17 Very Hipster Ways to Transform Boring Window Sills

Last updated on August 13, 2023

I don’t know what is it with hipsters and window sills but you see them everywhere in coffee shows and hip bars all over the windows. So hipster home decor is no exception and I have to say, it’s clever and looks good. Not only it saves space but it’s really refreshing to see an interesting window sill bench, kitchen cabinets, or in some cases the entire dining area. Here are 17 really hipster ways to transform boring window sills.

Computer Desk Window Sill

Saving a lot of space by using the window sill for the computer stuff. This window sill would be inaccessible behind the computer desk anyways, as is the case in most set ups.

Window Sill Couch

Soft padded bench and a lot of throw pillows – so hip.

Window Sill Couch

There are a lot of beautiful things in this room decor, from fabulous furniture to beautiful transformation of the window sill to the awesome chandelier and fantastic view through the window.

Window Sill Dining Table

Extending the window sill a bit makes the entire dining or lounge area.

Window Sill Kitchen Sink

Great saving kitchen space decor decision uses window sill for the sink and kitchen counter.

Kitchen Stove and Bench Window Sill

The entire kitchen fits to this window sill and there is still space for a bench. You have to love the pastel colors too.

Window Sill Storage

There’s a lot of space to be used for storage under this big window sill.

Window Sill Bench

This cat knows where it’s at.

Window Sill Bench

Gorgeous vintage style window sill bench.

Window Sill Bench

Simple but any hipster would love it.

Window Sill Coffee Table

This window sill is transformed into a playful bench and coffee table.

Computer Desk Window Sill

A lot of light for this make shift work desk.

Window Sill Desk

When you have very little space, you will find a way.

Window Sill Couch

Another great window sill bench that still features the curtains.

Window Sill Couch with Storage

Very clever use of limited space turning the window sill into a bench and storage unit.

Window Sill Bench Pillows

More beautiful window sill bench design with a little bit of a vintage touch.

Window Sill Reading Area

This is hipster decor on all accounts, from big bookshelves to full wall glass window, window sill reading area and even a very green view out of the window.

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