100+ Best Ceiling Design Ideas

Last updated on September 20, 2023

It’s time to remember the forgotten wall – the ceiling and redesign it to create something wonderful. These ideas will inspire you.

How many times have you left ceiling design for an afterthought? Too many! A blank ceiling doesn’t hurt as much as other home decor eyesores – we get it. But can you imagine the effect a well-designed ceiling has?

Luckily the trend is now shifting and we see more and more ceilings designed to create a statement. It’s especially true where certain architectural features are available – such as beams, moldings, vaulted ceilings. One this is for sure, we need more inspiring ideas about ceiling design.

So here’s our big list of 100+ ceiling design ideas that we’ve organized by type. You’ll find it much easier to navigate it this way. Let’s get inspired!

What's Inside

Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

If there’s anything that can transform the interior of a home entirely is the spacious vaulted ceiling. You can find vaulted ceiling in many architectural and interior design styles. Starting from traditional large estates, ending with rustic and farmhouse styles with a lot of warmth. These stunning vaulted ceiling designs are awe-inspiring.  (39 ideas)

Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas

The ceiling may be the forgotten wall and that’s all the more reason to design it well in your living room decor. You’ll find inspiration in these creative ceiling design ideas. (18 ideas)

Kitchen Ceiling Design Ideas

Get inspired and change the way your kitchen looks by revamping the most overlooked feature. These are the top kitchen ceiling design ideas. (20 ideas)

Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas

Wooden ceiling designs are all the rage right now in the trends. So if you’re looking to renovate your ceiling, you should definitely consider these wooden ceiling designs. (33 ideas)

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