20 Hardware for Blue Cabinets Ideas

Last updated on November 27, 2023

Discover how the right hardware can elevate your blue cabinets because the perfect pairings can transform your kitchen into an elegant, functional space.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Dive into a sea of fresh and innovative ideas for your blue cabinets. This collection challenges the status quo, injecting a dose of novelty into the well-worn realm of cabinet hardware.

While the internet may brim with known options for cabinet adornment, we’re here to offer something different. Breaking from the traditional, you’ll discover a variety of unique ideas that keep coherence with your blue cabinetry and amplify your decor.

Although we acknowledge and appreciate the existing options, our goal is to craft a new list that serves as a breath of fresh air in your design journey. Be ready to explore these ingenious strategies and don’t worry, we will still guide you to the best of widely accepted ideas through resources at the end of the article for a comprehensive approach.

Let’s uncover the untapped potential of your blue cabinets together!

What's Inside

Bronze Hardware for Rustic Blue Cabinets

bronze hardware for rustic blue cabinets

Pairing bronze hardware with blue cabinets infuses a rustic charm that is reminiscent of country living. The hints of brown and copper in bronze harmonize well with varying shades of blue, providing a natural color contrast. This mix of cooled-tones, combined with the warmth of bronze, creates a unique and attractive aesthetic.

For an even more compelling rustic look, consider choosing distressed or antique bronze hardware. These will add a dash of rustic authenticity, and aged patina that is truly appealing.

The shape of the hardware is also an essential aspect. Traditional cup handles or vintage-inspired knobs can solidify the desired style, perfectly matching the country charm a rustic kitchen needs.

Remember, the goal is to create a cohesive look. So, the finish of your bronze hardware should also complement other elements within the space, like faucets or light fixtures. This idea promises balance and visual continuity, imprinting a tasteful rustic vibe onto your blue cabinets.

Pair Blue Cabinets With Hammered Iron Handles

pair blue cabinets with hammered iron handles

Adding a rustic touch to your blue cabinets can create a visually appealing contrast. Hammered iron handles implement this beautifully, offering a sense of age and history. The texture and color of the iron complement the sleek and vibrant surface of the blue cabinets, while their ruggedness adds an earthy feel.

In choosing hardware:

  • Look for irregularities in the hammering for a true rustic vibe
  • Experiment with different shapes, such as teardrop pulls, iron knobs, or bar handles
  • Consider a rubbed or oil finish to reduce the iron’s harshness
  • Match the style with other rustic elements in the room, like light fixtures or appliances/shelving bracket

Remember, authentic distressed hardware will create the most impact. It’s about mixing modernity with nostalgia for a balanced appeal.

Blue Cabinets With Crystal Knobs for Glam Style

blue cabinets with crystal knobs for glam style

Adorning your blue cabinets with crystal knobs introduces an element of luxury to the space. The translucent nature of crystal impeccably bounces off light, creating a fascinating visual effect that can glam up your kitchen or bathroom. The pairing is all about drama and elegance, and the clear, glass-like quality of the knobs allows the blue cabinets to take center stage while still adding a sophisticated embellishment.

Some key points to consider when adopting this style:

  • Light sourcing: Place your lighting to accentuate the refractive qualities of your crystal knobs, creating a glittering spectacle on your cabinets.
  • Color playing: Crystal knobs are adaptable, going well with lighter pastel blues as well as dark navy hues.
  • Space enhancing: The reflective properties of these knobs can add depth to the space, making it seem larger than it is.
  • Varying styles: Various shapes and sizes of crystal knobs are available, from traditional round to extravagant shapes, allowing for style versatility.

Industrial Chic With Steel Hardware for Blue Cabinets

industrial chic with steel hardware for blue cabinets

Embracing the industrial aesthetic, steel hardware fully accentuates the strength and vibrancy of your blue cabinets. It’s a great way to add a modern, sleek feel to your kitchen while keeping it grounded. Sous-chef and novice alike will appreciate this design’s honest, workmanlike statement.

