How to Arrange Dishes in Kitchen Cabinets: A Step-by-Step Organization Guide

Last updated on May 23, 2024

Learn how to efficiently organize your dishes in kitchen cabinets for easy access and optimal space utilization.

Key takeaways:

  • Pare down dishes: Get rid of unused and mismatched items.
  • Adjust shelves or use shelf risers for efficient storage.
  • Use drawer dividers for silverware organization.
  • Consider displaying dishes on open shelves or racks.
  • Use slide-outs in base cabinets for easy access to dishes.

What's Inside

Pare Down What You Have

pare down what you have

Kicking off with a clean slate makes all the difference. Take a hard look at your collection and bid farewell to chipped plates, mismatched cups, and rarely used items. Lean towards the ‘less is more’ approach, keeping what you love and use frequently. Consider donating excess or unused pieces to clear up valuable space. After all, you can’t fill your cup (or, in this case, your cabinet) if it’s already full. Think of this process as creating a curated selection of dishware that serves your needs best. It’s like picking your favorite dinner guests – choose the ones that bring joy to your table every time.

Adjust Your Shelves or Add Shelf Risers

Kick-start your cabinet organization by first taking a gander at your shelf heights. Many kitchens come with adjustable shelves, and optimizing that flexibility to suit your dish sizes can be a game-changer. For those towering pots and pans or that chunky crockpot Aunt Mabel swore by, move the shelves up. Meanwhile, slip those saucer stacks and teacup trios into the snug spaces. This not only maximizes vertical storage but also saves you from the gymnastics of unstacking every time you need a plate.

Having shelves that won’t budge? No sweat! Shelf risers are your new best buddies. They act like mini second floors for your cabinets, ideal for doubling up on plate storage or making room for more coffee mugs than you’d care to admit owning. Think of risers as stepping stones for your dishes—suddenly everything’s within reach without a pile-up. Remember, shelf risers are like Tetris; rotating and arranging them efficiently is the key to unlocking prime cabinet real estate.

Use Drawer Dividers for Silverware

Sifting through a cluttered cutlery drawer can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Prevent the rummage with drawer dividers. These handy organizers compartmentalize your forks, knives, and spoons, making it a breeze to grab what you need. They fit snugly into your drawers and can even be adjusted to the sizes of your utensils.

Say goodbye to the jingle-jangle of mixed metal. Aside from keeping things tidy, dividers safeguard your silverware from scratches and make unloading the dishwasher a walk in the park. Opt for bamboo or plastic options—they’re durable and easy to clean.

For a pro tip, group your utensils by frequency of use. Your everyday silver should be at the front, while items like cake servers can take a back seat until it’s time to celebrate. Investing a few moments to install drawer dividers turns the chaos into the symphony of a well-organized kitchen symphony.

Consider Displaying Your Dishes

Having your dishes out in the open can transform them from mere culinary tools to part of your kitchen’s aesthetic. When you decide to take this route, opt for arranging them on open shelves or hanging racks that can serve as both storage and display. This approach can really make your favorite pieces shine and give your kitchen a personal touch.

First, choose the dishes you use often and enjoy looking at. These will be your showpieces. Prioritize plates and bowls with interesting designs or colors that complement the overall look of your kitchen. Grouping similar items or creating a theme can make your display more visually pleasing.

Next, consider accessibility. Place items that you reach for on a daily basis on lower shelves. More decorative or less frequently used pieces can take the higher spots. This keeps your kitchen both functional and stylish.

Lastly, don’t overcrowd your shelves. This is about showcasing your dishes, not just storing them. Give each piece some breathing room to score style points and avoid a cluttered look. Remember, a well-arranged display means you can find what you need without a cupboard scavenger hunt.

Use Slide-Outs for Base Cabinets

Digging deep into cavernous cabinets for that elusive baking dish can feel like reaching into a magician’s hat – you never quite know what you’ll pull out. To alleviate this issue, slide-outs are your kitchen fairy godmother, transforming inaccessible spaces into ergonomic treasure troves.

Think of slide-outs as convertible shelves; they bring the depths of your cabinets out into the light with a simple pull. This helps to categorize and systematize your dishes, ensuring that everything has its place—and that place is easily reachable.

With slide-outs, you can bid farewell to the clatter of pots and pans as you search for a single lid. Place frequently used items on shelves you can access without bending over backwards. Slide-outs can be installed at varying heights to accommodate everything from weighty pots to delicate glassware.

Moreover, retrofitting your base cabinets with slide-out organizers isn’t a Herculean task. Many can be installed with basic tools and a pinch of DIY spirit. By optimizing your space with slide-outs, you make sure every dish, no matter how rarely used, is always just a pull away from contributing to your next culinary adventure.

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