20 Wreaths for Cabinets Ideas: Your Guide to Aesthetic Styles and Designs

Last updated on February 18, 2024

Revamp your kitchen’s ambiance because this article is overflowing with innovative ideas to bedeck your cabinets with beautiful wreaths.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Wreaths aren’t only for doors and walls anymore! They can transform the look of your cabinets and give your home decor a unique touch.

While many creative and known ideas on this topic are already out there, it’s time to approach cabinet wreaths from a fresh, inventive angle.

This article will focus on providing you with truly unique and unexpected ideas for decorating your cabinets with wreaths.

Not to worry, by the end of the article, I’ll provide resources to the best pre-existing ideas.

However, the main aim is to unearth the untapped creative potentials of cabinet wreaths.

Dive in to discover how these innovative concepts can inspire you to dress up your cabinets like never before.

What's Inside

Using Scented Wreaths for Kitchen Cabinets

using scented wreaths for kitchen cabinets

Introducing a delightful aroma can indeed make the kitchen feel more welcoming. When it comes to scented wreaths, the options are plentiful. Essential oil-infused wreaths stand as a popular choice; these are usually doused in fragrant oils like lemon, lavender, or even vanilla, which not only scent the room but can also have calming properties.

Alternatively, you might consider using natural elements to create a wonderful ambiance. Herbs such as rosemary, mint, and basil can be woven into wreaths for a fresh, organic aroma. These not only serve as charming kitchen decor but also have the practical use of providing herbs for cooking purposes.

Bear in mind, it’s important to replace these natural wreaths or rejuvenate the essential oils every few weeks to maintain their aroma and look. Affordable and easy to create, scented wreaths undoubtedly bring an additional sensory delight to your kitchen, transforming the entire culinary experience.

Dried Fruit Wreaths for a Vintage Look

dried fruit wreaths for a vintage look

Dried fruit wreaths are a charming choice that can effortlessly evoke a sense of nostalgic comfort. They’re simple to assemble and provide a colorful, festive embellishment for your cabinets.

Here are some points to consider:

  • 1. Variety of Fruits: When creating your dried fruit wreath, mix and match fruits to keep it visually interesting. Options include oranges, lemons, apples, and even more exotic fruits such as pineapple and kiwi.
  • 2. Drying Method: Various drying techniques offer different visual effects. Oven-drying tends to darken fruits, emphasizing their textures, while air-drying may preserve more color and create a softer look.
  • 3. Adding Extras: Boost the vintage feel by incorporating spices such as cinnamon sticks or star anise into your design. They not only enhance the aesthetics but also fill your kitchen with their inviting scents.
  • 4. Looping Together: Use floral wire to bind your dried fruits and extras together, making the loops tight to ensure the wreath’s robustness. Then, mount securely on the cabinet door.
  • 5. Preservation: To prolong the life and vibrant colors of the fruits, spray with a clear garden sealant, effectively keeping the wreath fresh and attractive for a longer period.

Remember, the vintage vibe of a dried fruit wreath pairs favourably with any kitchen decor, marrying the old and the new in a visually pleasing manner.

Themed Wreaths for Every Season

themed wreaths for every season

Diversify your home’s aesthetic appeal by adhering to seasonal themes. As seasons change, let your cabinet wreaths reflect that transformation.

In springtime, consider fresh flower arrangements shaped into wreaths, imbuing your space with an aroma of blooming flora. Light tones and pastel-colored silk flowers can replace real ones as a practical alternative.

Summer calls for vibrant and warm color palettes. Opt for wreaths made of sunflowers, daisies and other bright-colored blooms. You may also incorporate maritime elements such as seashells to mirror a beach vibe.

As autumn enters, transition your decor into deep, rich hues. Wreaths constituted from fallen leaves, pinecones, or mini pumpkins add a touch of earthiness, capturing the heart of the harvest season.

Winter, meanwhile, offers the opportunity to exhibit wreaths full of holiday spirit. Think of spruce branches, holly berries, tartan ribbons, or even sparkling decorations as a homage to the festive period.

