17 Surprisingly Versatile Interior Brick Wall Designs

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Brick walls are not only for the exterior, they can be used in the interior design just as well. And there are many options from real exposed brick walls to wallpapers, tapestry and wall art each giving a different style and look to room’s design. Here are 17 stunning brick wall designs in home decor.

Bricks Wallpaper

This brick pattern wallpaper creates a very strict clean decor.

Brick Wall Bathroom

Exposed brick wall can be used to give that “naked” feel to the bathroom.

Brick Wall Bathroom

Or brick patterns can be used to make it feel cozy.

Brick Wall Bedroom

Exposed ducts, brick wall and vintage furniture create a very delicate decor.

Chic Brick Wall Design

Brick walls, faux fur rugs, carelessly thrown around accessories – the ultimate chic decor.

Brick Wall Decor

Just a fragment of the wall gives an instant home decor boost.

Brick Wall Design

Partly covered brick wall creates an interesting effect.

Brick Wall Dining Area

Used this way brick pattern wallpapers create visual space separation of different room areas, in this case kitchen and dining area.

Brick Wall Dining Room

Brick tiles can also be used to create a blurred line between exterior and interior.

Brick Wall Room Decor

Another great example of brick pattern wallpaper use.

Brick Wall Kitchen

Another chic kitchen uses brick wallpaper.

Brick Wall Launge

And another wonderful example of half exposed brick wall.

Brick Wall Living Room

Red bricks walls are usually a feature of interior design in lofts.

Brick Wallpaper Kitchen

This kitchen brick wall creates somewhat rustic effect.

Brick Wall Room

Brick wall patterns go wall with wall art drawings.

Brick Wall Staircase

Brick and wooden walls create a contrast for a staircase.

Brick Wallpaper Kitchen

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