20 Exotic Mirrors Ideas for an Enchanting Home Decor

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Unearth the transformative potential of exotic mirrors in home decor because their unique designs and shapes add an unparalleled depth and richness to any room.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Dive into a world that refracts beauty and all things exotic! While there are countless mirror ideas available online, this article aims to break the mold with fresh, intriguing and simple to replicate options.

From the visceral appeal of African tribal art to the intricate motifs of Moroccan craftsmanship, it’s time to venture off the beaten path.

So, are you up for a home decorating adventure? Toward the end you’ll find resources that pay tribute to the very best of existing designs. However, the real goal here is to explore new angles, reveal some rather unique takes in this domain, allowing you to discover and unearth a plethora of untapped possibilities.

Let’s get started!

What's Inside

Art Deco Peacock Feather Design Mirror

art deco peacock feather design mirror

Dazzling in its design, this kind of mirror incorporates the flamboyance of the peacock feather, a classic element of Art Deco style. Often set in radiant colors, the iridescent quality of a peacock’s feather is usually reflected by using shimmering materials, creating a visually striking piece.

Key points to consider:

  • 1. The Design: With detailed carvings that mimic the peacock’s lavish feather arrangement, this mirror adds a touch of opulence and drama to any space.
  • 2. Material Choices: Materials like mother of pearl or colored glass enhance the opulent Art Deco flavor.
  • 3. Placement: This type of mirror makes a statement; consider hanging it empty wall spaces where its details can be admired.
  • 4. Lighting: Proper lighting plays a vital role in highlighting the reflective properties of the feather-like aspects.

Remember, pairing it with similarly themed decor can maintain aesthetic harmony in your room’s decor.

Starburst Mirror With Geometric Pattern Frame

starburst mirror with geometric pattern frame

These mirrors are a dramatic centerpiece for any wall and bring to mind a flashing supernova. They’re characterized by small mirrored pieces or metallic bars which emanate from the center in a dazzling array of angles and lines, mimicking a cosmic starburst. This adds a fascinating visual anchor and reflects light in a unique pattern.

Interacting with both contemporary and vintage decor, they serve as a focal point, augmenting the aesthetic grandeur of any room.

When considering this style, remember it’s not just about the mirror itself. The frame plays a huge role. Opting for geometric patterns in the frame heightens the starburst effect. Triangular or diamond-shaped patterns in metallic tones like gold, silver, or bronze enhance the mirror’s visual appeal, introducing a layer of texture and depth.

Further, depending upon the room’s color palette, a darker or lighter hue could complement the overall ambiance.

This mirror design works well in spacious areas like the living room or along hallways. When equipped with accent lighting, the reflective properties of the mirror and frame can create alluring light-and-shadow interplays. Strategically placed, it can capture and scatter ambient light to grant the room a pleasant, warm glow.

Exotic Zebra Print Decorative Wall Mirror

exotic zebra print decorative wall mirror

With its distinctive black and white stripes, a zebra print mirror is an audacious addition to any room. The natural pattern adds an eclectic, wild touch that easily doubles as a statement piece.

1. Aesthetic Appeal: The contrast of black and white in zebra stripes lends a unique aesthetic appeal, shaking up your space with a vibrant energy.

2. Versatility: Despite its bold style, this type of mirror blends well with a variety of home decor styles, including contemporary, minimalist, or even rustic themes.

3. Visual Interest: The zebra print is visually stimulating and creates a focal point in the room, thereby capturing attention and elevating the design of the space.

4. Room Enhancement: Positioned strategically, it can help to reflect light around a room, making a space feel larger and brighter.

Remember to complement the mirror with other decor elements for a coherent, well-curated look. For instance, a zebra print rug or throw pillows can tie the room together beautifully.

Moroccan Inspired Round Wall Mirror

moroccan inspired round wall mirror

A Moroccan Inspired Round Wall Mirror effortlessly embodies both aesthetics and functionality. Harnessing impactful elements of Moorish design, these mirrors add an air of elegance and a touch of the exotic to any space.

Let’s delve into a few of the unique qualities that make these exquisite furnishings a favorite among homeowners.

1. Intricate Detailing: Carved wooden frames in intricate patterns, sometimes even overlaid with metal or mirror pieces, are a trademark of Moroccan style mirrors. This detailing lends a rich and luxurious appeal to the decor.