Changing your cabinet wreaths according to the season keeps your home decor fresh, allows creativity to flourish, and ensures your cabinets distinctly represent the changing times of the year. Remember to store the wreaths properly during the off-seasons to prolong their use throughout the years.

DIY Natural Material Wreaths

diy natural material wreaths

Harnessing the beauty of nature, these wreaths are easy to create with materials you can find in your backyard or local parks. Branches, leaves, pine cones, and berries are perfect components.

First, locate a suitable base for your wreath, this could be a grapevine wreath base which is readily available and perfect for a natural look. For your decorations, try to choose a color scheme that complements your cabinet.

You can arrange dried leaves in autumn hues for a fall-themed wreath or utilize pine cones for a wintry aesthetic. Other ideas include making a herb wreath where rosemary, thyme, or sage take center stage. Not only are these visually pleasing, but they also infuse your kitchen with a subtle aroma.

Remember, less is often more. A wreath made of intertwined twigs with a couple of acorns tucked in can make as much of an impact as a more elaborate design. The key is to let your creativity flow and have fun during the process.

For those with seafront properties, seashells collected from the beach can also make for a unique maritime-themed wreath.

Ensure your design is firmly attached. You can use hot glue or floral wire to secure heavier pieces. Once your creation is complete, hang it proudly on your cabinet door for a unique touch of nature in your kitchen.

Space Saving Cabinet Wreaths

space saving cabinet wreaths

Choosing a streamlined design is key when aiming to save space. Mini wreaths offer a great option, taking up less room on the cabinet door while still adding a festive touch. Swapping out bulky decorations in favor of thin, flat materials such as ribbon, fabric scraps, or thin branches can also keep your organizers feeling spacious.

Don’t feel limited to traditional wreath shapes. Consider other compact shapes like stars or hearts. Attach these directly to the cabinet door to reduce any protrusions into your kitchen space.

Another creative option is to make use of the cabinet interior. Attach smaller wreaths on the inside of the door. That way, you get an unexpected pop of decor when you open the cabinet, without any compromise on space.

Lastly, using suction cups instead of hooks to hang your wreaths can eliminate the issue of a hook poking out, helping maintain a clean, streamlined cabinet front. Plus, suction cups provide easy removal and relocation without any damage to the cabinet’s surface.

Rustic Burlap and Pinecone Wreaths

rustic burlap and pinecone wreaths

Embracing a rustic theme for your kitchen cabinets is a charming way to bring the outdoors inside. Burlap, with its natural, earthy appearance, is perfect for rustic wreaths. Pair this with some pinecones and your kitchen will effortlessly exude a cozy vibe.

1. Materials Needed: Gather burlap, a wreath form, hot glue gun, pinecones, twine, and scissors. You may also include extras like dried berries or mini ornaments.

2. Burlap Wrapping: Start by wrapping the burlap around your wreath form. Secure the ends with a hot glue gun.

3. Pinecone Placement: Next, use hot glue to attach pinecones around your wreath. Group them together for a fuller effect or scatter them for a minimalist look.

4. Finishing Touches: Tie a piece of twine for hanging and consider adding optional extras to enhance the theme.

5. Customization: Experiment with varying sizes of pinecones or different types of burlap for a unique spin.

Remember, there’s no wrong way to combine these elements! Express your personal style and enjoy the creative process.

Mini Wreath Variations for Different Cabinet Sizes

mini wreath variations for different cabinet sizes

Keeping the dimensions of your cabinets in mind is essential when choosing the right size of mini wreaths. A smaller or narrow cabinet can often bear just a tiny wreath that adds a pop of color and interest without overwhelming the small structure. Use a tape measure to ensure the wreath’s diameter does not exceed half the width of the cabinet.

Select slimmer wreaths for cabinets with minimal spacing between them. This will prevent the wreaths from getting caught or bumped when the doors are opened and closed. Consider flat-back wreaths for these types of cabinets, as they take up less space.