To achieve this bold look, utilize:

  • Stainless-steel bar pulls: Offering a great grip, they make opening drawers and cabinets a breeze while providing a clean, streamlined visual.
  • Burnished steel knobs: For smaller doors and drawers, these give an understated, refined touch.
  • Industrial-styled fixtures: Go all-in on the theme with faucets and light shades in coordination.

Remember, keeping lines clean and simple will let this dynamic pairing truly shine. This winning combination promises a kitchen space that’s not only functional, but visually striking as well.

Rose Gold Pulls for a Classy Blue Kitchen

rose gold pulls for a classy blue kitchen

Tapping into the rich aura of rose gold pulls adds a touch of elegance to any blue cabinet. Their soft, warm glow serves to complement numerous blue shades, from light pastels to vibrant cobalts.

When choosing the right rose gold pulls for your cabinets, consider a couple of key points.

  • Scale: Match the size of the pull to the size of the cabinet. Larger cabinets typically demand bigger, bolder pulls, while smaller cabinets call for more delicate, slim options.
  • Countertop Consideration: If your kitchen countertops are a marble finish or contain veins of pink or gold, rose gold pulls can accentuate these elements, tying your kitchen aesthetic together.
  • Lighting: Under cabinet lighting can make your rose gold pulls truly sparkle and stand out against the blue background.
  • Shade: Rose gold varies in shade from a subtle, almost copper-like color to a vivid pink. Choose a shade that best complements your particular hue of blue to create a harmonious color palette.

Remember, rose gold pulls can quickly elevate your kitchen decor from ordinary to extraordinary, making it a stylish and classy hub in your home.

Eclectic Style With Mixed Hardware On Blue Cabinets

eclectic style with mixed hardware on blue cabinets

For an eclectic style, there’s no limit to creativity. Mixing various types of hardware adds a unique character and breaks the monotony.

Consider pairing modern stainless steel handles with vintage glass knobs for a charming appeal. Leverage differing shapes – square, round or oblong – to boost visual interest.

You can also play with finishes: a mix of brushed steel and shiny chrome can create a vibrant, unexpected contrast. Stick to a consistent theme in terms of color or finish to unite the miscellaneous collection and avoid feeling chaotic.

Combining elements enhances originality and personal flair. Remember, the key to successful use of mixed hardware is balance and thoughtful distribution.

When done right, this can be a fantastic way to make your blue cabinets the flair of your home.

Nautical Vibes With Rope Pulls On Blue Cabinets

nautical vibes with rope pulls on blue cabinets

Creating a beach-inspired look is simple with this hardware choice – think soft sandy beaches and crisp seafaring knots. This option allows you to blend the elements of the sea with the modern kitchen aesthetics.

Here’s how:

1. Material: Choose natural fiber ropes such as jute or sisal for an authentic touch you can almost smell the sea. Or opt for synthetic ropes for durability and easy cleaning.

2. Color: While natural beige complements most blue shades, don’t shy away from experimenting with other hues like navy or white.

3. Knot Styles: From a basic overhand to a more elaborate Matthew Walker, the choice in knotting adds individuality to your kitchen.

4. Hardware Finish: Opt for a sleek chrome end cap or rustic brass one to secure the knots. This adds an elegant touch and prevents fraying.

5. Installation: Ensure your rope pulls are tightly secured and tested for strength. If possible, hire a professional for installation to guarantee longevity.

Remember, this unique hardware not only enhances functionality but also induces a fresh, sea-inspired ambience, making cooking a breezy delight.

Pairing Blue Cabinets With Rainbow Hued Hardware

pairing blue cabinets with rainbow hued hardware

Injecting fun into a kitchen design has never been easier. When you think outside the box with rainbow hued hardware, every meal feels like a party.

Be playful with vibrant acrylic handles that allow creativity to flourish. For a subtler approach, ombre hardware fading from one color to another makes a soft yet captivating feature.