2. Reflectiveness: Besides the functional aspect, the high reflectiveness of Moroccan mirrors also aids in diffusing light around the room, making the space look brighter and more spacious.

3. Versatility: These mirrors, despite their distinctly ethnic vibe, can seamlessly blend with a variety of interior styles. Whether placed in a contemporary living room, an industrial loft, or a bohemian bedroom, they have the ability to elevate the ambiance of any place.

4. Color options: Often available in various metallic finishes or colored glassworks, Moroccan mirrors present an array of color choices to match with your room’s color palette.

Remember, the placement of the mirror on the wall can be as important as the mirror itself. A well-placed Moroccan Inspired Round Wall Mirror can become the attention-grabbing centerpiece of a room. Be it above a fireplace, at your entryway, or as part of a gallery wall, its captivating patterns and designs can make your wall pop.

Nautical Shell-Inlay Wall Mirror

nautical shell inlay wall mirror

Infusing a marine touch to any room is a breeze with a shell-inlay wall mirror. These mirrors capture the essence of the beach and ocean, bringing in elements of natural beauty and a calming aura.

Starting off with aesthetics, the intricate details in the shell mosaic create a captivating attraction. Each unique piece of shell reflects light differently, adding a dynamic visual appeal to your space.

Functionally, as well as aesthetically, size matters in mirror selection. Larger mirrors reflect more light, contributing to a vibrant, bright atmosphere even in dimly lit rooms.

Placing these mirrors in areas where natural light is abundant magnifies their impact. The varying shades on the shell pieces shift and glimmer as the light changes throughout the day, a subtle yet mesmerizing effect.

Your creativity is your only limit when it comes to using these mirrors for styling. They seamlessly fit in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or even a beach-themed nursery.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning the sustainability aspect. Many shell-inlay mirrors are crafted from reclaimed shells or sustainable materials, aligning with eco-friendly design principles.

Thus, a shell-inlay wall mirror does more than just brighten up a living space – it brings style, light, texture, and an eco-friendly element to your home.

Jungle-Inspired Leaf Motif Mirror

jungle inspired leaf motif mirror

Choosing this unique mirror adds an element of nature into your interior design, emphasizing a more natural and earthy aesthetic. It becomes a focal point, making your space more vibrant and interesting.

Here are a few considerations:

  • Material: Most often, these mirrors are framed with metal designed to resemble twisted vines and foliage, sometimes painted in shades of green to emphasize the leaf theme.

Placement: Ideal placement would be in rooms that can benefit from a touch of organic charm, like the living room or bedroom.

Lighting: Ensuring ample light, either natural or artificial, will make the leaf motif more visible and attractive.

Remember, coordinating it with other jungle-inspired interior elements will create a more cohesive look. However, it’s stunning enough to stand alone in a minimalist setting, where its intricate design can truly take center stage.

Vintage Wrought Iron Wall Mirror

vintage wrought iron wall mirror

Embracing rich textures and intricate details, the wrought iron mirror offers a subtle nod to the bygone era. Especially prominent in rustic and industrial interiors, this piece can inject character and contrast in a contemporary setting.

When selecting such an art piece, consider the wall space and surrounding decor. An overly ornate iron mirror could overwhelm a small space or clash with minimalist furnishings. Conversely, a simple iron-framed mirror might seem too modest amidst lush, eclectic decor. Decisions on placement should ensure the mirror complements, not overshadows, the room’s aesthetic.

Caring for your iron mirror requires minimal effort. Dust the frame regularly to maintain its look and use a soft, damp cloth for occasional deep cleaning. Remember, wrought iron can rust over time if exposed to moisture, so avoid using wet cleaning methods.

Incorporating a vintage wrought iron mirror into your home decor can be an exciting process. Its timeless charm, functional use, and decorative allure make it a winning choice for those seeking a dash of the exotic.

Gothic Arch Inspired Mirror for Entryway

gothic arch inspired mirror for entryway

The beauty of a Gothic Arch inspired mirror lies in its distinctive pointed arch shape, reminiscent of cathedrals in the medieval era. This style brings a touch of history and elegance to an entryway, instantly greeting guests with an intriguing conversation starter.

