20 Corner Fireplace Inserts Ideas for a Cozy Home

Last updated on March 10, 2024

Explore these stylish corner fireplace insert ideas because they are the perfect solution to transform that unused space into your home’s coziest asset.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Let’s talk corner fireplace inserts. It’s a widely-known fact that there’s no shortage of ideas on this topic, but I’m here to light a new spark. The goal? To ignite a passion for unique design and introduce innovative concepts at new angles.

Of course, a nod to the classics is always important, so expect to find a compilation of top resources at the end of this piece. But for now, brace yourself for a fresh list of inventive corner fireplace ideas to see how these small spaces can transform into cozy, focal points of your home.

Let’s get the creative flames burning.

What's Inside

Blend It With Built-in Shelves

blend it with built in shelves

Integrating your corner fireplace insert with built-in shelves harmonizes aesthetics and functionality. Shelves offer additional space for decorating and storage, enhancing the overall look.

Incorporating materials like oak or mahogany creates a timeless appeal; while glass or polished metal lend a more modern aspect. Ensure that the shelf design complements the fireplace style.

Opt for custom-made shelves to suit specific dimensions and preferences. Having well-lit shelves can also accentuate your fireplace – consider installing spotlights or ambient lights. With the right arrangement – balancing books, ornaments, and perhaps framed photos – this combination can become the centerpiece of your space.

Choose a Minimalistic Design

choose a minimalistic design

A minimalistic fireplace insert speaks volumes with its simplicity, creating a sleek and visually appealing focal point in your room.

Here are a few key points to consider:

  • 1. Clean Lines: Emphasize straight lines and geometric shapes for a crisp, uncluttered look. This translates into a sense of calmness and orderliness.
  • 2. Neutral Color Palette: Stick to a simple color palette. Whites, grays, and blacks are excellent choices to achieve a harmonious balance.
  • 3. Functional and Unadorned: Remember, minimalism is about functionality devoid of excessive decoration. So, choose a basic and highly-efficient design devoid of ornate elements.
  • 4. Minimalistic Furniture: Complement the fireplace with minimalistic furniture and decor. Avoid overcrowding the space; less really is more.
  • 5. Space around the Fireplace: Leave ample space around the fireplace which sets an airy ambiance and draws attention towards your minimalist insert.

Remember, the beauty of minimalism lies in letting things be. Allow your corner fireplace insert to make a statement by being just what it’s supposed to be – simple, functional, and beautifully minimal.

Illuminate With LED Fireplace Insert

illuminate with led fireplace insert

Opting for LED fireplace inserts brings a myriad of benefits. Firstly, they’re energy efficient and ecologically sound compared to traditional fireplaces. An LED fireplace doesn’t produce emissions or consume large amounts of energy, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

The adjustable nature of LED lighting allows for the manipulation of colors to suit your mood or decor. Switch from warm ember tones for a cozy winter evening to cool blues to mimic a modern gas fire. The array of color options provides the flexibility to change the vibe of the space on demand.

Another advantage of LED fireplaces includes the option to run them without heat. This feature provides ambiance regardless of the season. Entertain guests in the summer months with the charm of a fire without the additional heat.

Don’t worry about installation, either. LED fireplaces are surprisingly easy to install and require minimal maintenance, saving both time and money in the long run. With their sleek design and cutting-edge technology, they’re a valuable addition to any corner fireplace.

Create An Antique Corner Fireplace

create an antique corner fireplace

Designing an antique corner fireplace takes cues from the past, blending both nostalgia and warmth in equal measure.

Achieve this design by incorporating aged stones and emblems, focusing on earthy colors—creams, browns, and grays—to create an old-world charm.

Do not shy away from details; intricate carvings, vintage fireplace tools, and well-patinated mantels can greatly enhance the antiquated feel.

Keep the finish natural, as a weathered and worn look will bestow authenticity on the set-up.

Finally, pair with antique furniture and decor for a harmonious and ultra-cozy atmosphere.

Remember, the objective is to generate a timeless appeal that radiates comfort and invites gathering.

Use Exposed Brickwork

use exposed brickwork

Exposed brickwork offers a raw, rustic charm that can truly elevate the aesthetics of your corner fireplace. Its natural, textured look serves as a gorgeous backdrop for a fireplace, adding depth and character to the ambiance.

