20 Coil Kitchen Faucet Ideas: Your Guide to the Best Designs

Last updated on November 25, 2023

Dive into the revolutionary world of coil kitchen faucets because they offer an attractive blend of practicality and style perfect for modern kitchen makeovers.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Coil kitchen faucets, undoubtedly a vital component in maintaining a modern and sleek kitchen aesthetic. Yes, you might have seen a multitude of ideas concerning this topic, but here, we aim to provide a unique spin on those already prevalent coils. Prepared to be dazzled by innovative and unique faucet ideas you never knew existed.

At the end, we will also handpick some resources and references of the renowned ideas brewing around, for you to look into. Gear up for a rewarding exploration into fresh perspectives that can spruce up your kitchen making it a functional piece of art.

Let’s dive in.

What's Inside

Pivoting Coil Faucet Designs: Providing Flexibility

pivoting coil faucet designs providing flexibility

These are the hallmark of most professional-grade kitchens, due to their unmatched flexibility. The main selling point of these models is their high-arch spout design. It extends far enough to provide ample space for filling or cleaning large pots and pans. Additionally, the coil design ensures that the spray head retracts back to the spout after use.

1. Enhanced Reach: With the ability to pivot up to 360 degrees, these faucets can cover a wide area, easing tasks like washing large utensils or cleaning different parts of the sink.

2. Multiple Spray Options: Many of these models offer multiple spray modes, e.g. stream and spray, for different cleaning tasks.

3. Easy Retraction: The weight and balance of the coil ensure the spray head smoothly retracts back into place after use.

4. Rugged Resilience: Despite their flexible nature, these faucets are built to last, with the coil maintaining strength even after numerous bends and stretches.

5. Functional Aesthetics: The coil adds a striking visual element that can serve as a conversation piece as well as a functional tool.

Artistic Coil Kitchen Faucets: Balancing Functionality and Aesthetics

artistic coil kitchen faucets balancing functionality and aesthetics

Moving beyond the mere practicality of water supply, these designs effortlessly introduce an element of visual appeal to your kitchen. They make a statement; their intricate curvature and unique aesthetics becoming key features in the room’s overall theme.

Look for faucets where form follows function. For instance, designs with large aerators, not only look great, but also provide a smooth water flow. Moreover, ones with a dash of color like copper or bronze tend to look more designer.

Remember, elegance lies in simplicity. If your kitchen has minimalist decor, opt for a coil faucet with clean, simple lines and understated finishes like brushed nickel.

For the avant-garde, consider those with unusual designs such as a swan neck or twisted coil form. An unconventional shape can become an artistic centerpiece, grabbing attention and sparking conversations.

Lastly, never compromise on quality. Ensure your chosen faucet is just as durable and efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing, and you will have scored a home run in your kitchen redesign.

Streamlined Professional Coil Faucets: For The Ambitious Chefs

streamlined professional coil faucets for the ambitious chefs

Creating an upscale and ambitious culinary experience starts with the right type of faucet. Streamlined professional coil faucets are a shining example. Designed similar to faucets in commercial kitchens, they offer a higher degree of control and flexibility, making it a cakewalk to fill large pots or to rinse off stubborn grime. These faucets typically have tall, high-arching coils that offer a wider range of motion.

A few noteworthy points about these coil faucets include:

  • 1. They offer a sleek, professional look that pairs well with modern kitchen designs.
  • 2. Their high-pressure spray is perfect for tough cleaning tasks.
  • 3. The long, flexible hose allows easy maneuverability, invaluable, especially for double sinks.
  • 4. They have user-friendly control features for convenient temperature and pressure adjustments.
  • 5. Durability and minimum maintenance needs also add to their appeal.

So, if you’re aiming to create a culinary oasis, consider a streamlined professional coil faucet as your kitchen assistant, as it adds equal parts aesthetics and functionality to your kitchen.

Minimalist: Coil Faucets For Small Kitchens

minimalist coil faucets for small kitchens

Adopting a minimalist design ethos, these faucet models fit remarkably well into small kitchens. With their compact size and sleek look, they retain all the functionality of larger models without wasting any valuable space.

1. Compact Shape: Minimalist coil faucets emphasize a small footprint and a streamlined design. They skillfully balance functionality and aesthetics without appearing overwhelming in smaller spaces.

2. Retractable Coil: Their retractable features enable flexible use. These faucets give the freedom to extend the spout when necessary and neatly tuck it away when not in use.

3. Single Handle Control: Simplicity is key when space is limited. Many minimalist models feature a single handle that controls both the water’s temperature and volume, contributing to the neat appearance.

