8 Bedroom Accessories for a Relaxing Night’s Sleep

Last updated on January 7, 2024

In the quest to transform your bedroom into a bastion of tranquillity, the path is nuanced, meandering through choices both aesthetic and practical. Herein lies a detailed exploration of eight quintessential components for creating a bedroom that not only invites rest but envelops you in an aura of peace.

What's Inside



The inclusion of rugs in a bedroom extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a tactile delight, a soft greeting to your feet each morning. The choice of a rug can transform the simple act of rising from bed into a moment of warmth and comfort, while simultaneously tying together the room’s visual elements.


With bedroom lighting, the objective is to sculpt an ambience conducive to relaxation. The gentle luminescence of soft, warm lighting, capable of dimming to match the evening’s ebb and flow, is paramount.

The strategic placement of lamps, exuding a cosy glow, or the use of intelligent lighting systems, adaptable to one’s circadian rhythm, play a pivotal role in the room’s atmosphere. The subtle glow from a lamp is so much better than the glaring light of a ceiling bulb – click here for divine lampshades.



Bedding, often perceived as a mere backdrop to a bedroom, is in reality the foundation of every night’s rest. Beyond the soft embrace of Egyptian cotton sheets, renowned for their sublime blend of softness and airiness, lies the realm of bamboo sheets. 

These sheets, a nod to eco-conscious luxury, offer a unique combination of sustainable sourcing and sumptuous comfort. In selecting the right bedding, one must consider not just the tactile sensation but also the fabric’s breathability and its ability to regulate temperature. 

High-quality bedding acts as a cocoon, embracing the sleeper in a comforting, gentle hold, thereby setting the tone for the entire sleep experience. The choice of bedding material, texture, and even colour can profoundly influence one’s sleep quality, transforming the bed into a personal sanctuary that both soothes and rejuvenates.


The journey through the world of pillows is more than a quest for fluffiness; it is about discovering the ultimate ally for your head and neck. Memory foam, celebrated for its remarkable ability to mould to individual contours, offers personalised support, cradling the head in bespoke comfort. 

Down pillows, in contrast, provide a softer experience, reminiscent of resting in a cloud-like embrace. The pursuit here is to find a pillow that not only ensures comfort but also aligns perfectly with one’s sleep habits and postures. It’s about finding the right loft, firmness, and material that cater to personal preferences and physiological needs, contributing significantly to the quality of rest achieved.

Weighted Blankets

The contemporary allure of weighted blankets extends far beyond their warmth, delving into the realm of therapeutic comfort. They provide a unique, distributed weight, akin to a comforting embrace, a sensation that has been shown to alleviate restlessness and engender a deep sense of security.

This mild, steady pressure, akin to a gentle hug, is known to stimulate the release of serotonin and melatonin, reducing cortisol levels and thereby enhancing the overall quality of sleep. 

Such blankets have evolved into more than just bedding; they are tools of tranquillity, offering a tactile form of therapy for those in search of a calmer, more restorative night’s rest. The choice of a weighted blanket involves considering not just the weight but also the fabric, ensuring it complements your comfort preferences while fostering an environment conducive to deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


The power of scent in transforming a space is often understated. The strategic use of aromatherapy, employing calming essences such as lavender or chamomile, metamorphoses a mere bedroom into a sanctuary of serenity. The choice between candles and diffusers hinges on one’s preference, yet each serves the purpose of infusing the air with tranquil notes.

Eye Masks and Ear Plugs

In a world where light and sound intrude unbidden, eye masks and earplugs emerge as guardians of the night’s peace. These tools, simple yet effective, shield the sleeper from the vagaries of external disturbances, thus crafting a more controlled, serene sleep environment.

Throws and Cushions

The addition of throws and cushions does more than enhance the visual appeal of a bedroom; it invites layers of comfort. These elements, strategically arranged, transform a bed into a haven of softness, beckoning with promises of warmth and relaxation.

The art of creating a restful bedroom is akin to composing a symphony. Each element, from the tactile comfort of bedding to the ambient influences of lighting and scent, plays a crucial role. Together, they orchestrate a space that transcends its primary function, becoming a personal retreat of tranquillity and restorative sleep.

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