The brickwork can either cover the entire corner area or simply frame the fireplace depending on personal preference. To soften the look and add warmth, consider using vintage, soft light fixtures or lanterns. For a modern twist, whitewashed or painted brickwork paired with a sleek, contemporary insert can make a striking impact.

Remember, the key to a successful design lies in the balance – the boldness of the brick should be complemented by simple, understated decor elements.

Set Up a Zen Space

set up a zen space

Creating a Zen-inspired corner fireplace introduces tranquility to your home. Utilize a simple, minimalist fireplace design with clean lines and a neutral color palette.

You could consider an inset electrical fireplace for its adjustable heat and flame intensity without the need for maintaining a real fire. Opt for natural materials like stone or slate, reflecting Zen’s emphasis on earthy elements.

To heighten the calming ambiance, place a few potted indoor plants, such as a peace lily or snake plant, around the fireplace.

Remember, Zen style is all about fostering peace and clarity, so avoid cluttering this space. Instead, keep decorating accents to a minimum, perhaps integrating a single piece of minimalist wall art or a well-chosen piece of sculpture.

For the finishing touch, set out a few soft throw pillows or a cozy area rug, promoting this corner as a space for comfort, reflection, and relaxation.

Use Industrial-Centric Design

use industrial centric design

Selecting an industrial-centric design for your corner fireplace insert can effectively blend practicality with style.

Here are few key points to consider:

  • 1. Materials play a crucial role in providing an authentic industrial feel. Iron, steel, or copper can be excellent choices for your fireplace insert.
  • 2. Embrace the rawness. Leaving exposed screws or steel plates, celebrating structural elements is in alignment with the industrial theme.
  • 3. The beauty lies in details. Adding small industrial accessories like a vintage fire screen can complement the overall look.
  • 4. Bringing in downside lighting from the ceiling with industrial hanging lamps can emphasize the robustness of the fireplace.

Remember, industrial design often leans on minimalism. Keep it clean, simple and functional.

Add a Subtle White Fireplace Insert

add a subtle white fireplace insert

Opting for a white-colored fireplace insert is a brilliant approach to infuse a soft and serene ambience into your room. White, a color often associated with purity and tranquility, can elevate decor aesthetics seamlessly. It is an understated way to make the corner fireplace a fetching focal point without going overboard. It also allows plenty of room for creativity.

1. Offers a Clean Look – A white fireplace insert bestows an uncluttered look, making the room feel larger and brighter.

2. Versatility – The color white suits any style, whether it’s modern, rustic, or traditional. That’s the beauty of its flexibility.

3. Accessorize – Accessories in bold colors or metallic accents pair nicely with a white background, thus providing the chance to personalize your fireplace.

4. Light Control – White reflects light better, which can help to enhance the natural lighting aspect of the room.

5. Easy Maintenance – Many might raise concerns on upkeeping the white, but the truth is, daily dusting and regular mild cleaning with the right products will retain the graceful appearance of your white fireplace.

Remember, the key to a successful design is balance. A soft white fireplace insert supported with the right furniture and accessories could make your living space seem like it’s straight out of a decor magazine!

Install a Three-Sided Fireplace Insert

install a three sided fireplace insert

Embracing a three-sided fireplace insert is an excellent choice for those seeking a panoramic view of dancing flames. This innovative design provides warmth and a visual treat from multiple angles, enhancing the overall ambiance of the room. It’s ideal for open-concept homes, blending seamlessly into the setting.

1. Accessibility: It allows an appealing vantage point from three sides, enhancing interaction and engagement within the space.

2. Versatility: It’s a perfect fit for any corner and even better for an open layout where it can effectively distribute warmth.

3. Design Options: Choose from a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, and between different finishes and fire bed options.

4. Seamless Integration: With thoughtful interior design, it can integrate flawlessly into any decor scheme without overpowering other elements.

5. Heat Efficiency: Unlike traditional fireplaces, these three-sided inserts produce heat more effectively and maintain temperature consistency.

With proper placement and design, a three-sided fireplace insert can deliver an eye-catching focal point that works harmoniously with your existing decor.

Experiment With Metallic Finishes

experiment with metallic finishes

Taking the plunge with metallic finishes can truly add a contemporary edge to your corner fireplace. Opting for copper or brushed aluminium inserts can offer an industrial vibe while bronze or gold can inject a hint of glamour.

Each finish creates its individual narrative, illuminating the fireplace like a piece of modern art in its right. Couple with monochrome or minimalist decor for balance.