4. Innovative Finishes: Available in various finishes, such as stainless steel, chrome, and matte black, these faucets ensure that neither style nor practicality is compromised.

5. Easy Installation: Most minimalistic coil faucets come with an easy installation process. It can effortlessly be mounted on the kitchen sink or countertop.

Regardless of your kitchen size, minimalist coil faucets bring functionality and style into space with a dash of efficiency.

Vintage Appeal: Classic Coil Kitchen Faucet Styles

vintage appeal classic coil kitchen faucet styles

A journey back in time, classic coil faucet styles offer an ode to the past while still complementing modern kitchen aesthetics. Reflective of old-world charm, these faucets typically feature an elegantly curved coil spout, paired with level or cross handles that complete the nostalgic look.

1. Material: Predominantly, they are crafted with polished chrome or brushed nickel, offering a timeless gleam that suits a variety of kitchen color schemes.

2. Handle Design: The vintage-style faucets often come with double-handle designs, letting you adjust water temperature with precision.

3. Spiral Coil Design: The trace of their appeal lies in the spiral coil design which, while providing enhanced reach and flexibility, adds a unique visual element to your kitchen.

4. Mounting Option: They can be deck-mounted or wall-mounted to mimic traditional water systems, thus evoking old-world aesthetics.

5. Combination of Functionality: Despite their classic look, most of these faucets don’t compromise on modern features like pull-down sprayers or 360-degree swivel capability.

Remember, the goal is not to stage a model past but to playfully mix generations, integrating the best from each. Infusing vintage coil kitchen faucet styles into your kitchen décor is a stylish way to achieve this mix.

Coil Faucets With Touch-Less Feature: Hygienic and Swanky

coil faucets with touch less feature hygienic and swanky

In the era of automation, the touch-less feature in coil faucets proves to be more than just a novelty. This functionality minimizes the spread of germs on the faucet handle, making your kitchen a safer environment. With a simple wave of your hand or a pan, the water begins to flow. Not only is this thing of beauty and luxury, but it also simplifies multitasking – incredibly beneficial when your hands are full or untidy.

Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Remember the Automatic Shut-Off: Most touch-less faucets come with an automatic shut-off feature after a few minutes of non-use, conserving water and reducing the risk of flooding.
  • Power Source Considerations: The majority require electricity to run, usually in the form of a battery. Ensure you’re comfortable with a power source near water.
  • Sensor Position: The faucet’s sensor position should also be a significant consideration – it can be located at the base, front or top of the faucet.
  • Compatible Settings: Check that the touch-less feature can be turned off if preferred, ensuring compatibility with different kitchen scenarios.
  • Installation: These types of faucets may require specialized professional installation.
  • Maintenance: Sensors may make cleaning a little more tricky, requiring the user to disable the motion sensors before cleaning.

The touch-less feature combines both practicality and sophistication into one very appealing package; without a doubt, this innovation redefines convenience in the kitchen realm.

The Chrome Culinary Coil Faucet: Brings On The Shine

the chrome culinary coil faucet brings on the shine

Sporting unparalleled luster, this dazzling kitchen addition boasts a gleaming silver hue that elevates your cooking area’s ambiance. The chrome culinary coil faucet is the epitome of sleek kitchen design, seamlessly infusing both modern and traditional interior schemes.

1. Shine & Durability: The brightness of chrome adds sparkle to your kitchen, while its corrosive resistance ensures longevity.

2. Reflective Qualities: Its mirror finish bounces light beautifully around the space, making your kitchen appear bigger and brighter.

3. Easy Maintenance: Chrome’s non-porous surface doesn’t allow grime to set in, making it easier to clean and maintain.

4. Matches Any Decor: The neutral silver tone pairs well with all colors, optimally suiting various kitchen styles.

5. Commercial Grade: As a staple in professional kitchens, the high-performance commercial coil design assures efficiency under heavy-duty use.

Remember, a brilliantly polished chrome coil kitchen faucet is not only an aesthetically pleasing element; it’s a study in functional design that offers efficiency and longevity in your culinary endeavors.

Height Adjustable Coil Kitchen Faucets: Adding Versatility

height adjustable coil kitchen faucets adding versatility

A customizable feature making waves among kitchen enthusiasts is the height-adjustable functionality of coil kitchen faucets. Maximizing flexibility, these faucets offer ample space between the coil and sink, enabling easy cleaning for deep pots and large vessels.

1. Superior Space Management – Having the ability to adjust the height of the faucet allows an easy accommodation for stockpots, baking sheets, and roasting pans. It’s an ideal feature for kitchens where large utensils often take center stage.

