Decorating a small room is never an easy task. There’s a limited number of things you can do as opposed to bigger spaces. No matter what, you decor decisions should never make a small room look cluttered and even smaller than it is.

On the other hand, having a small room we always want to make it look visually bigger. There are many ways to do that, from the choice of paint to layout planning and so on. But there are also small hacks, so to speak, that you can use to make the space look bigger without planning a complete interior overhaul. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Use Textures that Reflect Light

Metallic materials reflect the light and help in making the room look bigger @istandarddesign


The more light you can let into the room the better, especially when it comes to natural lighting. Using reflective materials can help distribute the light better and thus make the room look as spacious as possible. Even velvet and silks, let alone lacquered furniture or metallics reflect light and make the room look brighter and bigger.

Add Decor Interest to the Ceiling

One of the key tricks to maximizing visual space is to keep the observer’s eye moving. There should be no blocks, such as boring walls or ceiling. If you add an interesting light fixture or a chandelier, or even just add some ceiling embellishment, it will help extend that space greatly.

Hang Drapery High and Wide

The way you hang drapes on your windows can have a huge impact on how big the room looks. If you make the windows look small, the whole room will look smaller as well. So hang them high and wide. They can even take up the entire wall from floor to ceiling and wall to wall if the room is very small.

More Light Sources

Layering lighting the right way has the biggest impact on the way a room looks. So a single recessed light source is never enough. Add more lamps and fixtures, while keeping them below the eye sight to layer the lighting and make the room look its best.

Use Monotone Schemes

While variety in color can create a lot of decor interest in a bigger room, it just makes a small room look cluttered. Instead use a monotone color scheme and add variety with textures and materials. It’s the cornerstone of minimalist Scandinavian decor.

Oversize Round Mirror

Mirrors extend visual space – it’s just a cold hard truth. So if you want to make a room look bigger, you will have to use mirrors. An oversize round mirror works best in this case. And keep in mind that it’s OK to layer things in front of it.

One Oversize Piece of Art

You have to make the walls look interesting to avoid unnecessary blocks. But hanging a lot wall art can make the space look cluttered, which is the opposite of what we want. Instead, use a single oversize piece of wall art that takes up almost the entire wall. Give more for eyes to see than white space.

Decorate with Pieces in Odd Numbers

When decorating, the rule of thirds always works wonders. The same rules apply when trying to make a room look bigger as well. There’s just something in the visual appearance of things in odd numbers. And different sizes of the same color too.

Landscape Pictures

A landscape picture or a canvas print is like a virtual window to a different world. And just like a real window, it opens up visual space by allowing the eye to wonder far beyond the wall.

“Invisible” Furniture

Translucent acrylic or glass pieces of furniture don’t occupy visual space. “Invisible” coffee tables, chairs and stools, and even bookshelves will give the function you want but they won’t clutter up the room visually. They look a bit classy and glamorous too.