Splash a bit of whimsical charm with multicolored ceramic knobs in abstract designs. For a firm splash of vitality, enamel pulls in daring brights can quickly elevate the atmosphere.

Remember, moderation is key! This kind of colorful experimentation works best with plain blue cabinets as the confetti-colored accessories truly shine without competing patterns.

Contemporary Flair With Geometric Knobs On Blue Cabinets

contemporary flair with geometric knobs on blue cabinets

Geometric knobs lend a very modern edge to your blue cabinetry. They create dynamic visual interest due to their unique shapes and angles. They can be found in a variety of materials like stainless steel, copper or brass, depending on your preference for a polished or matte finish.

Experiment with hexagonal knobs to accent your cabinet doors, or pyramidal ones for your drawers, creating an attention-grabbing element. This is an easy way to foster a minimalistic yet intriguing look.

Combining the calmness of cool blue with the distinct lines of geometric hardware is an assured way to refresh your kitchen or bathroom in line with modern design principles.

Bronze Ring Pulls for Navy Blue Cabinets

bronze ring pulls for navy blue cabinets

In combining deep navy blue with the warm hues of bronze, a visually striking contrast comes to life. Ring pulls, specifically, serve as a charming element, lending a traditional feel to any cabinet set up, increasing both functionality and aesthetics.

This choice pairs flawlessly with the elegant nature of navy blue, creating a sophisticated yet unpretentious look for your kitchen. Amp it further by aligning the bronze ring pulls with light fixtures or faucets for an effortless and cohesive space.

Remember to choose the right size and placement for the pulls for the highest impact—the lower corner for upper cabinets and upper corner for lower ones can be a good default. The warmth of bronze does not just pop against the navy’s cool undertones but also ages beautifully—giving a timeless, lived-in charm.

Ceramic Pulls for a Pop On Blue Cabinets

ceramic pulls for a pop on blue cabinets

Experimenting with ceramics offers a unique way to add visual interest. It’s an ideal match for a quaint, country-style kitchen. Varied designs and vibrant colors, with options from cherry red to sunshine yellow, can bring a pop to any blue cabinet. They beautifully offset against light or dark shades of blue, creating a spectacular, bold contrast.

Durability is another advantage of ceramic pulls. They’re hard-wearing and can stand up to daily use without losing their appeal. The clean lines of ceramic pulls contribute an extra layer of texture to the cabinets—offering a tactile element that’s also visually pleasing.

In addition, ceramic pulls are easy to clean. Despite their ornate appearance, a simple wipe-down can restore their lustre. Given that they’re also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can effortlessly customize your cabinets’ look to your preference. By pairing blue cabinets with ceramic pulls, you breathe personality and charm into your kitchen. Invest in little details for a great impact. They show thoughtfulness in design and add an extra layer to the aesthetic richness of your space.

Dark Blue Cabinets With Antique Bronze Handles

dark blue cabinets with antique bronze handles

Achieving an elegant contrast is an art. Antique bronze handles add a vintage touch and perform beautifully against the depth of dark blue cabinetry. This combination exudes sophistication.

1. Aesthetic: Antique bronze’s warm hue complements dark blue’s cool tones, creating a stylish harmony that uplifts your kitchen’s overall design.

2. Vintage Charm: Bronze, especially when antique finished, delivers valued character and a touch of history, making your kitchen look refined and well-curated.

3. Material Contrast: The interplay between the smooth lacquer of your dark blue cabinets and the rough, worn texture of the antique bronze makes for an interesting tactile experience.

4. Easy Coordination: Bronze handles can remarkably match well with a range of other kitchen elements, such as lighting fixtures or faucets/countertops, simplifying your design process.

Emphasize this combination in your design to create a timeless and compelling kitchen that stands out. It’s all about finding the perfect balance.

Light Blue Cabinets With Stainless Steel Bar Pulls

light blue cabinets with stainless steel bar pulls

Stainless steel bar pulls bring a modern, sleek aesthetic to light blue cabinets. Known for their clean lines and minimalistic style, these are a top choice for contemporary or transitional kitchens.