2. Multi-level Cleaning – With an adjustable height, these faucets have the capability to provide multiple levels of cleaning. It enables close rinsing for fruits and vegetables, mid-level for plates and glasses, and high-level for those big pots and pans.

3. High-end Look – Apart from lending practicality, they also add an aesthetic dimension to the kitchen, offering a high-end look usually associated with professional culinary setups.

4. User-friendliness – Another advantage of having height-adjustable faucets is the user-friendliness. Regardless of the kitchen users’ height, the faucet can be adjusted to a comfortable working level.

Transcending the conventional constraints of fixed-height faucets, these versatile designs are gaining popularity for their convenience and efficiency.

Coil Kitchen Faucet With Double Handle Design: For Better Water Temperament Control

coil kitchen faucet with double handle design for better water temperament control

With two handles at your disposal, achieving the perfect water temperature becomes effortless. One side controls hot water, the other cold water, and turning both in proportion provides a mix ideal for your needs. This design is not only practical but also holds a timeless appeal that suits a variety of kitchen styles.

Additionally, the separate handles mean you can isolate hot or cold water, reducing the risk of unexpected temperature changes. Given the presence of two valves, this type also tends to have better leakage protection. Besides achieving water temperament control, the double handle design also enhances the symmetry of your sink area.

This divergent faucet style also allows for customization to match the kitchen decor. For a modern look, consider a sleek, brushed finish, and for a traditional ambiance, an antique copper finish may be ideal.

A double handle coil faucet delivers a blend of aesthetic charm and functional control, a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Water Filter Coil Faucet Combo: Contemporary Solution for Pure Drinking Water

water filter coil faucet combo contemporary solution for pure drinking water

Combining the coil faucet with an integrated water filter assures the pure combo you want in your modern kitchen. This not only enhances functionality but contributes to health.

1. Suitable for Health-conscious: Reduces harmful contaminants from your daily water use. An added benefit – no requirement for a separate water purifier!

2. Space saver: Installing these need lesser space compared to separate purifiers. A boon for smaller kitchens.

3. Aesthetically appealing: The sleek, streamlined design suits modern kitchen aesthetics, leading to an attractive, neat sink area.

4. Easy Installation: Replaceable cartridges mean easy maintenance; usually, DIY installations are possible, saving you the cost of a professional setup.

5. Performance Indicator: Some models offer indicators, alerting for filter change.

Harnessing the purity of water and the convenience of a coil faucet, consider these exciting elements for your kitchen upgrade. Remember, healthy living begins with clean water.

Coil Faucets With Pull-down/Pull-out Sprayers: For Bigger Pots and Dishes

coil faucets with pull downpull out sprayers for bigger pots and dishes

In your home, you might have noticed that certain cooking tasks, such as washing large pans or filling big pots, can be made more challenging by a standard faucet. However, with pull-down or pull-out sprayers, these challenges are dissolved. Coil faucets with this feature offer flexible usability and enhance the efficiency of your kitchen sink.

Such faucets are designed with a retractable sprayer that you can pull down or pull out, offering a stronger and focused water stream that can reach where regular faucets can’t. This is especially practical for larger pots, pans, and dishes that would otherwise be difficult to handle under a conventional faucet.

Pull-down sprayers are remarkable when you need to fill or rinse items directly in the sink, it directs the water stream downwards. While pull-out sprayers can be extended towards, say, a pot on the countertop, creating easier access.

Certain designs also provide a two-function spray head, where you can switch between a steady stream for filling and an aerated spray for rinsing. Some designs include a swivel adapter for a wider range of motion, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

Taking care of cleanliness can be a breeze with these faucets, as the flexible hose allows for easy cleaning of the sink corners.

Opting for coil faucets with pull-down or pull-out sprayers smartly combines style with practicality, providing the much-needed convenience in your kitchen.

Color Popping: Colored Coil Faucet Options

color popping colored coil faucet options

By now, you know that coil faucets aren’t just for professional kitchens or minimalist designs. In fact, you have a palette of hues to choose from to add personality to your culinary space.

Stepping away from the standard chrome, black, and stainless steel options can breathe new life into thematic kitchens. For instance, a jewel-toned coil faucet in ruby red, emerald green, or cobalt blue can add a vibrant pop to modern interiors, whereas a pastel pink or sky-blue coil can bring some whimsy into cottage-inspired decor.

On the other hand, if you’re after a refined aesthetic, consider elegant tones like rose gold, matte-finish black or copper.

