach it directly to your bed frame. Both options work beautifully and the choice is entirely based on your personal preference.

Different styles of shiplap and wood trim can give you vastly differing looks, from rustic to clean and contemporary. Experiment with various combinations to find what fits best in your space.

Creating a Shiplap Entryway

creating a shiplap entryway

To infuse a warm, rustic charm in your home, consider installing white shiplap on the walls of your entryway. Complement this with wood trim to add depth and character to the overall design.

First, measure the area to determine the quantity of shiplap and wood trim needed. Always purchase a bit extra to cater for mistakes or any damage during installation.

Next, select a high-quality paint for your shiplap. Opting for a semi-gloss white can create a clean, bright appearance, making your entryway feel more spacious.

Then consider the placement of the wood trim. You can use it to frame the shiplap, placing it at the top, bottom, and corners of your walls. Alternatively, apply it horizontally at chair rail height to break the vertical lines of the shiplap.

Also, keep in mind your décor. A wooden shoe bench or console table can enhance the natural elements of the space, while hooks or a coat stand provide practical solutions to keep the area tidy.

Lastly, think about lighting. Wall sconces or a rustic chandelier can highlight the texture of the shiplap and wood trim, creating a welcoming glow that highlights your new décor.

Shiplap and Wood Trim Sliding Doors

shiplap and wood trim sliding doors

Incorporating wood trim into your white shiplap sliding doors creates a rustic, yet refined look. Opt for reclaimed or distressed wood for an authentic barn-style door, or choose a smooth, polished finish for a contemporary twist. Light, natural woods contrast wonderfully against white shiplap, accentuating the elegant textures and lines.

Installation involves attaching the shiplap onto the door frame, then outlining it with the wood trim. The trick is to ensure the trim aligns correctly with the shiplap design. Be mindful of the sliding track’s placement and strength, so the door operates smoothly.

Additionally, don’t forget about the door hardware. Choose it in a finish that complements your existing decor. Antique bronze or matte black hardware can add an industrial element, while brushed nickel or brass reflect a more classic vibe.

Remember, the beauty of this project lies in its customizable nature, catering to everyone from farmhouse fanatics to minimalistic modern decorators with a flair for the unique.

Layered Shiplap and Wood Trim in Home Office

layered shiplap and wood trim in home office

Integrating shiplap in your home office can convey an aura of refined rusticity. Begin your endeavor by selecting the wall which will serve as your primary focal point. This is typically the wall opposite the doorway.

You’ll achieve a supremely elegant effect by layering your wood trim on top of your white shiplap. This contrast will not only visually segment your office space but also offer an appealing texture that enhances the depth and perception of the room.

Hardwood, with its alluring grain and natural warm tones, is a preferred trim choice for its timeless appeal that complements the stark simplicity of white shiplap. While larger trim sizes create a bold statement, thinner trims may offer a subtler appeal.

To spruce up your home office atmosphere, integrate furniture pieces in coordinated wood shades. This ensures a cohesive and sophisticated palette. Personalize your space further with unique accents like vintage desk lamps or typography wall art. Mind the balance between style and functionality to ensure the novel aesthetic does not overshadow the room’s productivity.

Wood-trimmed Shiplap Mudroom Lockers

wood trimmed shiplap mudroom lockers

Having a mudroom with shiplap provides a neat backdrop to wood-trimmed lockers, accentuating their rustic charm.

Here are some points to bring this design concept to life:

  • Consider using reclaimed wood for a more authentic rustic feel. Make sure it’s treated properly to resist wear and tear.
  • A dark wood trim contrasts beautifully with white shiplap. Think mahogany or walnut.
  • For a polished look, opt for a wood trim with the same finish as your lockers.
  • Keep locker design in mind. Open designs work well for storing coats and shoes, while lockers with doors can hide clutter.
  • An overhead shelf or hooks add storage space to your locker system.

Remember, it’s all about combining utility and aesthetic appeal.

Shiplap Wall With Wood-trimmed Picture Frames

shiplap wall with wood trimmed picture frames

This design involves the incorporation of picture frames into the shiplap layout, beautified by a sleek wood trim.

Here are some steps to help achieve this:

  • Begin by choosing your desired picture frames. Remember, they don’t have to be identical – a collection of differing shapes and sizes adds to the charm.
  • Paint your chosen frames in a color that contrasts with the white shiplap, yet complements your overall decor. A rich, dark stain often works wonderfully.
  • Arrange the frames on the wall in a pleasing configuration before attaching them. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments before permanently securing them.
  • Finally, affix each frame directly onto the shiplap. Using a level ensures straight, visually pleasing results.

Your photo displays will become an integral part of the wall instead of simply being hung on it. This results in a chic, uncluttered look that seamlessly integrates your personal memories into the decor.

Country Charm Shiplap Dining Room

country charm shiplap dining room

With this design, you bring the relaxed ambiance of the countryside right into your home. The white shiplap walls bring a fresh, airy feel, while the wood trim adds warmth and rustic charm.

