The Top 10 Best Grow Lights for Succulents [2021]

Last updated on December 14, 2020

What are the best grow lights for succulents that can help them keep their color and compact size during winter? The answer is here.

► Our top choice: This Red and Blue LED Grow Light

So you’ve noticed that your succulents start losing their color and start growing out of their compact size during winter. And you’ve realized that’s because they don’t get enough light. Good job! The solution is to give them as much daylight as possible during the day.

The challenge is that for most of us, winters are long and dark. There’s not enough daylight coming in from the outside. Now, the succulents are resilient species of plants, and they can survive with limited light. However, as you’ve noticed, they lose their color and grow out. Come spring, you can trim them, bring them out to the sunlight, and they’ll thrive again.

But you can avoid all that with inexpensive and energy-efficient grow lights. That means your succulents will stay lush green and compact in size throughout winter, and you won’t pay a hefty energy bill for it.

We’ll not go into much detail about what grow lights succulents need exactly. We assume you either know this or simply want to get the best grow lights possible and introduce them to your plants. Succulents aren’t very needy, so any extra light you provide them with, they will appreciate it.

A quick recap of what you might need is this:

  • LED lights are preferential as they are effective and energy-efficient. Your electricity bill will barely feel a budge, and you won’t have to deal with unwelcome heat.
  • You can choose the necessary color of light depending on the growth stage of your succulents. Are they in the vegetative stage, or do you want them to flower? Choose the blue light for the former and the red light for the latter. Not sure? Choose full-spectrum natural light.
  • Consider how much intensity you need. As much as possible is preferred. But all things considered, the light should cover all of your plants fully. A hanging light fixture the size of the planter area works best.
  • The timer is also very important. You will want to simulate the day time as your plants need a rest too. So setting it to work at least 6 hours a day (but not more than 18) is important.

Ready for what we have chosen? Here it goes. Just as a note, we have included shopping links for you. We get a commission for them, but you pay nothing extra. It’s just a convenience that helps us run our site too. Enjoy!

What's Inside

Red LED Succulent Grow Light

succulent grow light
Shengsite Hydroponics Germination Succulents Vegetative LED Grow Lamp

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You can use this red grow light for your succulents and it provides a pleasant purple atmosphere inside the apartment, in addition to offering plant benefits, particularly in the winter. The setup is really straightforward. The most difficult would be to find out exactly where to hang this lamp. You may, for example, hang it from an existing fixture.

It’s a super bright and good product for keeping your succulents alive. The only thing to note is that they do not spread very well as these are LEDs, so your plants have to be directly below the light to get the most value. You might need more than one light or a few square versions, depending on the configuration.

Succulents seem to enjoy it — so will you.

Dimmable Grow Light with Timer

dimmable grow light
Fauna Full-spectrum Dimmable Hydroponics Succulent Grow Lamp

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We love this kind of light. Without hanging or desk room, you can clip it anywhere. You can position the lamps very near to the plants (around 1 inch.) You’ll have no problem if there’s little to no sun. This way, you can increase the strength of the light.

It works well, but the arms are a little crooked and don’t want to stay where exactly you set them. The weight of the lights on the end pulls the arms downward. However, you can find a compromise by holding the lights in. The succulents will love it — it’s so bright, it looks like sunshine.

The clip holds it very well in place. The timer is an amazing feature too. It’s not very appealing design-wise, but for plants, it’s a major light source.

5-level Indoor Gooseneck Grow Light

indoor grow light
GHodec Sunlight Indoor Dimmable Grow Lamp

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Keep the time feature of these lamps on every day and it will provide a reasonable amount of light. These are not crazy bright, but plants like them. If you have succulents or low-light plants, these are the lights to pick up. It’s just right to grow Aloe succulents, but you may need brighter lights for some other species like Venus Flytraps.

The gooseneck is really good and we like the timer. 2 lamps are enough if you have small plants while you’d need more light for bigger plants.

So, this light does what it says. The white and red LEDs have a natural daylight tone (no rose glow) and can be angled separately for both light bars. The tight clamp holds the lights in place. When set for a light cycle of 4, 8, or 12 hours, the timer will automatically turn on again on the next day. Your succulents should be satisfied with the light they get from these lamps.

Full Spectrum Grow Light

adjustable grow light
VOGEK Adjustable Gooseneck Grow Lamp (3-part)

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The lamp is firmly built, much heavier (in a good way), and well constructed than expected. There are no parts like thin metal or weak plastic. It’s sturdy, robustly constructed, and it’s bright. If you make the mistake of looking directly at it briefly, you will see stars long afterward (be careful!)