Here are some insights into this mirror style:

1. Shape and Design: The arched, usually symmetrical design of the mirror, invokes Medieval architectural elements that can fit surprisingly well with both traditional and modern interiors.

2. Frame Materials: It often features a wooden or metal frame. Wrought iron designs, in particular, intensify the medieval feel, while a smooth wooden frame can give a softer, less dramatic vibe.

3. Versatility: Despite its strong character, this style of mirror can blend well even in contemporary setups, providing a striking contrast against minimalist surroundings.

4. Decorative Addition: Due to its unique shape and historical ties, a Gothic Arch mirror serves not only as a functional piece but also as an alluring wall decor accent.

5. Size: Sizes can range from compact to oversized, catering to various spatial needs. Larger mirrors can offer a majestic inclusion, while smaller ones keep the motif more subtle.

6. Location: While an entryway is an ideal location, these mirrors also serve as focal points in other space, whether it’s above a fireplace, in a hallway, or a significant wall in the living area.

Oval Mirror With Elephant Carved Wooden Frame

oval mirror with elephant carved wooden frame

This distinctive decor element captures attention with its rich, intricate details. The elephant – a symbol of good luck and wisdom – offers a tasteful exotic touch when carved into the wooden frame of an oval mirror. Crafted traditionally, every groove and swirl accentuates aesthetic richness, making it a perfect addition for both traditional and contemporary spaces.

1. The oval shape makes the mirror versatile for any wall space and allows it to blend seamlessly into various decor styles while retaining its exotic touch.

2. The elephant carved frame adds a layer of artistic depth that brings in personality and breaks the monotony of traditional frames.

3. The wooden frame serves a dual purpose – it’s not only sturdy and durable but also adds a touch of earthiness and warmth to your room.

4. This mirror, due to its intricate design, can stand as a solo decor piece, eliminating the need for further wall embellishments.

5. Maintenance is relatively easy – regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth is sufficient to keep the mirror looking new for years.

Remember, it’s all about strategically placing this mirror to ensure its unique frame catches eyes and fetches compliments.

Driftwood Accented Mirror for Beach-themed Room

driftwood accented mirror for beach themed room

A driftwood accented mirror can add a unique and earthy charm to any beach-themed room. Its natural and rustic look merges well with coastal décor to create a serene and relaxing environment.

To make this idea a reality, consider positioning the mirror in a space where it can command attention yet blend seamlessly with other décor elements. Over a console table or fireplace could be a prime location. Ensure the surrounding hues match the driftwood’s natural tone to avoid clashes and maintain harmony.

Opt for a mirror with a thick driftwood frame if you want a prominent feature in your room. Alternatively, a slim frame will offer a subtler, sophisticated effect.

For that extra creative touch, explore driftwood mirrors with an irregular or non-standard shape. This can add interest and serve as a great conversation starter.

Taking care of a driftwood mirror is relatively straightforward. Regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth will suffice in maintaining its organic beauty. Ensure it’s kept away from moist areas to preserve the wood quality.

With these integral design and maintenance pointers crisp in your mind, get ready to enjoy a piece of the beach right inside your home with a driftwood accented mirror.

Victorian Style Gilded Frame Wall Mirror

victorian style gilded frame wall mirror

Embodying opulence and sheer grandeur, these mirrors are essentially artwork in their own right. Their intricately carved frames, often decked in gold or silver leaf, present classic motifs such as flowers, vines, scrolls, and often cherubs too – a nod to the romantic aesthetics of the Victorian era.

To match their dramatic appeal, place them in the more formal areas of your home such as the dining room or the foyer.

Gilded frame mirrors best complement lavish interiors filled with antiques, silk drapes, and plush upholstery.

Be aware of their large size and decorative richness, as they demand a significant share of visual space. Pair them with understated, neutral walls for a balanced look or juxtapose with bold colors for a more contemporary twist.

A word of caution: these mirrors carry intricate detailing and deserve meticulous handling and cleaning.

Mirror With Ornate Baroque Golden Frame

mirror with ornate baroque golden frame

Incorporating an air of luxury and ostentation, this specific approach is synonymous with highly detailed craftsmanship. The intricate detailing on the gold gilded frame often involves symmetrical patterns, cupids, scrolls, and shells—a characteristic trait of the Baroque period. Designs can vary from delicate curls and swirls for a subtler touch to a heavily decorated, wide, bulky frame for a more grandeur appeal.

