20 White Upper Blue Lower Cabinets Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

Last updated on December 30, 2023

Discover how white upper and blue lower cabinets can add unique sophistication to your kitchen, because this color combination brings forth a fresh, airy and yet grounded appeal.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Harnessing the sophisticated contrast of white and blue in kitchen cabinets can provide a refreshing and dramatic change to your home’s heart. The upper white cabinets exude a clean, airy persona while the blue lower cabinets add a pop of energy and depth.

Now, you’ve likely encountered some commonly circulated ideas for white upper blue lower cabinets. Rest assured, links to these well-loved concepts will be offered at the end of the article. However, our mission here is to journey beyond the conventional and bring you uniquely fresh perspectives on merging white and blue cabinets.

Let’s dive into a world where classic sophistication meets playful vibrancy!

What's Inside

Pairing Blue Lower Cabins With Bronze Pulls

pairing blue lower cabins with bronze pulls

Bronze pulls are an excellent choice to pair with blue lower cabinets. These elements give your kitchen a timeless, sophisticated vibe, blending beautifully with the cool tones of the blue.

For a harmonious look, think about the shape and style of your pulls. Subtle, elegant designs work to complement rather than overshadow the eye-catching blue.

Ensure you evenly distribute the pulls on the cabinetry to maintain balance. Positioning is also key. A higher placement can visually enhance your cabinet’s design, while lower placements can contribute to a more sleek and contemporary approach.

If a glossy bronze finish is too overpowering for your taste, consider a matt bronze pull. This offers a softer contrast against the blue, providing a quiet elegance and understated sophistication.

Lastly, to tie your overall kitchen aesthetic together, consider other metallic elements in your space. Kitchen appliances, light fixtures, and even dining furniture can echo the bronze pulls, creating a cohesive and polished overall design.

Remember, it’s all about balance. Bronze pulls add just enough warmth to counterbalance the cool undertones of blue cabinets, without compromising the color scheme. Enjoy the magic of blue and bronze in your kitchen!

Blending White Countertops With Blue Cabinets

blending white countertops with blue cabinets

To achieve a harmonious blend between white countertops and blue cabinets, consider the following points:

  • Contrast: Leverage the stark difference in color to create visual interest. White countertops will pop against deeper blue shades, while softening the look of your kitchen.

Material Selection: Opt for surfaces like quartz or marble for countertops. Their natural streaks and patterns can bring in hints of blue, tying the design together.

Lighting: Ensure ample bright light to enhance the overall look. Light will bounce off white countertops providing a stunning reflection on the blue cabinets.

Color Matching: Ensure your blue cabinets are in harmony with the kitchen’s overall color palette. Use similar or complementary shades.

Accessory Coordination: Silver appliances or hardware can amplify the modern feel, while gold or bronze might give a touch of elegance.

Pastel Blue Lower Cabinets Idea

pastel blue lower cabinets idea

Bringing a calm, soothing vibe to your kitchen is simple with pastel blue lower cabinets. These subdued hues harmonize splendidly with the purity of white upper cabinets, creating an ambiance of serene elegance.

Start by choosing a pastel blue that complements your existing decor. A soft powder blue can offer a classic look, while a blue with a hint of gray adds a contemporary feel. It’s crucial to remember that lighting can alter the look of pastel colors. It’s worthwhile to sample paint under your kitchen’s unique lighting conditions before making a final decision.

For a harmonious look, choose hardware in silver or nickel finishes. These subtle metallic tones can enhance the cool undertones of pastel blue while providing a touch of sophistication. If you fancy a pop of warmth, opt for brass or copper pulls and knobs.

Countertops and backsplashes in neutral tones, like white or gray, work best with pastel blue, maintaining a sense of calm and balance. Moreover, incorporating natural wood elements, like barstools or open shelving, can add texture and contrast, giving the space a touch of earthy realism.

Experimenting with a pastel blue and white palette offers an opportunity to create a kitchen that is subtly vibrant yet refreshingly tranquil.

Shades of Blue: Ombre Cabinet Design

shades of blue ombre cabinet design

In pursuing an ombre design, it’s all about the gradual blending of one shade into another. Starting at the top with white cabinets and working your way down to increasingly deeper hues of blue fosters an attractive transition that presents depth and dimension to your kitchen space.

Begin the transformation by selecting three to five meticulously graduated shades of blue. The lighter shade could edge towards an almost-white baby blue to harmonize with the upper cabinets, gradually intensifying towards a robust navy or midnight blue for the lower cabinets.

