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It is almost impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a kitchen bar. It’s very convenient and even classy to serve your family or guests with a nice meal or drink without moving to the dining room. And as any element of your home, a kitchen bar can be the focus of your interior design. So here are 13 magnificent examples of kitchen bar designs.

Window Kitchen Bar

Here you can see a very clever design of using a window sill as a kitchen bar where you can enjoy your meal and the view.

Red Kitchen Bar

Curved design adds smoothness to the decor.

Bamboo Kitchen Bar

Using wooden furniture to create a kitchen bar has its charm.

Kitchen Bar

Another example of how easy it is to create an attractive kitchen bar design.

White Kitchen Bar

Modern kitchen designs have a built in bar like this.

Big Kitchen Bar

Here’s an example of a kitchen stove and bar in one unit, it creates a feeling of a very open kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Bar

You can go creative on a kitchen bar design like in this example where it incorporates drawers and bookshelves.

Kitchen Bar

Another option is having a bar separate from the kitchen.

Classic Kitchen Bar

Some modern furniture for that contemporary look.

White Kitchen Bar

Another great example where a bar works to separate space too.

Kitchen Bar

You don’t need a lot of space to have a kitchen bar. In this case the space problem is solved by using a suspended bar top.

Modern Kitchen Bar

Finally, this is what you get when you go all in for the kitchen design.