Here are three key points to keep in mind:

  • 1. Proportional Frame: For a balanced look, aim to maintain uniform gaps in-between boards and consider a thicker wood trim to really frame and highlight the shiplap.
  • 2. Furniture: Opt for natural wood tables and chairs to complement the wood trim. A vintage or reclaimed wood set can heighten your dining room’s country charisma.
  • 3. Accessories: Rustic lantern-style lighting fixtures, farmhouse-style decor, and a vintage rug can enhance the overall aesthetic, making the space more cozy and inviting.

Farmhouse Style Shiplap Laundry Space

farmhouse style shiplap laundry space

A classic farmhouse laundry room can benefit immensely from the warmth and charm of white shiplap with wood trim. The plank-lined walls provide a rustic backdrop, contrasting perfectly with smooth appliances. The wooden trim not only enhances the room’s structure but also complements other wooden elements such as floating shelves or a fold-out ironing board.

You can highlight this aspect even further with matching wicker laundry baskets and wood-handled brushes.

Another interesting feature to add would be a slatted shiplap ceiling paired with wooden beams to tie the design full circle. Opt for a darker stain on the trim if you want the shiplap to pop or a lighter one for a more subtle blend. The beauty of this design lies in its versatility – it’s timeless yet adaptable to trends, functional while still being visually attractive.

Remember, realistic functionality mirrors style, so make sure to include enough storage and airing space for laundry. You can do so by adding built-in cabinets that go well with the chosen wood trim, open shelves for detergent and supplies, and metal hooks for hanging items. Always ensure sufficient lighting to keep the room from looking dark or cramped.

Incorporating Shiplap Into Your Home Bar

incorporating shiplap into your home bar

As you ponder on bringing in that classic touch to your home bar, shiplap, paired with wood trim, can deliver phenomenal results. It’s an excellent backdrop, providing character while showcasing your collection.

To begin, select a light paint for the shiplap. This will subtly highlight the beers, wines, and liquors on display. Opt for wooden trim in a darker tone to frame the shiplap and provide a lovely contrast.

While installing, remember to align the shiplap horizontally to visually widen the bar area, imparting an expansive feel.

Lighting is the next important feature. Warm LED lights, when installed under the shelves, will lend an appealing glow against the white shiplap. A vintage pendant light could be the showstopper, enhancing the classic appeal.

Lastly, accessorize with wooden stools or chairs that match the wood trim, and you’ll have a home bar infused with charm, ready for entertaining.

Shiplap Wood-trimmed Window Seats

shiplap wood trimmed window seats

An elegant blend of both function and style, window seats with wood-trimmed shiplap offer a unique design element. Not only does it provide valuable additional seating, but it also adds character to any room.

First, consider the type of wood and color of the trim that would best complement the surrounding arrangements. Lighter woods create a beachy, relaxed atmosphere, while darker tones give an allure of classic elegance.

Then, think about the height and width of the shiplap boards. Wider boards add a rustic charm, while thinner ones bring about a sense of refinement. Use a consistent pattern for laying the shiplap to maintain visual balance.

Finally, accentuate your window seat with cozy pillows and throws that highlight the paint color of your shiplap. Remember that a window seat is both a visual and functional statement, so ensure it’s inviting for someone to relax.

By pairing shiplap with wood trim around window seats, you can elevate your space’s warmth and depth.

Modern Shiplap and Wood Trim Hallways

modern shiplap and wood trim hallways

Selecting contrasting wood trim for your hallway can give it a contemporary design boost. For a true modern result, consider using bold, geometric patterns for your shiplap.

Accenting your shiplap with a high-gloss, deep-hued wood trim not only defines the border but also adds visual interest.

Lighting plays a significant role too. Recessed lighting or sleek, minimalistic sconces provide a complimentary sharp look, acting as jewels in your shiplap crown.

Don’t forget about floor matching. Warm-toned wood floors work well with white shiplap, making the wood trim pop even more.

Lastly, less is more when it comes to hallway décor. A modest gallery wall or a singular striking mirror will maintain the modern vibe and keep the focus on your shiplap and wood trim showcase.

Mood-setting Shiplap Master Suite

mood setting shiplap master suite

The choice of white shiplap in a master suite can instantly create an environment of tranquility and rest. A ubiquitous trend in modern design, the horizontal lines contribute to a feeling of spaciousness. Accenting the shiplap with wood trim adds an element of warmth and coziness.

1. Choose a rich oak or a glossy mahogany trim to elevate the room’s sophistication. The contrasting wood colors will create a focal point against the white shiplap backdrop.

2. A continuous wooden trim around the baseboard or crown molding can ground the room and draw the eye upward, expanding the space visually.

3. Highlight architectural features like windows or doorways with matching wooden trim to create visual interest.

4. Use matching wood detailing in other furnishings, such as nightstands or headboards, for a seamless cohesive style.

5. Incorporate subtle, layers of lighting to enhance the texture of the shiplap and the rich depth of the wood trim to evoke a serene atmosphere.

