Green Home Renovation Projects Homeowners Should Consider This Fall

Last updated on November 4, 2023

Use these four tips to update your home to be sustainable and ready for the fall. Read on!

As we navigate through fall and temperatures begin to drop, you’ll understandably want to feel warm and cozy in your home. With the cooler weather forcing us inside more often, fall is the perfect season to undertake home improvement projects.

For those looking to be eco-friendlier, there are lots of changes you can make throughout your property that will reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Before winter strikes, here are some brilliant green home renovation projects every homeowner should consider taking on this fall.

What's Inside

Update Your Home’s Insulation


As we move through fall, winter isn’t too far off. As temperatures dip and it gets frosty outside, you’ll want your home’s interior to feel warm and toasty. Unfortunately, if it’s poorly insulated, this means heat flows straight back out where it came in!

Insulation is a must for any eco-renovation. This is because a huge amount of a home’s heat loss is down to a lack of it. If there is one green improvement project to tackle this fall, it’s updating your home’s insulation.

Understandably, this task isn’t going to be cheap. But, the long-term benefits are invaluable, especially when it comes to reducing your energy usage.

Invest In an Energy Efficient Water Heater

Hot water is essential for every home. Whether you’re washing dishes, taking a shower, or having a well-deserved soak in the bath, your current water heater may not be up to scratch.

If you find there’s a lack of hot water, now is the time to invest in an energy-efficient water heater. According to A1 Service Plumbing, they are known for conserving water, using less energy, and having shorter water lines.

Consider Installing Solar Panels

For those serious about being more eco-friendly and reducing their energy usage, it makes sense to look into installing solar panels.

Not only are they environmentally friendly, but solar panels are also low maintenance. It’s strongly advised to hire a professional to carry out this project, rather than trying to tackle it yourself.

Solar energy gives you more control over your electricity, can increase your home’s value, and give you comfort in the knowledge you’re helping the planet.

Lay Underfloor Heating

Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than climbing out of your warm, comfortable bed to putting your bare feet on a cold floor. As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, laying underfloor heating can be a godsend.

Underfloor heating systems are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and compatible with most floor surfaces. What’s more, they’re hygienic, can help you control temperatures better, and boast low running costs.

Whether you’ve got the cash to splash or you’re on a tight budget, there are small and major projects you can embark on that will make your home greener and help you get the most out of the fall season and beyond. 

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