For larger cabinets, consider a slightly bigger mini-wreath for balance. A bigger wreath offers room for more details and elements, enhancing your cabinet’s aesthetic appeal.

Remember: a well-selected wreath will make your cabinets pop but won’t obstruct their functionality.

Incorporating Lights Into Your Cabinet Wreaths

incorporating lights into your cabinet wreaths

To illuminate your design, adding a string of lights can work wonders. Opt for LED lights as they stay cool, preventing potential fire hazards. Solar powered lights are a great eco-friendly option here as they harness energy during daylight which they then emit in the evening.

Always ensure to keep the battery box out of sight. Tiny fairy lights woven around the wreath add a subtle sparkle and enhance the look. For those who prefer a rustic or a farmhouse theme, lantern string lights provide the perfect touch. If you want to add a festive feel during the holidays, try using multicolored lights. But remember, less is often more. Therefore, use lights sparingly to prevent overwhelming your wreath and cabinets.

Wreaths As Cabinet Door Handles

wreaths as cabinet door handles

Embracing a dual-purpose role, wreaths as cabinet handles provide both a charming aesthetic and practical functionality. To create this interesting design concept, start with a petite wreath, no more than 6 inches in diameter, to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm the cabinet door.

1. Use robust materials: Choose a wreath made of sturdy materials such as grapevine or plastic to withstand daily use. These can handle frequent tugging and pulling without damage, maintaining their structure and appeal.

2. Attach securely: Secure the wreath to the cabinet door using a strong adhesive or discreetly placed screws. Depending on your preference, it can be centered or slightly skewed to one side.

3. Opt for low-profile decorations: Adorn your wreath subtly to avoid snagging clothes or posing a hazard. A simple bow or a spray of faux berries adds a festive touch without becoming problematic.

4. Keep maintenance in mind: Any decoration serving as hardware will need an occasional sprucing. Regular dusting and the odd replacement of a bow ensures the wreaths continue to be vibrant and welcoming.

Incorporating this innovative touch is a great way to reinvent cabinet doors, infusing a bit of holiday mood into everyday life.

Upcycled Material Cabinet Wreaths

upcycled material cabinet wreaths

With creativity and a bit of effort, it’s possible to give unwanted objects a new life by transforming them into charming cabinet ornaments. Tin can lids, for instance, when painted and arranged beautifully, fashion a stunning rustic wreath; old, mismatched buttons can be artfully assembled into a colorful and whimsical creation; while weathered pages from an old book can become a stylish and literary-minded wreath.

Here’s a helpful hint: A degree of uniformity, even in a wreath made of assorted items, enhances its visual appeal. Maintaining a common thread – be it color scheme, texture, or shape – amidst the variety, gives your upcycled wreath a cohesive look.

Remember, the key here isn’t perfection. Keep it heartfelt, homespun, and let your creative spirit run free. Happy crafting!

Shelf Wreaths for Glass-Front Cabinets

shelf wreaths for glass front cabinets

This unique concept of decorating involves adorning each shelf within the cabinet, particularly beneficial for cabinets with glass fronts. They add color and interest without obstructing the view of your beautiful glassware or collectibles.

1. Thinner Wreaths: An important tip to follow is to select or make thin wreaths that allow for space for your items. The wreaths should accentuate your cabinet, not dominate it.

2. Density: Choose a wreath with a denser composition for the lower shelves. It gives an illusion of a fuller and richer look.

3. Coordination: Try to coordinate the color or style of the wreath with the items displayed in the cabinet. It unifies the overall look and enhances visual appeal.

4. Hinge Attachments: Use non-damaging adhesive or miniature hooks to hang wreaths on glass-front cabinets. It maintains the aesthetic without harming the cabinet.

5. Rotate seasonally: For an interesting spin, change out your shelf wreaths according to seasons or holidays. It keeps the vibe fresh and lively.

Remember, the goal is to enhance your cabinets’ appeal, make sure the wreaths add to it rather than detracting from your items’ charm and beauty.