These strategic elements combine to give your master suite a mood-setting ambiance while maintaining a modern, stylish design.

Craft Room Featuring White Shiplap

craft room featuring white shiplap

The vertical lines of white shiplap can add an element of visual interest, giving your craft room a distinctive farmhouse style. To begin, consider using unfinished white shiplap planks for the walls. These planks are usually available at home improvement stores, and can easily be installed with a nail gun.

Once the walls are covered, black or dark-stained wood trim can be added for a striking contrast against the white shiplap. This trim can be applied around windows and doors, along the ceiling, and even as a chair rail. Wood trim not only accentuates the architectural features of the space, but also protects the walls from scuffs and marks.

In addition, shelves made from reclaimed barn wood can be added to the shiplap walls for extra storage and display. Above the craft table, a wooden pegboard can be hung for easy access to tools and materials.

For the color palette, using soft pastels or earth tones with the white shiplap and dark wood trim can create a calming atmosphere conducive to creativity. Patterns, such as floral or geometric, can also be added through window treatments and rugs to infuse personality into the space.

Lastly, don’t forget lighting. You will need ample and flexible lighting options for different tasks. Consider pendant lights over the craft table and recessed lighting within the shelves.

When done correctly, a craft room with white shiplap walls and wood trim can be as inspiring as it is functional.

Mixing Shiplap and Wood Trim in the Kitchen

mixing shiplap and wood trim in the kitchen

To successfully integrate shiplap and wood trim in your kitchen, consider these key principles:

1. Harmony and Balance: Pair a white shiplap kitchen island with wood trim cabinets. This creates a balanced visual effect.

2. Vertical Accent: Vertical shiplap on kitchen walls can add depth and height. Be certain to use wood trim to frame cooking areas or windows for an additional rustic touch.

3. Modulation: You can also opt for a half-wall shiplap design, using wood trim as a separator between shiplap and a bold paint color or wallpaper.

4. Functionality: Turn a shiplap wall into open shelving by adding sturdy wood trim brackets. Great for accessibility and displaying kitchenwares.

Remember, creativity is the key. Play with textures, colors, and arrangements when mixing shiplap and wood trim in your kitchen. It’s all about creating a space that’s uniquely inviting and full of personality.

Shiplap for Small Bathrooms With Character

shiplap for small bathrooms with character

Incorporating white shiplap with wood trim in a small bathroom can instantly uplift its charm, giving it a spark of character. The key lies in selective placement and balancing elements.

  • Vertically oriented shiplap: Using vertically oriented shiplap elongates the wall height, making the bathroom appear larger.
  • Grains and knots: Select shiplap with noticeable grains and knots to enhance the overall rustic appeal.
  • Balance with neutral colors: Partner the wood trim with a neutral color palette to maintain a light and airy feel.
  • Use warm woods: Opt for warm-toned wood trims for a cozy contrast against the white shiplap.
  • Lighting: Capitalize on natural light or install warm LED lights to emphasize the shiplap texture and wood trim details.

Remember, simplicity reigns in smaller spaces. Avoid over-accessorizing to let the shiplap and wood trim take the spotlight.

Modern Shiplap and Wood Trim Children’s Room

modern shiplap and wood trim childrens room

Incorporating white shiplap with wood trim into a child’s room can achieve an updated, minimalist aesthetic. As a start, consider placing shiplap on an accent wall, it creates visual interest and adds texture. Pairing the crisp, white shiplap with a warm, earthy wood trim can truly pop against colorful child-friendly decor.

For more cohesion, furniture pieces or shelving in the same wood tone as the trim can be used for storage or display purposes. Opt for a modern lighting fixture to complete the look. Keep in mind, rounded corners and smooth trim to avoid any safety hazards. Consider wood trim with hideaway storage components to stow away toys or books.

The beauty of this design is that it also provides flexibility. As the child grows, the room can adapt with more mature decor while maintaining the same sophisticated shiplap and wood trim base.

Warm and Cozy Shiplap Living Spaces

warm and cozy shiplap living spaces

Enhancing a living space with white shiplap and wood trim infuses warmth and homeliness. The wood’s natural tones perfectly complement the fresh, clean aura brought by the shiplap. This combination provides an ideal base to play with soft furniture and decor, such as pastel-colored cushions and throws. Draping the wood trim with twinkling fairy lights creates an inviting and cozy ambiance for those long winter nights.

For a touch of rustic charm, consider incorporating reclaimed wood, which not only is eco-friendly but also offers uniqueness as no two pieces are identical. Remember, a large, wood-framed mirror on a shiplap wall can amplify natural light, making the room appear spacious and bright.

Strategize the positioning of larger furniture. For instance, a coffee table or entertainment center crafted from the same shade of wood trim can seamlessly pull the whole design together. Moreover, plants and natural elements harmonize superbly with the earthiness of wood and the subtlety of shiplap. It’s all about finding the right balance between coziness and aesthetic appeal.

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