Ensure consistency by painting one standard color onto adjacent cabinets and drawers. Conversely, for a more sporadic and playful approach, you might opt to paint each drawer front a different shade.

Balancing is key in this design. Consider coupling it with neutral countertops and calm wall colors that don’t compete with the cabinets, allowing the ombre transition to truly come forth as a centerpiece. Equally important is excellent lighting, which helps accentuate the gradual change of hues, bringing to life the soothing continuity of colors.

Mediterranean Style Blue and White Kitchen

mediterranean style blue and white kitchen

Creating a harmonious fusion of blue and white offers a refreshing Mediterranean ambience. A tried-and-true choice for lower cabinets would be Santorini blue, radiating tranquility and complementing the white upper cabinets beautifully.

1. Balance: With a vibrant blue hue at the base, white cabinets on top aid in maintaining balance, preventing the color from overwhelming the kitchen.

2. Accessories: Inject additional Mediterranean charm with terracotta pots and woven baskets for a natural touch. Create interesting contrasts with warmer tones.

3. Backsplash: Opt for a white or cream backsplash, punctuated with cobalt blue tiles for a striking accent. Additionally, this makes cleaning easy.

4. Lighting: Expose the kitchen to as much natural light as possible. Mediterranean designs are renowned for their brightness; the light airs out the place and makes your blue cabinets lively.

5. Flooring: Natural stone tile flooring or rustic wooden floorboards provide a solid foundation for your vibrant kitchen color scheme.

Remember, Mediterranean style thrives on comfort, ease, and a keen sense of hospitality. Make these fundamental themes resonate through your design choices.

Blue Lower Cabinets With White Marble Countertop

blue lower cabinets with white marble countertop

To create a seamless blend, consider matching the veining of white marble countertops with a similar shade of blue for the cabinets. This synchronicity establishes an airy sophistication in the kitchen.

  • Ensure blue cabinets aren’t too dark to avoid overpowering the delicate white marble.
  • Maintain balance by using silver or chrome fixtures, keeping the kitchen aesthetic polished, modern, and cohesive.
  • Accents like a blue-tiled backsplash perfectly compliment the marble and pair beautifully with your cabinets, tying everything together.
  • Natural wooden flooring translates into a warm and welcoming atmosphere, providing a neutral grounding element in your predominantly blue and white kitchen.

Crafting this dreamy palette adds a subtle pop of color and chargers white marble with an extra dimension, giving your kitchen a refreshing facelift.

Blue Retro Classic Cabinets in White Kitchen

blue retro classic cabinets in white kitchen

Embracing the vintage charm while imbuing contemporary elegance, retro classic cabinets painted in blue add a personality-infused twist to a white kitchen. The colour blue, reminiscent of 1950s Americana, adds a warm and cozy feeling.

To accomplish this, there are some key design considerations:

  • Saturation: Opt for mid-tone to deep blues, which are authentic to the period yet dynamic.
  • Hardware: Chrome or brushed nickel pulls and knobs create vintage appeal. Equip cabinets with hinge hardware to further the retro look.
  • Appliances & Accessories: Opt for chrome or stainless steel finish appliances. Accessories like retro clocks, canisters, or light fixtures can enhance the retro aesthetics.
  • Contrast: Keep upper cabinets and walls white to create a balanced contrast and ensure the blue doesn’t overpower.
  • Matching: The use of blue can extend to kitchen island or open shelves. Be sure to coordinate with other details for a cohesive look.
  • Finish: A matte finish will deliver a more authentic retro vibe.

Remember, this design idea is about balancing vintage charm with modern necessities – ensuring your kitchen feels both nostalgic and functional.

Antique White and Nautical Blue Kitchen Cabinets

antique white and nautical blue kitchen cabinets

Playing with an antique white and nautical blue palette can transform your kitchen into a calm and inviting space, reminiscent of the sea. Here’s how to pull off this design:

1. Distressed Finish: Giving your cabinets a slightly worn-out look adds a rustic charm that complements the cozy vibe of a seaside cottage.

2. Mix & Match: Contrasting the crisp antique white upper cabinets with nautical blue base cabinets balances the brightness while offering depth and interest.

3. Warmer Tones: Use warmer wood elements and brass hardware as a bridge between the two color schemes to avoid any abrupt transitions.