In terms of placement, such a mirror can serve as the centerpiece of a large room or above a lavish fireplace. Their rich aesthetic also makes them suitable for dressing rooms or large bathrooms. However, to avoid a clash of styles, it’s best partnered with traditional, classical, or vintage furniture. Remember, when choosing a wall for placement, ensure sufficient lighting as this style thrives in bright, well-illuminated settings which further highlight the ornate detailing.

Maintenance of these mirrors does require some effort. Regular dusting with a soft brush can prevent dirt buildup in the details. Once annually, a light soapy solution can be used to gently clean, ensuring the gold remains untarnished and eye-catching. A well-cared-for ornate Baroque golden framed mirror can, thus, remain a luxurious decorative element for years to come.

Stuplicated Brass Rectangular Wall Mirror

stuplicated brass rectangular wall mirror

The stuplicated brass finish on this mirror gives it a rustic, somewhat antique feel. It is an ideal choice for those who covet the allure of bygone eras, while wishing to maintain a modern decorative sensibility. The rectangular shape provides a strong geometric presence, anchoring your space. Consider its placement carefully – above a console table or fireplace could offer maximal visual impact.

Points to ponder when selecting this mirror:

  • Brass Finish: The stuplicated brass finish adds a warm, rich texture. It can coordinate smoothly with other brass accents in your décor.
  • Rectangular Shape: Optimize the use of space on your wall. This shape is conducive to a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Placement: Using it as a focal point on a single wall or in conjunction with other art pieces. Decide based on the current layout and ambience of your room.
  • Size: Ensure the mirror’s size corresponds with the dimensions of your space. It should neither overpower nor be drowned out by the surrounding elements.
  • Age of Decor: This style blends well in contemporary or vintage-inspired rooms. Assess your existing decor style to form a congruent visual effect.
  • Maintenance: Brass requires specific care techniques to prevent patinas or tarnish. It’s crucial to understand the maintenance requirements before introducing it into your space.

Modern Rectangular Wall Mirror With Bamboo Frame

modern rectangular wall mirror with bamboo frame

Utilizing natural materials like bamboo in mirror frames offers both sustainability and a fresh aesthetic. This modern rectangular design, with its clean lines and simple form, is an effortless way to bring an organic element into your space. Perfect in a living room, hallway, or bathroom, it enhances the room’s vibrancy while maintaining a sense of tranquility.

The beauty of this mirror lies in its adaptability to different home decors. Be it Scandinavian or Boho, it blends well. The natural bamboo frame provides texture and warmth, often a wonderful contrast to indoor plants and wood components.

Lightweight yet sturdy, bamboo frames are also easy to take care of. A simple dusting or a wipe with a warm cloth will keep it looking its best. Besides, you don’t need specific installation tools, making the process fuss-free. Explore this unique and exotic mirror option to refresh and brighten your living space.

Rustic Teak Wood Finished Round Wall Mirror

rustic teak wood finished round wall mirror

Crafted from natural teak and boasting a beautiful wood grain, a rustic Teak Wood finished round wall mirror carries an inherent charm. Its noticeable yet not overwhelming presence performs perfectly in a variety of interior designs.

1. Natural Aesthetic: Use this mirror to usher in a touch of nature. Its raw appeal complements spaces with earthy or neutral color schemes.

2. Versatility: The minimalist design allows it to be paired with various decorative elements without overshadowing them.

3. Durability: Teak is a robust wood known for its longevity, making the mirror a stylish and enduring piece.

4. Warmth: Wood brings warmth to any interior, softening the feel of rooms with predominantly hard or cool surfaces.

5. Size adaptations: Available in multiple sizes, fitting perfectly in any space – from a small hallway to a spacious living room.

Remember, a carefully chosen placement can maximize the impact, leveraging the mirror as a central design element or a subtle highlight. So, get creative with your style choices!

Abstract Shaped Mirror With Tribal-Themed Frame

abstract shaped mirror with tribal themed frame

As an embodiment of the rich cultural heritage, the tribal-themed frame is a definite show-stopper. The asymmetrical abstract shape adds a dynamic element to any room, perfect for lovers of unique and standout pieces.