Transparent fireplace screens can help maintain the focus on the metallic sheen. Keep the hearth bare or add monochromatic ornaments to underline the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Remember, metallic finishes are all about creating a striking centerpiece that unites the room design without overshadowing it.

Convert It Into a Reading Nook

convert it into a reading nook

An inviting fireplace and a comfy chair are perfect companions. Position a well-padded armchair or loveseat next to the fireplace, accompanied by a small side table or a standing lamp. This arrangement will enhance the ambiance, providing the perfect spot to curl up with a favorite book.

Some stylish touches could include adding a plush area rug for extra comfort, a floor cushion or two for lounging, or a convenient bookcase nearby for easy access to reading material. Remember to maintain adequate safety distance between the fireplace and flammable items.

Now, this corner serves not only as a heat source but also as a charming reading nook that anyone would love to spend time in.

Incorporate a Concrete Fireplace Insert

incorporate a concrete fireplace insert

Offering a modern and stylish aesthetic, a concrete fireplace insert can transform a dull corner. This design is especially ideal for contemporary homes. The simplicity of concrete pairs well with both bold, vibrant accents or a more neutral color palette. Furthermore, a concrete insert is not just about appearance. It offers solid durability and heat retention, ensuring your living space remains cozy.

One of the most interesting aspects of opting for concrete is the customization possibilities. It can be shaped, molded, colored, and textured to suit your design preference. You could even cast in some interesting elements like small pebbles, glass pieces, or metal fibers for a unique bespoke look.

Keeping the surrounding decor minimalistic will further enhance the visual impact of a concrete fireplace insert. Sleek, low-slung furniture in neutral hues, a shaggy rug, or metallic accents can beautifully compliment this setup. Remember, the key is to create a balance of textures and tones around the commanding presence of concrete.

Opt for a Mid-century Modern Fireplace Insert

opt for a mid century modern fireplace insert

Embrace the attractive charm of this design period, which is back in a big way. A mid-century modern insert is marked by clean lines, warm woods, and geometric shapes. It offers a dash of vintage, complemented by contemporary touches.

1. Warm Woods: Teak, walnut or oak offer a distinctive mid-century feel, enhancing both the fireplace and the ambience.

2. Geometric Shapes: Choose fireplace inserts with unique, geometric designs to make a standout statement.

3. Clean Lines: Seek inserts that boast clean and sleek lines, synonymous with the mid-century aesthetics.

4. Complementary décor: Pair your fireplace with period-appropriate accessories, like starburst clocks or modernist furniture, to rev up its mid-century character.

5. Color Palette: Opt for hues such as mustard yellow, avocado, or tangerine for a touch of modern flair.

Remember, a mid-century modern concept is all about blending comfort and design sensibility, giving your corner fireplace a timeless appeal.

Complement With Cool Tones

complement with cool tones

Cool tones are one way to make your corner fireplace stand out subtly. Light blues, purples, or greens on the nearby walls break the monotony and lend a serene aura to the room. When paired with a whitewash or silver-toned fireplace, these colors add a fresh, chilled vibe.

1. Consider painting the focal wall in a cool shade, leaving the other walls neutral for balance.

2. Accessories also play a critical role. Choose decor in matching or contrasting cool hues for congruity.

3. Window treatments, rugs, and soft furnishings in similar tones can pull the whole look together.

4. If you’re not ready for a big change, get a set of cool-colored candles for your fireplace to get the same effect.

5. Lighting can also enhance cool colors. Opt for lights with a soft glow rather than harsh fluorescents.

6. With a cool toned theme, your fireplace can look modern, slick, and inviting, without overwhelming the space.

Create a Rustic Retreat

create a rustic retreat

For an ambiance evocative of snug mountain cabins or an old-world farmhouse, unrefined wood offers a rustic charm. Consider using reclaimed timber for the mantel to give the illusion of age.

Using a stone fireplace insert can also enhance the earthy aesthetic. Choose a matching rustic fireplace screen and tools. Integrate elements like vintage lanterns as accessories for an authentic atmosphere.

With these elements, you can enjoy a corner of your home that resonates with the tranquility and simplicity of the countryside. A shaggy woolen rug and a couple of throw pillows in earth tones can significantly contribute to the desired setting.

Go With Scandinavian Flair

go with scandinavian flair

Scandinavian flair is all about simplicity, functionality, and minimalism. Following these principles, you can create an inviting fireplace area. Go for a simple, white insert with clean lines which synthesizes effortlessly with a neutral color palette, typical for this design aesthetic.