4. Neutral Backdrop: Stick to a neutral color for the walls to keep the focus on the antique white and nautical blue cabinets. A light beige or subtle gray works well.

5. Natural Elements: Incorporate materials such as rattan or bamboo into your furnishing and decor to enhance the coastal theme.

Remember, the goal is to create a space that echoes the tranquility of seaside living, while making a bold style statement with the two-tone cabinetry.

Blue Bottom Cabinets With Brass Touches

blue bottom cabinets with brass touches

Brass fixtures add a touch of vintage charm to blue bottom cabinets, creating a unique harmony with white upper cabinets. Here’s how to pull off this aesthetic:

1. Opt for deeper shades of blue for your bottom cabinets to create a rich backdrop for brass features.

2. Consider fixtures with a brass finish, such as handles, knobs, or even faucets. These elements will draw the eye and add a layer of warmth and sophistication against the cool blue.

3. Integrate brass lighting fixtures. Pendant lights or under-cabinet lighting fixtures in brass can echo the other brass elements in your kitchen, enhancing overall cohesion.

4. Don’t limit brass to just fixtures. Accents like a brass kettle or cookware can further tie the area together.

5. Balance it Out: Remember, brass is to enhance not overwhelm. Use it sparingly and strategically for an elegant finish.

Experiment with these tips and see how they work in your kitchen. Happy decorating!

Modernistic Illusion of Floating Blue Cabinets

modernistic illusion of floating blue cabinets

Incorporating this design trend in your kitchen allows for a futuristic and sleek environment. Floating lower cabinets in blue have an ethereal effect, seeming to defy gravity and add visual interest.

1. Use light shades of blue to instill serenity and promote a spacious look.

2. Keeping the underside of the cabinets clean continues the illusion of floating.

3. Adding LED strip lights underneath accentuates the levitating effect and also serves a practical purpose by providing extra light on working areas.

4. Choose handleless cabinets for a streamlined, contemporary finish.

5. Matte finish on the cabinet surfaces aids in creating a modernistic vibe.

Remember, pairing these floating cabinets with your white upper ones brings cohesion. This design is best used in modern or minimalist kitchens where the extra visual space provided by floating cabinets enhances the overall aesthetic.

Striking Contrast: Dark Blue Bottom Cabinets, White Uppers

striking contrast dark blue bottom cabinets white uppers

This design makes the most out of the interplay of light and dark. To successfully execute this contrast, bear in mind the following points:

1. Balance – The dark blue lower cabinets ground the design, offering a great anchor for your kitchen. Keep upper cabinets light to avoid making the area feel enclosed.

2. Countertop selection – Picking the right color and material for your countertop is critical in bridging the gap between the dark base cabinets and the stark white uppers. Neutral tones, such as light grays or natural stones, often work best.

3. Lighting – Ensure the space is well-lit to amplify the beauty of the contrasting cabinets. Incorporate layers such as task lighting under the upper cabinets and ambient illumination for the overall space.

4. Hardware – Hardware in brass or bronze tends to pop against the dark blue, tying in the warmer undertones with the coldness of the white cabinets.

5. Backsplash – A backsplash in a third color or textured white can also provide another opportunity to add variety and interest. Consider sea glass or textured subway tiles.

In tying these components together, you create a harmonious mix of drama and sophistication, where each element complements the others beautifully.

Airy Atmosphere: Sky Blue Lower Cabinets in a White Kitchen

airy atmosphere sky blue lower cabinets in a white kitchen

To achieve an airy atmosphere, pair sky blue lower cabinets with white upper ones. Here’s how:

  • Match Sky blue lower cabinets with pale countertops for a refreshing look.
  • Leverage under-cabinet lighting to accentuate the soft hues.
  • Use kitchen accessories in contrasting colors as aesthetically pleasing punctuation.
  • Balance the freshness of sky blue with solid white backsplash.
  • To enhance the space visually, ensure that you have plenty of natural light streaming into the room.
  • Keep your hardware and fixtures aligned with a minimalist or modern style to avoid cluttering the color space.

Royal Blue and White Cabinet Mix for a Regal Kitchen

royal blue and white cabinet mix for a regal kitchen

The royal blue brings a rich, opulent vibe when paired with clean white upper cabinets. The robust contrast creates a truly regal atmosphere, reminiscent of the blue-blooded monarchies of old.

