8 More Ideas to Create a Romantic Mood with Candles

Last updated on December 27, 2023

Lighting up a candle or two is a quick and time tested way to create a romantic mood. There are many ways to do it and it will probably work every time no matter how you do it. But as far as interior design is concerned here are a few ideas to play with candles.

Ambient Light Candles

You probably knew you could use candle light for the ambient lighting but here’s one way to do it in modern design style. Note the candles next to the tv.

Bath Candles

A bath and candles – classic romantic mood.

Candle Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, you can fill it up with candles – that’s a different way to create cozy romance.

Candles and Pebbles

Having to put the candles somewhere interesting such as a tray with pebbles will always add to the mood.

Classic Candles

This is pure classic dinner set up. Look for antique candelabras for sale to create a timeless look.

Jar Candles

Being creative always pays off, so do jarred candles.

Single Candle

Sometimes a single candle is all it takes.

Vintage Candles

Finally, I had to put this one in as the entire room decor is absolutely gorgeous.

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