Why Automation Is Revolutionising the Home

Last updated on March 8, 2024

You can automate pretty much everything in our homes. Forgot to turn the heating off, and you’ve gone away for the weekend? You can do it from your phone. Need to put the washing on to finish before you wake up in the morning? You can set the washing machine to turn on automatically. 

The list of items in the home that can be automated is extensive and ever growing.  Some examples include Security Cameras, Window Blinds, Door Locks and Smart Lighting.  One of the things that you may not have thought of is window locks and openers.

This almost futuristic (but now very realistic) approach to home life is becoming more automated each year. And all of it is to improve a homeowner’s daily quality of life.

Below, we’ll look at exactly why home automation is revolutionising the home.

What's Inside

What’s Home Automation?

What's Home Automation?

Home automation refers to the automatic control of various household features, appliances, and activities. It involves using technology to perform routine tasks typically handled by humans. This can range from simple setups like programmable thermostats to more complex systems that integrate multiple household systems into a single, cohesive unit. 

It’s the height of convenience and efficiency – imagine controlling lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and security features all from one device.

How It’s Revolutionising Our Homes

The impact of home automation on our daily lives is something you can’t turn back from. Firstly, it offers unmatched convenience – managing your home’s functionalities is now at your fingertips.

For instance, there are  electric window openers that close if it starts raining. Energy efficiency is a significant benefit. You can optimise automated systems to use resources like electricity and water more efficiently. 

You can also reduce waste and cut down on utility bills. For the environmentally conscious, this is a big win.

Then there’s the safety aspect. Automated security systems, from smart locks to surveillance cameras, can be monitored remotely, offering homeowners a sense of security, whether at home or away.

The Top Examples of Home Automation 2024

The Top Examples of Home Automation 2024
  1. Smart Thermostats: These devices have become household staples. According to one study, 27% of homes now have them. They’ll let you control your heating and cooling systems remotely. They learn your preferences over time and adjust settings automatically to maximise comfort and efficiency.
  1. Automated Lighting Systems: These systems let you control lighting remotely and let you set schedules. You can also even adjust the lighting based on natural light levels. They enhance the ambience and energy efficiency of your home.
  1. Electric Window Openers: These systems can detect weather changes, like rain, and close automatically – it’s really handy if you’ve left the windows open in summer and it changes to rain. They can also be programmed to open at certain times of the day to ensure optimal ventilation.
  1. Smart Security Systems: Research 2024’s most secure systems, and they’ll include smart locks, doorbell cameras, and motion sensors. Homeowners can control and monitor from anywhere in the world. Alarm alerts will trigger a call to you and, if set up, to the police.

Home automation is a significant step towards more efficient living. It transcends beyond mere convenience. It embeds itself as a crucial aspect of modern homes. It’s exciting to think how these innovations will continue to evolve and further simplify our daily routines. A lot of newly built homes are designed with systems already integrated. 

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