Many homeowners put great effort into designing and decorating every room in the house but neglect to do anything about the ceiling. However, ceiling designs for living room can provide the space with a unique vibe, transforming it into a conversation piece and a very impressive focal point.

There are many different colors, patterns and styles to choose from. Among other designs, you could go for a coved ceiling, a drop ceiling, a tray ceiling or a beam ceiling. However, the ceiling design you ultimately choose will vary according to factors like budget, available space and the existing design theme. Done tastefully, your ceiling design can give that space an exceptional and exclusive look and feel.

Coved Ceiling

This ceiling is reminiscent of one you would find in a mosque. It has an arched-dome shape, with a rounded curved framing detail where the ceiling meets the walls. This design provides a smooth, soft and rounded finish by eliminating the sharp 90 degree angles of the standard ceiling.

Coved ceiling

Tray Ceiling

This ceiling is a recessed or inverted rectangular architectural feature, which can be subtle, plain or dramatic. Lighting is typically a prominent feature of this ceiling. It breaks up a regular flat ceiling line to inject architectural interest.

Tray ceiling

Beam Ceiling

This ceiling design features exposed beams and joists. It brings individual flair to the space and creates visual interest. Typically, these ceiling are made out of wood; however, other materials can be used as well.

Beam ceiling

Your living room reflects your personality. The d├ęcor, choice of furniture and the design of the ceiling showcase your personal style. You can inject finesse into your living room by choosing from an array of artistic, cheerful, classy and adventurous ceiling designs. Go ahead and make that enviable first impression. Finally, consider adding a handsome ceiling fan (check out our selection).

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