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5 Unique Bookshelves That Are Actually Real Trees

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There aren’t many unique designs, that’s why we can call them unique. Speaking of bookshelves, there are a lot of tree shaped ones because of, you know, the tree of knowledge, but there are very few that dare to go as far as using real trees for a bookshelf. That’s why we’ve found only 5 but they are truly unique and inspiring – definitely worth your attention.

Birch Tree Bookshelf

This bookshelf design is made of real birch tree branches and it looks very natural.

Tree Trunk Bookshelf

A tree trunk being use here to “grow books on the tree”.

Tree Trunk Bookshelf

Another great use of a tree trunk.

Tree Trunk Bookshelf

This design uses an array of tree trunks to create book shelving.

Tree Trunk Bookshelf

And a similar design to the previous one only with an extra touch which is truly remarkable and makes the whole thing come to live with the use of green plant.

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