The clamp is more than sufficient to keep it fixed broadly and firmly. The goosenecks are flexible but sturdy enough to carry the lights. It is barely perceptibly warm after about 15 minutes of being on. It is a good soft white, not hard in any way, easy to link with either a cabinet or a wood piece. The timer is great to watch your plants grow strong and healthy.

So if it’s difficult for your succulents to get enough, this lamp will revive their color and avoid their elongation.

White LED Grow Light

greenhouse grow light
Full-spectrum Succulent Grow Lamp

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These lamps are great if you don’t get enough daylight through your windows. Your plants can be placed on a table, and you can hang the lamp above. It can hang from a PVC pipe support and run from a timer to twelve hours a day (so it go on at sunrise and sunset in winter.) This gives the plants a long night’s sleep. Use the lamp if the temperature is too hot to leave your plants so they can get the light they need without being sunburned or dry.

Red and Blue LED Grow Light

hydroponic grow light
Roleadro Full-spectrum Hydroponic Greenhouse Succulent Grow Lamp

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If your succulents are sad, pale, and sick, it’s probably because they don’t get enough light during the winter. The change will be visible the next day under these lights. Supplying the plants with enough lighting will make the color is darker, the individual leaves much firmer, and the succulents perked up practically to the top.

If your outdoor succulents don’t like the cold, get these lights for the early spring. The plants will not only survive but thrive under the lights. It is incredible how succulents react. You’ll see new growth forms that you never saw when they were outside before.

The lamp is quick to mount. The power consumption is not very high and the light is focused pretty well.

Clip-on Indoor Grow Light

relassy grow light
Relassy Indoor Grow Light Plants

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The timer and C-clamp functions are fantastic features. The light is extremely stable and easy to secure to a table or other stand. The arms are stronger than most other lights, though they cannot stand lateral extension.

The light is bright and the yellow color looks perfect and natural. Like the yellow, lights grow much faster than red or blue. We like the size of the light bulb as it spreads the light well.

The lights are great particularly during cast days, they help your plants. The only drawback is that the arms are a bit short on the lamp and it is a little bit more difficult to adjust over larger plants.

Yellow LED Grow Light

Tmlapy grow light
Tmlapy Full=spectrum Hydroponic Greenhouse Lamp

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This light is very bright. Your plants will enjoy it from day one. Make sure that you wear glasses lest it hurts your eyes when turning it on. It has four fans, but you don’t need to worry about the noise — they are very quiet.

The fixture is durable and wide enough to cover several plants. The full-spectrum lighting provides enough daylight lighting for growth.

LED Strip Grow Ligh

led grow ligh
OxyLED Waterproof Succulent Grow Strip Lights

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The strips are quick to install and run. It’s ideal to use in a dark house for succulents you grow in a window. You can install a few hanging shelves behind the curtains and have a strip running under each one to light up the shelves. You just need to use this light at night and on rainy days to make sure the plants get light even though the window sometimes gets a little light. It’s very bright, so it’s good to dim it behind a curtain.

Umbrella Pot Grow Light

automatic grow light
GrowLED Adjustable Automatic Umbrella Grow Lamp

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A great solution for a single pot of succulents. But make no mistake, it can light up an entire terrarium. Succulents will be happy and rising. Just make sure you remove random weeds that attempt to sprout!

You’ll probably love it enough to buy another one if you have more succulents. This is ideal if you have no great light sources indoors. Oh, and it has a timer too.


Is red or blue light better for succulents?

It depends on the growth stage of your succulents as well as your desired result. If you want them to grow larger, use blue light. If you want them to bud and flower, use the red light. If unsure, and you just want to provide for healthy growth, use full-spectrum light.

Are succulents good in low light?

While it does vary per species, in general, succulents can adapt to almost any lighting conditions. They do, however, light a lot of light for healthy growth. So if you want them to thrive (as opposed to only surviving), you need to provide them for it.

How long should succulents be under grow light?

The general rule of thumb is to try and simulate daylight as much as possible. So it’s from 6 (at the very least) to 18 at most hours of grow light per day. The ideal range is 12-14 hours per day.

Why is my purple succulent turning green or losing color?

Simply put, it doesn’t get enough light. Bringing it out to bright daylight or getting a grow light will quickly fix this.

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