Here is how to incorporate this in your kitchen design:

  • 1. Select a deep royal blue for the lower cabinets. High gloss finish adds extra luxury.
  • 2. Opt for a crisp white for the upper cabinets. Ensure they are sleek and minimalist to let the blue shine.
  • 3. Blue base cabinets are best teamed up with gold or brass hardware for a dash of sophistication.
  • 4. Invest in quality lighting fixtures. They can highlight the beauty of royal blue and amplify its opulence.
  • 5. For countertops, white marble or granite exudes an undeniable charm that complements the kitchen style.

Those points ensure a well-blended mix of royal blue and white cabinets, thereby offering a sophisticated, regal appeal. Play with this concept, and don’t be afraid to craft a kitchen that makes you feel like royalty every day.

Dramatic Blue Base Cabinets Paired With Minimalist White Uppers

dramatic blue base cabinets paired with minimalist white uppers

Marrying bold blue base cabinets with streamlined white upper cabinets can create an extraordinary yet harmonious ambiance in your kitchen milieu. Here’s how:

  • Choose a rich, dramatic shade of blue for the lower cabinets. Deeper hues bring out the elegance and create a focal point, effectively drawing the eye to the lower level of the room.
  • Keep the upper cabinets simple and unadorned – a crisp, clean white works excellently to offset the blue. Opt for a minimalist style, without intricate carvings or excessive hardware, which allows the bold blue to shine.
  • To tie in the blue and white, consider incorporating light blue accessories or accents into the room. A ceramic vase, wall art, or a backsplash tile in a similar shade of blue can help everything flow and feel unified.
  • Stainless steel or silver appliances can further enhance this aesthetic, nicely complimenting both the white and the blue.

Remember, effective lighting can optimize this contrast. Consider under-cabinet lighting that illuminates the workspaces below and accentuates the richness of the blue cabinets. Pendant lights or recessed ceiling fixtures can brightly light up the white upper cabinets and keep them in focus. This combination can ensure you achieve that desired balance and drama at the same time.

Coastal Inspiration: Seaside Blue Lower Cabinets and White Uppers

coastal inspiration seaside blue lower cabinets and white uppers

Dive right into the vibrant hues of the ocean with this specific combo! Seaside blue lower cabinets create an appealing and calming aura, perfectly mirroring the tranquil seaside surroundings. The soft blue shade isn’t just stylish, but it works brilliantly to conceal minor dents or scratches over time.

Paired with crisp white upper cabinets, the setting becomes even more refreshing. The clean, breezy appearance of the white accents the deep marine tones and also aids in distributing light around the kitchen, ensuring a well-lit work space.

An added tip is to incorporate natural textures such as wicker or rustic wooden accessories – think bar stools or baskets – to harmonize with the coastal vibes. To wrap up the look, glass pendant lights and a hint of brushed nickel hardware like knobs or handles are perfect embellishments. They infuse a sophisticated, modern charm to the coastal inspired kitchen. Remember, balance is key; aim for a blend of anywhere between 60%-30%-10% for the seaside blue, white, and accent colors respectively.

Pop of Blue: Elevating White Kitchen With Colorful Blue Cabinets

pop of blue elevating white kitchen with colorful blue cabinets

By introducing colorful blue lower cabinets, you can add a pop of excitement to a classic white kitchen. The interaction of blue with white creates a clean and fresh aesthetic, turning an otherwise conventional space into a welcoming and personalized environment.

1. Deployment: Better results are often achieved with the right shade of blue. A vibrant cobalt or striking aqua would provide a dramatic contrast that is pleasing to the eyes.

2. Seamless Blend: Use this blue emphasis sparingly on the lower cabinets, blending seamlessly with your white uppers in a unified design.

3. Accessorizing: Tie the palette together with carefully selected elements. Consider stainless steel appliances, which offer a sleek neutral touch. Chrome or silver hardware can also mirror the modern appeal.

4. Backsplash Choices: Opt for a white or light-grayscale backsplash to maintain a balance and prevent the blue from overtaking the room.

5. Lighting: Optimal brightness can make a significant difference. Illuminate your blue cabinets with under-cabinet lights for a striking effect.

Adhering to these key points leverages the boldness of the blue under-cabinetry, turning your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. Play with different shades and design elements to achieve a uniquely tailored look.

