17 Small But Very Stylish and Cozy Living Rooms

Last updated on August 13, 2023

A living room doesn’t have to be big to be stylish and small size even adds to being cozy. And we have 17 wonderful pictures to prove it. Below are 17 living rooms where their decor designers have used the space to create a cozy home atmosphere.

Living Room with Abstract Wall Art

In this living room white colors are dominant but the abstract art pictures on the wall create a modern look and the standing lamp is a small but important detail to enforce the modern style.

Modern Art Living Room

We see more abstract art in this living room and a rounded modern chair to keep that artsy feel.

Artsy Decior Living Room

This living room has some vintage touches with antique style sofa and paintings on the walls.

White Living Room with While Glossy Floor

This one looks quite spacious which is the effect achieved with minimalist decor.

Purple Patterns Living Room with Fireplace

Royal purple colors help this room look cozy and the irregular shape mirror above fireplace creates a contrast between classic and modern style.

Red Rose Pattern Living Room

The lady that lives here loves flowers. For some people it may seem cheesy but the flower patterns play well with plant decorations.

White Living Room with Brown Furniture

I personally like the decor of this room very much. The designer played well with the colors matching the outside view and room style.

White Living Room with Staircase

A lot of small details in this room create a feel of organized mess.

Yellow Shade Living Room with Fireplace

The fireplace dictates colors and patterns in this living room creating a consistent and cozy feel.

White Living Room Color Patterns

Some bright color accessories and furniture create a nice contrast in this otherwise grey room.

White Living Room Art Fireplace

Modern can be cozy too. That was the aim of decor designer in this case. The fireplace certainly adds to that coziness.

White Living Room Decor with Lamps

Love the symmetry in this room that makes you feel the order of things.

White Living Room Cowhide Rug

Very small and very well used space in this room. Note how the cowhide rug and antique style table play well together in otherwise neutral decor.

White Living Room with Modern Chairs

If the view through the window doesn’t charm you, the choice of modern furniture will. Note again, how well the choice of colors match the outside view.

White Living Room Wooden Wall Decor

The juxtaposition of sharp edges (wall art) and round vases play very well in this decor.

White Living Room Plant Decor

A lot of things going on in this room, from paintings to wall art to plants and lamps but all things add to a beautiful sum.

White Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

Let’s bring rustic to the modern city. And why not.

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