Lastly, a versatile white finish stands out in a minimalist, retro, or Scandinavian kitchen, and it’s a surefire way to keep things clean and bright.

Remember, it’s not just about looks. The chosen color should also be durable and resistant to corrosion, scratching, and tarnish. Hence, consider reputable finishes like PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) that prolong the life and appearance of the faucet. So, enjoy shopping and witty match-making of your embellishing coil faucet!

Industrial Design: Coil Kitchen Faucets for the Industrial Chic Look

industrial design coil kitchen faucets for the industrial chic look

Industrial design faucets combine form and function, bringing an edgy, utilitarian style to the kitchen. The distinguishing features primarily include a raw aesthetic, exposed construction, and sturdy design variations.

1. Raw Aesthetic: This design offers a purposeful and unrefined appeal through features like visible screws and weathered finishes.

2. Exposed Construction: The structural components like pipes or coils remain visible, celebrating their functionality and contributing to the visual harmony.

3. Sturdy Design: Crafted with materials like stainless steel or brass for high durability, these faucets boast resilience and longevity. They can withstand heavy use and are ideal for busy kitchens.

4. Vintage elements: Inclusive of characteristics like large coil springs, industrial design faucets often possess a vintage vibe.

5. Versatility: While distinct, they complement various kitchen decor types- whether it’s modern minimalistic or farmhouse style.

This unique compilation of aesthetic and practical characteristics creates an industrial chic look, making this type of coil faucet an interesting addition to any kitchen layout.

Coil Faucet and Soap Dispenser Combos: For An Organized Sink

coil faucet and soap dispenser combos for an organized sink

Having your soap dispenser integrated with your coil faucet offers a myriad of advantages, the most notable of them all being the streamlining of your sink space. This eliminates clutter, providing a more organized and clean area.

Here are a few points to consider:

1. Space-saver: No need for standalone soap bottles that crowd the sink area. Your soap is neatly tucked within the ensemble, freeing up valuable counter space.

2. Matching Designs: Often, faucet and soap dispenser combos come in matching designs, creating a more unified aesthetic for your kitchen.

3. Easy Refills: These dispensers are user-friendly with simple mechanisms for soap refilling- A major plus if you despise handling sleek, slippery soap bottles.

4. Versatility: Some dispensers can house liquids other than soap, such as lotion or hand sanitizers.

A faucet and soap combo makes for a practical, visually pleasing addition to your kitchen, and is definitely worth the consideration!

Antique Brass Finish Coil Faucets: Unconventional Bequest

antique brass finish coil faucets unconventional bequest

Brass, with its unique, aged patina, has a charm that’s hard to resist. It adds warmth and character, immediately transforming a kitchen into a cozy, inviting space. These faucets stand out in traditional and vintage themed kitchens but can also create a striking contrast in more modern designs.

Here are few key points to keep in mind:

  • 1. Patina: The natural tarnish that develops over time can turn your coil faucet into a piece of art. It adds a sense of authenticity and allure.
  • 2. Durability: Despite their vintage look, these faucets are robust and durable. Solid brass construction resists corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity.
  • 3. Cleaning: It’s easy maintenance. Gently clean with a damp cloth, and avoid harsh chemicals that could diminish the beautiful patina.
  • 4. Design and Style: Numerous design options are available. You can opt for a simple design, or select from more ornate, detailed styles.
  • 5. Coordination: Pair with other brass elements in the kitchen for a unified, cohesive look.

When done right, antique brass finish coil faucets can elevate your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

Built-In LED Light: Coil Faucets: Adding Visual Temperature Cues

built in led light coil faucets adding visual temperature cues

Incorporating LED lights into coil faucets adds a fun, functional twist to your kitchen. These lights serve as visual cues for water temperature – usually glowing red for hot, blue for cold, and green for warm. This feature boosts safety, preventing unexpected burns or chills.

Matching this feature with a coil faucet’s flexible design presents benefits. Cooking and cleaning tasks gain an added layer of convenience, especially in low light conditions. Dishes are no longer a chore as the lights illuminate the work area with just the right amount of light. Moreover, children will find hand-washing an interesting activity, promoting hygiene.

To experience this spectacular innovation, ensure it’s compatible with your plumbing system. Compatibility will result in a smooth transition while upgrading, saving you on extra costs. Also, consider the faucet’s power source – battery, electricity, or hydro – and the impact on your energy consumption.

Finally, remember to harmonize it with your existing kitchen decor. The LED lights come in varying brightness and shade options. Choose the one that complements your kitchen’s aesthetic, adds the necessary convenience, and promotes safety.