Incorporate natural elements, like a wooden mantel or stone accents, to bring an essence of outdoor to your cozy corner. You can also fashion it with some Nordic-inspired accessories for the finishing touch. Think along the lines of a reindeer antler display or a simple basket weave wall art. Remember, less is more in the world of Scandinavian design so avoid cluttered display and maintain a sense of harmony and tranquility.

Install a Double-sided Fireplace Insert

install a double sided fireplace insert

A double-sided insert can provide two rooms with warmth and a visual focal point simultaneously. This is especially beneficial in open-floor-plan homes where two rooms share a wall, offering endless possibilities for interior designing.

1. Installed into the existing corner, double-sided inserts provide a clear line of sight through the fireplace, creating a sense of openness and continuity between spaces.

2. For an added visual effect, some homeowners opt for double-sided inserts with modern glass fronts on both sides.

3. One side of the fireplace can be the entertaining area while the other side warms a cozy family room or kitchen.

4. Double-sided inserts come in gas, electric and wood-burning variants to cater to different needs.

5. They can remain flush with the wall for a sleek look, or extend outward for more traditional hearth-like aesthetics.

6. Their design and functionality can be easily customized, from adjustable heat settings to different fireplace bed materials like glass embers or faux logs, providing the perfect fit for the individual homeowner’s needs.

Experiment With Bold Patterns

experiment with bold patterns

Bringing bold patterns into your corner fireplace insert design can definitely ladle up the drama. And yes, when done right, it produces a modern aesthetic that’s simply tasteful. For instance, consider a geometric tile pattern. It offers an eye-catching display that adds contrast and depth to your space.

Another idea would be to harness the artistry of bold wallpaper. Just be sure to apply this to an electric or gas insert where there’s no risk of fire. You’ll get a striking look that adds dimension to your corner fireplace.

For those looking for a subtler approach, a chevron patterned insert made of rustic wood or metal does wonders. This sort of undulating pattern brings movement to a static object, engaging the viewer’s eye. Pair this with monochromatic décor to let your distinct fireplace design make its statement.

Lastly, don’t forget that bold patterns come in numerous tones. Darker hues are ideal when you’re looking to establish a moody, intimate space. Lighter colors, on the other hand, help make the room look more expansive while maintaining a lively aesthetic. So explore these bold patterns, as they’re a remarkable way to express your unique style.

Use a Sleek Black Fireplace Insert

use a sleek black fireplace insert

Installing a sleek black fireplace insert can inject a touch of modernity into your corner space. The dark hue naturally draws the eye, making this a standout feature in your room.

Opt for a glossy finish for a polished, sophisticated look, effectively highlighting the warm glow of the fire. If aiming for a subtler aesthetic, a matte texture offers an understated alternative which can seamlessly blend with various decors.

A sleek black unit can also serve to offset lighter interiors, creating a visually striking contrast. Remember, simplicity is key here – avoid ornate details to maintain the minimalist appeal of this design.

Furthermore, pairing this fireplace with monochromatic furniture and fittings will further enhance its ultra-modern vibe.

Keep It Cozy With Traditional Wooden Style

keep it cozy with traditional wooden style

This styling option offers undeniable comfort and a warm ambiance, ideal for those chillier nights. Wooden fireplace inserts breathe life into any room with its natural, earthy appeal, making your corner fireplace an inviting focal point.

To adopt this style, here are a few pointers:

  • Opt for natural, unpolished wood to achieve a more rustic look. This emphasizes the raw beauty of the material and adds charm to your space.
  • Ensure the wood used is heat-resistant or treated for safety purposes. Different woods have varied resistance levels and it’s important to select the right one.
  • Pair your wooden fireplace insert with matching wooden furniture or decor items. This creates a seamless look, contributing to a cozy, intimate atmosphere.
  • Complement your fireplace with soft lighting, plush furnishings, and a plush rug. These additions enhance the warm, inviting feeling linked to a traditional wooden style.
  • Consider carving intricate designs in the wood for a touch of uniqueness. If done correctly, these can serve as stand-out pieces in the room. Remember to keep it moderate to maintain the cozy feel.

Your corner fireplace isn’t just functional, it’s also a major design element. By choosing a traditional wooden style, you ensure it stands out and adds warmth and character to your space.

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