Consider factors such as colors and patterns. Earthy hues, striking geometric patterns, or intricate beadwork designs are typical of tribal art, infusing an exotic warmth into your space.

When it comes to placement, you may hang it above your console table or mantelpiece. Using it as a centerpiece on a prominent wall can make a strong statement, emphasizing the mirror’s unique design.

Mixing this piece with other tribal elements, like organic fabrics, pottery, or tribal artwork, can create a cohesive look in your space. Conversely, juxtaposing it in a minimalistic or modern room can create captivating contrast.

Remember, a quality tribal-themed mirror is not just a utilitarian accessory but a piece of art that brings an untamed and spirited charm to your interiors.

Hand-Painted Tile Decorative Bathroom Mirror

hand painted tile decorative bathroom mirror

A hand-painted tile mirror adds an unparalleled charm to your bathroom. It’s a fusion of practicality and artistry, reflecting individual creativity.

Consider a Mediterranean-inspired design with its vibrant hues to infuse a dash of color into monochrome bathroom schemes. Opt for azure blues, fiery reds, or sunny yellows to create a striking focal point.

To accentuate its beauty, ensure you position it at an optimal height, typically at eye level or above your vanity. Use soft, ambient lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Remember, these mirrors are a testament to skilled craftsmanship, adding inherent character to your bathroom decor.

Maintenance tip? Dust lightly and wipe with a damp cloth to keep colors vibrant. But remember, delicate handling is key.

Now, imagine the transformation, from a mundane bathroom ritual into an immersive, aesthetic experience.

Circular Mirror With Raw Stone Embedded Frame

circular mirror with raw stone embedded frame

A raw stone-embedded frame can elevate a circular mirror from simple to stunning. The natural, rugged texture of raw stones injects a touch of exotic charm to any space.

1. Variety: These frames incorporate diverse raw stone types, including quartz, amethyst, and even geodes. The stones’ natural colors and crystalline structures contribute unique visual interest.

2. Versatility: This style suits a range of interiors, from rustic lodges to modern apartments. In a contemporary setting, the frame’s organic element counterbalances sleekly designed fixtures.

3. Personalization: The raw stones can be arranged according to preference, creating a one-of-a-kind piece.

4. Natural Elegance: The stones’ natural beauty gives these mirrors a luxurious aesthetic without appearing too refined or polished.

Remember to choose a stone type and color that complements the room’s existing color palette and decor. Also, consider the frame’s weight when hanging the mirror to ensure safety and stability.

Exotic Scalloped Edge Wall Mirror

exotic scalloped edge wall mirror

This mirror’s unique allure comes from its organic, scalloped edge that adds distinct charm and character. Rather than traditional straight lines and angles, opting for a scalloped edge introduces a novel, softer appearance to your space, while also maintaining an exotic, high-end feel.

Such mirrors often feature ornate, intricate detailing around the edges, mimicking shapes found in nature, such as shells or waves. Not only does this extraordinary design provide a visual focal point, but it also lends a touch of sophistication and elegance.

These mirrors are versatile and can easily blend into various home styles, be it coastal, eclectic, or even a shabby chic interior design. Pair it off with matching scalloped furniture or accessories to create a harmonious and visually appealing setting.

When handling and installing this type of mirror, extreme care is necessary due to the delicate nature of the scalloped edges. Special attention should also be given to its maintenance and cleaning routine to preserve its ornate detailing and ensure longevity.

Colored Stained Glass Wall Mirror

colored stained glass wall mirror

This creative style adds a pop of color and artistic flair to any room. The pieces of stained glass are artistically arranged, often in floral or abstract designs. These colorful fragments catch the light beautifully and create vibrant reflections in different shades.

Bathrooms, hallways, or bedrooms can benefit from this dainty touch, effortlessly enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

However, attention is needed when choosing the right wall color to match these mirrors as they are a statement piece on their own. Neutral or cool tones often complement the multi-colored glass. Also, proper lighting is crucial to highlighting the charm and detail of the stained glass in the mirror. Above all, these uniquely crafted mirrors deliver a unique, eclectic style to your space that’s hard to miss.

In terms of care and maintenance, regular dusting and gentle cleaning with a soft cloth would suffice. Do avoid harsh chemicals as these could potentially damage the color and glaze of the stained glass in the long run.

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