Scandinavian Simplicity: Frosty Blue and White Cabinets

scandinavian simplicity frosty blue and white cabinets

This kitchen style exudes elegance with a classic blend of frosty blue lower cabinets perfectly countered by stark white upper ones. Inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics’ ethos – simplicity, functionality, and clean lines, it delivers a minimalistic appeal with a cooling effect in the kitchen space.

To achieve this, consider the following:

  • Material: Opt for a matte finish on cabinets to parallel Scandinavian’s understated charm.
  • Color palette: Stick to frosty hues of blue. Avoid dark or highly saturated blues, which could overpower the subtleness.
  • Hardware: Minimalistic brushed steel or chrome handles and pulls would add to the simplistic appeal.
  • Accessories: Rugs, curtains, or other kitchen accessories in neutral or muted tones match this scheme impeccably.
  • Lighting: Adequate natural light is imperative in Scandinavian design. If not feasible, white or soft warm lighting fixtures can substitute.

Remember, the primary focus is on maintaining a balance between aesthetics and utility in a simplistic manner.

Country Charm: Denim Blue Lower and Classic White Upper Cabinets

country charm denim blue lower and classic white upper cabinets

Flaunting a timeless appeal, the denim blue lower cabinets juxtaposed with classic white upper cabinets evoke an undeniably rustic charm. This particular blend brings warmth and coziness to any kitchen layout ensuring an inviting and homely feel.

Here are a few points that explain why this aesthetic works successfully:

  • Color Harmony: The coolness of denim blue perfectly balances the crispness of the classic white – contributing to an overall harmonious visual appeal.
  • Visual Interest: The contrasting shades create a vibrant focal point, instantly uplifting any kitchen space.
  • Versatility: This mix complements most countertop materials, ranging from rich wood to gleaming marble.
  • Timeless: While color trends may shift, the combination of blue and white has a timeless feel that manages to stay fresh.
  • Warmth: While maintaining a modern aesthetic, the denim blue brings a warmth to the heart of your home.

Remember, pulls and knobs offer another opportunity to emphasize country charm – think about choosing bronze, or antiqued finishes to complete the look. You’ll find that this combination truly breathes life into the phrase ‘country charm’.

Vivid Cobalt Blue Lower Cabinets for Bold Kitchen Statement

vivid cobalt blue lower cabinets for bold kitchen statement

Cobalt blue has an electrifying charm that can transform the entire aura of a kitchen. It’s a daring choice but, if combined tastefully with white upper cabinets, it creates a refreshing, vibrant atmosphere.

1. Bold Contrast: Cobalt blue provides a bold and invigorating contrast to the traditional white upper cabinets. The vibrant blue immediately elevates the white, making it truly stand out.

2. Eye-catching Focal Point: Cobalt blue instantly draws the attention of the eye. It acts as a captivating focal point in an otherwise neutral space, creating an engaging visual treat.

3. Versatility: Cobalt blue, despite being a bold color, marries well with various textures and surfaces. Whether it’s glossy, matte, or textured, the cobalt-blue allure remains consistent.

4. Drama and Depth: Adding depth and dimension to a kitchen is a desire for many homeowners, cobalt-blue lower cabinets add layers of dramatic depth, making the kitchen feel larger and more inviting.

Remember, good lighting helps bring out the best in cobalt blue. Under cabinet lights, or skylights can really make the color pop. Also, pairing cobalt blue with accessories in warm metallic like copper or gold can enhance its vibrancy.

Channeling Peacefulness With Baby Blue Lower Cabinets in a White Kitchen

channeling peacefulness with baby blue lower cabinets in a white kitchen

Choosing baby blue can infuse any space with tranquility and serenity, particularly when contrasted with sharp white upper cabinets. Here are some thoughts to bring this peaceful palette to life:

1. Paint and Finish: Use matte or satin finish paints that allow the beautiful baby blue shade to absorb the excess light while highlighting the cabinetry’s texture.

2. Complementing Hardware: Silver or chrome hardware can not only match the serene palette but also uplift the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

3. Accents and Accessories: White or silver accessories, like a kettle or toaster, can create a uniform look across the kitchen.

4. Lighting: Consider soft, natural lighting to enhance the soothing atmosphere created by the baby blue cabinets.

5. Backsplash: Opt for a clean white backsplash, or one with light shades of blue, to subtly echo the color scheme.

While these points primarily focus on visual aesthetics, remember, functionality should be just as important in your kitchen. So, think about practical aspects like storage, appliance placements, and workflow when you dive into this serene kitchen revamp.

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