Metallic Wreaths for a Modern Touch

metallic wreaths for a modern touch

With sleek lines and shiny textures, metallic elements can instantly convert a standard cabinet into a modern masterpiece. Opt for colors like silver, gold, or rose gold to suit your specific decor.

Here, less is more. A simple, geometric-themed wreath using metallic balls or square pieces can add a futuristic feel to your cabinetry. To achieve a minimalist yet stylish look, consider a monochromatic wreath made up of thin metal rings. This provides a clean, contemporary appearance without overwhelming the space.

For a classy yet modern aura, a wreath made of metallic leaves or feathers might be an excellent choice. The sheen in their finish reflects light, adding a subtle glow to your cabinet doors. However, remember to balance the metallic elements with some softer textures or colors to maintain a harmonious look in the overall kitchen decor.

Incorporating Kitchen Utensils Into Wreaths

incorporating kitchen utensils into wreaths

Adding a practical touch while maintaining an aesthetic charm can be achieved by using everyday kitchen utensils. There is no shortage of options – wooden spoons, whisks, or rolling pins can all be integrated with natural elements or ribbons for an unpretentious feel.

Consider these quick ideas:

  • Spoons and Forks: Spray paint them for a chic metallic look, and arrange around the wreath. Alternating between spoons and forks adds a visually captivating structure.
  • Measuring spoons or cups: Attach them in perky clusters alongside miniature bows or faux berries, crafting a baker’s dream decor.
  • Vintage utensils: Mix time-worn utensils with elements like dried flowers or herbs, creating a nostalgic vibe.
  • Silicone utensils: Brightly hued silicone spatulas or basting brushes add a fun pop of color to your wreath. Ideal for a kitchen with a vibrant palette.

Remember, the choice of utensils should reflect the overall kitchen theme and personality. Also, consider their weight and secure them properly to maintain the wreath’s form.

Wreaths With Cabinet Color Coordination

wreaths with cabinet color coordination

Choosing a wreath that harmonizes with the hue of your cabinets can create a visually pleasing ensemble. For a subtle look, go for wreaths that have the same color tone as your cabinets, but in a lighter or darker shade. This will strengthen the color theme without overpowering the cabinet design.

If bold aesthetics are your preference, choose a wreath color that sharply contrasts your cabinet color. An orange or red wreath, for instance, can pop on dark blue or green cabinets. This is an excellent way to create a focal point and inject energy into your kitchen environment.

You can also think of matching your wreaths with other accents in your kitchen like dishware, curtains or small appliances. This can pull the room together, providing a sense of continuity and balance. The key here is to ensure that whatever color scheme you choose, your wreath should complement and enhance the existing tones of your kitchen.

Remember that you can always change the look by simply swapping the wreath with ones in different colors or styles as seasons or moods change. Experiment and have fun with it!

Layering Wreaths for a Bold Statement

layering wreaths for a bold statement

Start by selecting different wreaths that complement each other. Play with sizes, colors, and textures to create a cohesive look. The largest wreath should be on the bottom layer, acting as a backdrop for the smaller wreaths.

Venture outside traditional ideas and consider using wreaths made from out-of-the-box materials for the top layers such as feathers or paper flowers. This is where your personal style can really shine.

The key to successful layering is balance. Color coordination is essential to keep things harmonious. Repeat certain colors or materials in each wreath to tie the look together.

Do not shy away from asymmetry in this process. Stacking wreaths slightly off-center can create an appealing visual effect.

Finally, ensure each wreath is secured well to the cabinet and to one another, maintaining safety and durability. Remember, a bold statement doesn’t have to sacrifice practicality.

Matching Wreath and Cabinet Decorations

matching wreath and cabinet decorations

Creating harmony between your wreath and cabinet decorations is all about syncing elements. This can be achieved in several ways:

1. Color Coordination: Use wreath decorations in the same color palette as your cabinet accents. For example, if your handles are brushed nickel, think about incorporating silver ornaments into your wreath.