1. Reflective Quality: The shiny surface of stainless steel pulls reflects light, brightening the space and adding visual interest to the area.

2. Durability: Stainless steel is resistant to rusty, stains and corrosion making it a long-lasting option.

3. Cool Undertones: Light blue cabinets often have cool undertones which harmonize exceptionally well with the cool silver tones of stainless steel.

4. Variety: These pulls come in different sizes and finishes, offering the flexibility to choose what best suits your space.

5. Easy to Clean: With just a wipe, stainless steel pulls retain their shine, complementing your clean, light blue cabinets wonderfully.

Remember to consider the overall design theme and personal preference when choosing the type and finish of your hardware. Functionality should also be a priority. After all, you’ll be using these handles or knobs every day.

Blue Cabinets With Polished Nickel Cup Pulls

blue cabinets with polished nickel cup pulls

Polished nickel cup pulls provide a delicate balance of sophistication and understated glamour. These distinct pieces of hardware align beautifully with the traditional and transitional design ethos, suiting a range of blue shades, from the soft powder blues to the deeper navy tones.

1. Harmonious Contrast: The silver undertones in nickel harmonize with blue, creating a soothing contrast without overpowering the cabinet color.

2. Traditional Appeal: Nickel cup pulls carry a sense of tradition that complements the boldness of blue cabinets, offering a subtle blend of modern and classic design.

3. Durability: Polished nickel is remarkably resilient to wear and tear, ensuring your cabinets preserve their appealing aesthetics over time.

4. Versatility: Whether your kitchen has a light, airy feel or features a dramatic, moody ambiance, these pulls coordinate well and elevate the overall kitchen decor.

5. Lighting Effects: The mirror-like finish of polished nickel reflects light in a soft, flattering manner, contributing to a radiant kitchen space.

Investing in polished nickel cup pulls is a savvy design move to enhance the look of your blue cabinets, plus they offer a sturdy grip making them highly functional, too.

Marble Knobs On Blue Cabinets for Luxe Accent

marble knobs on blue cabinets for luxe accent

When seeking to create a luxurious touch in your kitchen, no need to look beyond marble knobs. This classic choice complements blue cabinets beautifully, in a subtle yet impactful manner. The visually pleasing contrast between the cool blue and the sophisticated marble enhances the cabinet’s appearance, effortlessly creating a high-end aesthetic.

Here are some key points to bear in mind:

  • 1. The Unique Nature of Marble: Each marble knob comes with its own unique color streaks and patterns, bringing an exclusive feel to your cabinets.
  • 2. Transitional Appeal: Marble handles are popular in transitional kitchen designs, balancing modern elements with the traditional.
  • 3. Easy Maintenance: With the right sealant, these knobs are easy to clean and maintain.
  • 4. Versatility: Marble knobs beautifully match with both light and dark blue cabinets.

Remember, while marble knobs may cost slightly more than other hardware, the luxe finish they provide is worth the investment.

Natural Wood Handles On Blue Cabinets

natural wood handles on blue cabinets

Natural wood handles bring a unique organic touch to kitchen cabinetry. With various shades and grains available, they offer a stunning contrast against the cool tones of blue cabinets.

1. Uniqueness: Each piece of wood is different, allowing for a diverse range of aesthetically pleasing variations in your kitchen.

2. Versatility: Works well with varying styles, from rustic to modern minimalist, depending on the type of wood and finish chosen.

3. Warm Contrasts: The warm, organic tones of the wood break the cold monotony of blue, enhancing its appeal.

4. Durability: Wood is known for its longevity when maintained properly, making it a credible choice for kitchen hardware.

5. Environment-Friendly: Sustainability-minded decorators might opt for reclaimed or responsibly sourced wood handles.

Ensure to complement your natural wood handles with matching elements in your kitchen décor, such as a wooden countertop or open shelves. This will bring harmony and a welcoming natural vibe into your space.

