The Top 10 Best Garden Hoses for a Pressure Washer [2022]

Last updated on May 17, 2022

Does your outdoor water supply line lack pressure for a lengthy garden hose? What if you connect it to a pressure washer? You need the best garden hose for a pressure washer to achieve this!

Our number one choice: This Expandable High Pressure Resistant Garden Hose

We’ve been there. If your garden isn’t a tiny backyard lot and you need a garden hose that’s longer than 25 feet to reach the end of it, your water supply line might lack the water pressure for it.

What to do, what to do!?

Connecting the garden hose to a pressure washer might then be quite a brilliant idea. Can you, though? Won’t the hose burst under pressure. Yes, and no. If it can handle the pressure, it won’t burst.

Here’s the thing though. No garden hose will handle the maximum pressure that comes from washers! We’re talking a ten-fold difference and more. For example, our top pick hose will handle 145 PSI (pounds per square inch) pressure. That’s enough to get the water through a long hose (with spraying action if needed), but not enough to wash concrete or even a car properly.

That means you should adjust the washer’s output accordingly. But just in case, we’ve picked several pressure hoses that might work as garden hoses as well. Setting the right pressure is key.

Here they are with shopping links (we might get compensated if you purchase — it’s for your convenience and it bears no extra cost.)

Time to supply your garden with water it deserves!

What's Inside

Expandable High Pressure Resistant Garden Hose

expandable hose
GrowGreen Improved Expandable Connectors Expanding

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There are many things about this hose that we like. The capacity to navigate — you want to go around the yard and don’t make your hose kink and tangle. Lightweight — yes, it is. Our favorite function is to use a valve to stop water flow, even if you do not use the included nozzle.

So it’s flexible but high-pressure resistant (up to 145 PSI). It is what you need if you’re connecting it to your pressure washer, however, you should still be wary of its limits. You can choose the length up to 100 feet to reach the far corners of your garden. At the same time, you can use it to do some minor washing of your car, driveway, or deck.

Some reviewers complained of longevity. Eventually, all garden hoses would malfunction. We do not think it will last forever, but we believe it is a great product for the price.

Pressure Washer Hose

pressure hose
Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Hose

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It’s 25 ft with 3000 PSI working pressure. The hose itself feels very powerful and retains its pressure. Simple to unroll and roll quickly. It is pretty good, attaches to the nozzle and pressure washer well. The joint looks like it’s done really well, and seals on the receiver nicely.

High Tensile Wire Braided Garden Hose

garden hose
Tool Daily Pressure Connect Tensile

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The hose is 50 ft in length and 4000 PSI working pressure. It’s not like the low-cost hoses you get when you buy a new pressure washer. You can use this hose mainly to clean a driveway, sidewalks, or wash a car. The material with the nozzle looks like the original that comes with a pressure washer.

Flexzilla Hose

Flexzilla Pressure Washer Hose

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This hose (50 ft, 100 PSI) kinks and tangles much less than standard hoses that come with pressure washers. Flexzilla hoses in general are quite good. Many users expect them to be some magic stuff that they can twist and it won’t kink — if you can understand that there’s no material like this, then they’re fine. They don’t kink normally and have no memory effect when you handle them.

Flexible Hose

flexible hose
YAMATIC Flexible Pressure M22 14mm Connector

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This hose is fantastic. Lay it out straight before any use. As soon as you begin your pressure washing, old plastic hoses would curl up immediately. This one is much easier to control, and it just works better. It is 50 feet and handles 3200 PSI pressure. Spend an additional $20 on this hose and you will enjoy cleaning rather than battling it for half the time.

Generac Pressure Washer Hose

generac pressure washer hose
Generac Pressure Washer Hose

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It’s very flexible. This is 30 ft hose (3100 PSI) is perfect for mid-range jobs if you find a 50 ft hose cause you issues with the machine and the pressure dropping. We like the fact that this hose isn’t black, so it stands out. The hose won’t connect directly to the Sun Joe machine, so you will need to use an adapter. Try using quick connect adapters — they’re awesome. If you love using your pressure washer, this will make it easier to use it longer.

Uberflex Hose

UBERFLEX Kink Resistant Pressure Washer

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It’s a bargain for lower pressure handling at 100 PSI. This is the best pressure washer hose in terms of ease of handling. You can spend hundreds of hours behind the gun literally. It’s far more flexible than the factory hose with the standard unit, even if under pressure. You’ll have no trouble with kinking at all as well.

Briggs Stratton Hose

Briggs Stratton Hose
Briggs Stratton 6188 Pressure Replacement

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This is a decent length for a house owner (30 ft). It’s long enough to reach around, and it’s not a hassle to wind down when you’re done. The connections are standard in size and will fit into any washing machine you’d purchase from one of the shopping centers. It’s a high-quality hose that does not collapse too easily on itself, creating a pressure point and a burst.

Reinforced Extension Hose

simpson cleaning monster hose
Cleaning Monster Replacement Extension Hose

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With a metal reinforcement, this hose is highly durable. It is easy to replace the male and female ends. The 100 feet option increases your mobility and decreases the number of times you need to reposition the washing machine. People have described it as rigid, but it is simpler and lighter to use than most original hoses.

Puncture Resistant Hose

puncture resistant hose
SPECILITE Stainless Puncture Resistant Flexible

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This garden hose has great function over and above the standard configuration (puncture resistance). The hose itself is, first of all, great quality and easy to use. It comes with two nozzles. One that we all know and use daily, the other for ease of use. The head is flat and easy to use. Length options are up to 100 feet.

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