2. Matching Material: If your cabinets are made of a distinctive material such as oak or mahogany, reflect this in your wreath through wood slices or similar textures.

3. Consistent Themes: Maintain a fluent theme in both your cabinet and wreath decor. If your cabinets display a rustic appeal, consider a burlap or twig wreath.

4. Complementary Styles: If your cabinets are modern and sleek, opt for a simple, clean-lined wreath. Conversely, ornate cabinets may pair well with a detailed floral wreath.

Remember, cohesion does not have to limit creativity. Feel free to think outside the box!

Cabinet Wreath Care and Maintenance

cabinet wreath care and maintenance

Caring for your cabinet wreaths extends their lifespan and ensures they look fresh throughout the season. Choose materials that are durable and easy to clean; avoid decorations that might tarnish or degrade quickly.

Vacuum or dust your wreaths regularly to prevent build-up, particularly if they’re located near the stove. For more delicate or intricate wreaths, consider using a hairdryer on a cool setting to blow off dust.

Finally, store your wreaths carefully when they’re not in use. Wrap them in a clean cloth and store flat to maintain their shape. This will keep them looking new and vibrant, ready to add charm to your cabinets for years to come.

Choosing the Right Size Wreath for Your Cabinet

choosing the right size wreath for your cabinet

Scale is key when selecting the perfect wreath for your cabinet. Firstly, measure your cabinet door to determine the available space. Typically, a wreath can cover up to three-quarters of the door’s width. Anything wider risks making the look too overcrowded.

Consider the wreath’s depth as well. Wreaths with bulky additions such as pinecones and oversized bows may interfere with the operation of the door. Opt for flatter wreaths if the cabinet door has a shallow profile.

Additionally, mini wreaths are perfect for small or narrow cabinet doors, ensuring the decor complements the size of the furniture rather than overwhelming it. Similarly, larger cabinet doors can accommodate bigger, more prolific wreaths without being dwarfed.

Lastly, remember not all doors need wreaths. Selective placement can draw attention to specific areas and create visual variety in your decor. Experiment and choose what makes your space feel balanced and inviting.

Floral Wreaths for a Touch of Spring

floral wreaths for a touch of spring

With their vibrant colors and beautiful fragrances, floral wreaths effortlessly bring spring into your home. To create this look, an ideal approach is to select a mix of spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. If you prefer a subtler effect, consider pastel roses mixed with baby’s breath.

1. Material Selection: Consider faux flowers for a wreath that’ll last multiple seasons, or use fresh flowers for a truly delicate and fresh display.

2. Color Scheme: Decide whether to harmonize the color of your flowers with your kitchen decor or to create a standout piece with contrasting shades.

3. Size and Density: A densely packed floral wreath can create a bold statement, while a more sparse design can evoke a minimalist, elegant look.

4. Accessories: Integrate ribbons, lace, or other spring-themed embellishments to add a personal touch.

5. Placement: While on the cabinet, ensure the wreath doesn’t hinder its functionality. Adjust the size and location accordingly.

Above all, remember that your floral wreath should reflect your personal taste. Experiment with different flowers and accessories until you create a wreath that gives your kitchen a breath of fresh spring air.

Using Wreaths for Cabinet Door Privacy

using wreaths for cabinet door privacy

Adding a bit of privacy to glass cabinet doors while upholding style can be effectively achieved with decorative wreaths. Implementing them involves a few simple procedures:

1. Selection: Opt for dense, leafy greenery or bow wreaths that can obstruct the view and can make the cabinet’s contents less visible.

2. Size: The wreath diameter should nearly match the cabinet door’s width to ensure effective coverage.

3. Placement: Install the wreath at the correct height to obscure the most commonly stored items.

Thus, an appealing exterior aesthetic is preserved while keeping inside items out of plain sight. The double-duty function of adding decorative elements and simultaneously preserving privacy renders wreaths a charming option for kitchen cabinets.

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