Matching Hardware to Blue Cabinets for Monochrome Look

matching hardware to blue cabinets for monochrome look

Achieving a monochromatic aesthetic requires careful selection. Opt for a similar blue shade as your cabinets for your hardware. This identical color scheme creates a smooth, uninterrupted flow, making the kitchen space appear larger and cohesive.

When you’re selecting the same color hardware, consider the different finishes. A glossy or matte finish can add texture and depth, despite the identical color. On a similar note, stick to simple, streamlined shapes for your knobs or pulls to maintain the sleek appearance characteristic of a monochromatic scheme.

Lastly, ensure other elements, like your kitchen backsplash or countertops, balance well with your blue-on-blue cabinet and hardware aesthetics. For instance, neutral, minimalistic countertops or backsplashes provide an ideal backdrop, letting your monochromatic cabinets take center stage.

Gold Birdcage Knobs On Blue Cabinets for Quirky Style

gold birdcage knobs on blue cabinets for quirky style

Exuding vintage allure with a playful twist, gold birdcage knobs add an eccentric flair to your blue cabinets. These distinctive fixtures make a style statement by themselves and add an optical depth with their openwork design.

Remember to keep other elements in the kitchen simple, as these knobs are the star of the show. Paired with a powder blue for a more subtle look, or a bold royal blue for a popping contrast, these knobs keep your kitchen fresh, fun, and far from the ordinary.

Consider materials such as brushed gold to mute the shimmer or polished gold for an extra sparkle. Finally, they work best when all cabinet hardware shares the same gold finish, including hinges and drawer slides, to maintain a sense of unity and cohesion.

Mixing and Matching Hardware Styles On Blue Cabinets

mixing and matching hardware styles on blue cabinets

Venturing into a creative realm, selecting various hardware styles for your blue cabinets can bring an element of surprise and uniqueness to your kitchen decor. It’s about finding a harmonious blend for a well-curated look.

Here are a few ideas to guide you:

  • 1. Use Different Hardware for Upper and Lower Cabinets: An excellent strategy is to incorporate one style for the upper cabinets and another for the lower ones. For example, consider pairing simple rods with cup pulls.
  • 2. Combine Modern and Traditional Elements: You might choose sleek, polished chrome handles for drawer fronts, and traditional, intricate knobs for cabinet doors. The key is to maintain a balance that syncs well with your overall kitchen style.
  • 3. Play with Form and Size: Use oversized knobs or pulls on larger drawers or doors and smaller versions on compact drawers. This visual play can break the monotony, creating a dynamic design.
  • 4. Incorporate Unique Hardware Pieces: It’s okay to have one or two standout pieces that are different from the rest. These unique pulls or knobs can act as mini accent pieces, adding a hint of surprise and individuality.

Remember, mixing and matching doesn’t mean chaos. It’s about creating an attractively diverse but unified look that comfortably cohabitates with your beautiful blue cabinets.

Retro Style With Vintage Chrome Handles On Blue Cabinets

retro style with vintage chrome handles on blue cabinets

This technique blends the old with the new, infusing character into your kitchen space. Chrome handles, particularly of vintage designs like Art Deco or Mid-century Modern, embody a certain charm that’s both bold and timeless. The reflective surface of the chrome adds sparkle to the kitchen and contrasts well with blue cabinets.

To pull off this look, consider these key points:

  • Select handles with a vintage shape or pattern, but shiny finish – the ideal bridge between retro and modern.
  • Preferring a truly retro vibe? Opt for handles with a slight patina.
  • Complement chrome handles with other chrome fixtures like faucets or light pendants to ensure coherence.
  • Balance the bold chrome with softer elements, like a creamy countertop or warm wooden floor.
  • Remember the visual impact – intricate vintage handles become a statement piece against the blue canvas of the cabinet.

Explore these ideas, but let your personal style guide your choice. Remember, in design, rules can be bent and trends are springboards, not boxes. It’s all about crafting a kitchen that reflects and functions for you.

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