All-in-One: A Kitchen Faucet That Coils and Uncoils Easily

all in one a kitchen faucet that coils and uncoils easily

An all-in-one option is a great way to enjoy maximum flexibility. This unique design combines the extensive reach of coiled faucets with the convenience of conventional ones. The coil effortlessly stretches out for a broad reach – handy when filling a pot on another countertop or washing large items. When its work is done, it smoothly retracts back into its original position.

Here’s what to bear in mind:

  • Durability: These faucets are generally made with sturdy materials like stainless steel to withstand the frequent movement.
  • Smooth Operation: Look for models with high-grade bearings, these ensure fluid uncoiling and recoiling.
  • Docking Mechanism: A secure docking system ensures the faucet sits snugly in its place when not extended.
  • Installation: Most come with standard fittings, making the installation process straightforward.
  • Cleaning: Their compact nature reduces splashback, keeping your kitchen cleaner, and they’re typically easy to clean too with a simple sweep of a cloth.

This choice not only streamlines your kitchen sink but also ensures you have all the reach you need come meal prep time. For those who love cohesion and flexibility, there’s nothing quite like it.

Multipurpose: Coil Kitchen Faucets With Pot Filler Functionality

multipurpose coil kitchen faucets with pot filler functionality

A two-for-one, these faucets are the epitome of convenience packed with style. Equipped with a pot filler, they can easily tackle large pans and pots, effectively saving time and reducing water spillage.

1. Time Saver: Directly fill your pots placed on stoves or counters. No need to lug water-filled pots from sink to stove.

2. Reduce Spillage: Minimize water spillage around your kitchen with an easy direct fill-up, ensuring cleaner kitchen sessions.

3. Elegant Design: Intensify the sophisticated vibe of your kitchen with the sleek and practical design of this faucet.

4. Maximum Reach: The elongated arm reaches directly into large pots, providing an easy and splash-free filling experience.

5. Water Efficiency: By controlling the water flow directly into the pot, waste of water can be drastically reduced.

6. Easy Use: Ergonomically designed, it’s easy to maneuver and ergo reducing the strain on your hands and wrists.

7. Versatile: Ideal for both single and double sink settings, providing an added advantage for multitasking.

Remember to consider the overall kitchen style, convenience, and sink layout before making a choice. From traditional style kitchens to contemporary spaces, these faucet wonders are available in various finishes and designs to match your taste.

Coil Kitchen Faucets With 360-Degree Swiveling for Ultimate Reach

coil kitchen faucets with 360 degree swiveling for ultimate reach

There’s no denying that a faucet with 360-degree swiveling offers the highest level of convenience. It excels in maximizing the utility and aesthetics of your kitchen sink area.

A. Full Sink Accessibility: This feature ensures water can reach every corner of the sink, aiding in cleaning and washing duties.

B. User Convenience: Ideal for sinks placed in corner spaces or islands, making water easily reachable from multiple angles.

C. Flexibility: Perfect for handling larger pans, pots, and dishes, that aren’t feasible under traditional stationary faucets.

D. Aesthetics: Not only do they offer versatility, but these swiveling faucets also provide a sleek and modern appeal to the kitchen.

E. Dual Sink Utility: For those with a double basin sink, this faucet feature proves to be a boon, as it easily covers both areas.

Remember, while they add excellent practicality, it’s also important to ensure these faucets match your kitchen design and provide the durability you need for the long haul.

Auto-Retracting Coil Faucets for Easy Use and Cleaner Design

auto retracting coil faucets for easy use and cleaner design

Instead of manually coiling the faucet hose back into place, an auto-retracting model takes the hassle out of cleanup. These clever devices contain a weight or magnet that pulls the hose back to its original position once you’re done using it. This smart feature not only enhances convenience but also keeps your kitchen looking neat and organized.

You’ll find them most valuable when tackling large washing tasks since they retract immediately after use, without requiring any special attention. This auto innovation is also benefits smaller kitchens, where space is at a premium and tidy appearances need to be maintained. Imagine not having to wrangle with a rebellious faucet hose every time you rinse off a plate or fill up a pot- it’s a small improvement that makes a big difference.

Another plus of auto-retracting models is that they tend to last longer, as the automatic function prevents the hose from being over-extended or damaged from rough handling. This makes these types of coil faucets a cost-effective and long-term solution for your kitchen.

Available in a variety of styles and finishes to suit all kitchens and tastes, auto-retracting coil faucets are a worthwhile investment for those who value both form and function in their culinary space.

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