How To Display Cookbooks On Kitchen Counter: Top Tips & Ideas

Last updated on December 26, 2023

Discover the art of showcasing your favorite cookbooks on the kitchen counter with these simple yet elegant display ideas.

Cookbooks are a treasure trove of culinary inspiration, filled with mouth-watering recipes and helpful tips. But let’s be honest, they can also become a cluttered mess if not organized properly.

If you’re like most people who love to cook, your collection of cookbooks is probably growing by the day. So how do you keep them within reach without sacrificing counter space? In this article, we’ll share some creative ways to display your beloved cookbooks on your kitchen counter while keeping things tidy and stylish.

Get ready to add some functional decor to your cooking space!

Key takeaways:

  • Choose a sturdy cookbook stand that matches your kitchen decor.
  • DIY options include repurposing hangers or creating an acrylic stand.
  • Utilize wall-mounted holders or decorative easels for space-saving.
  • Consider using wire plate racks or cookbook storage baskets.
  • Repurpose kitchen items like cutting boards or colanders.

What's Inside

Choosing the Right Cookbook Stand

Choosing the Right Cookbook Stand

When it comes to displaying your cookbooks on the kitchen counter, choosing the right cookbook stand is crucial. A good cookbook stand should be sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest of books and adjustable for different book sizes.

There are many types of stands available in various materials such as wood, metal or acrylic.

If you have a modern kitchen with sleek appliances and clean lines, an acrylic cookbook stand may be perfect for you. It’s transparent design will not detract from your decor while still allowing you to easily read recipes.

For those who prefer a more rustic look in their kitchens, wooden stands can add warmth and charm while holding up well over time.

Metal stands offer durability along with an industrial edge that can complement contemporary or minimalist styles.

Consider also how much space you have on your countertop when selecting a size appropriate for both storage needs and aesthetic appeal.

DIY Cookbook Stand Ideas

DIY Cookbook Stand Ideas

Not only do they add a personal touch to your kitchen decor, but they can also be customized to fit any style or theme.

One of the easiest ways to create a cookbook stand is by using an old cutting board and an easel. Simply attach the easel onto one end of the cutting board with screws or glue, and voila! You have yourself a rustic yet functional cookbook holder.

Another idea is repurposing wooden hangers into book holders. All you need are some sturdy wooden hangers and pliers.

Remove one side of each hanger’s hook with pliers so that it forms two prongs on either side instead of just one in the middle. Then slide your favorite cookbooks between these prongs for easy access while cooking.

For those who love minimalist design, try making this sleek acrylic cookbook stand from scratch using clear acrylic sheets cut into specific shapes and sizes then glued together at strategic points until it takes shape as desired.

Wall-mounted Cookbook Holders

Wall-mounted Cookbook Holders

It keeps your cookbooks off the counter and within easy reach while freeing up valuable workspace. Wall-mounted holders come in various styles, from sleek metal designs to rustic wooden ones that add charm to any kitchen decor.

One popular type of wall-mount holder is the magnetic strip or board. These holders are perfect for those who prefer a minimalist look as they keep your cookbooks organized without taking up too much space on the walls.

Another option is a mounted shelf with built-in bookends that hold your books securely in place while adding visual interest to empty walls above counters or sinks.

Using Decorative Easels

Using Decorative Easels

They come in various sizes, materials, and designs that can complement any decor style. You can choose from metal, wood or acrylic easels depending on your preference.

One of the benefits of using an easel is that it allows you to showcase multiple cookbooks at once without taking up too much space. Simply place the stand in a corner or against a wall and arrange your books according to size or color for an eye-catching display.

Another advantage is that decorative easels are not limited to just holding books; they can also be used as stands for tablets, recipe cards, photos or even artwork! This makes them perfect for those who like multi-functional items in their home.

When choosing an easel for cookbook display purposes make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold heavier hardcover books securely without tipping over easily. Also consider its height so you don’t have trouble reading recipes while cooking.

Wire Plate Rack Display

Wire Plate Rack Display

These racks are designed to hold plates, but they can also be used for displaying books. They come in various sizes and styles, so you can choose one that fits your space and decor.

To use a wire plate rack as a cookbook holder, simply prop up your favorite books between the wires. You can arrange them by size or color for an aesthetically pleasing look.

This method not only keeps your cookbooks organized but also allows you to easily flip through pages while cooking.

One of the benefits of using a wire plate rack display is that it takes up minimal counter space while still providing easy access to your cookbooks. Plus, it adds an industrial touch to any kitchen design.

Cookbook Storage Baskets

Cookbook Storage Baskets

Woven baskets add texture and warmth to any kitchen decor while keeping your books organized. You can choose from different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials that match the style of your kitchen.

To create a cookbook basket display on the counter or shelf:

  1. Choose a sturdy basket with enough depth to hold several cookbooks.
  2. Line the bottom of the basket with decorative paper or cloth.
  3. Arrange your favorite cookbooks in an upright position inside the basket.
  4. Add some greenery or flowers around them for extra charm.

You can also use smaller baskets as bookends on either side of larger ones or place them strategically throughout other areas in your kitchen where you might need quick access to recipes like near appliances such as mixers and blenders.

Acrylic Cookbook Stands

Acrylic Cookbook Stands

These stands are made of clear or colored acrylic material that blends seamlessly with any kitchen decor. They come in various sizes and styles, from simple easels to multi-tiered designs.

One advantage of using an acrylic cookbook stand is that it allows you to showcase the cover page of your favorite recipe book while keeping it open at the right page. The transparent nature also makes them easy to clean as they don’t stain easily like other materials.

Another benefit is their durability; they can withstand heavy use without breaking or cracking like glass stands would do if dropped accidentally on hard surfaces.

Repurposing Kitchen Items

Repurposing Kitchen Items

For example, an old cutting board can be transformed into a rustic cookbook stand with just a few simple steps. All you need is some sandpaper and paint or stain to give it new life.

Another idea is to use an antique colander as a unique cookbook holder. Simply flip the colander upside down and place your favorite cookbooks on top of it.

This not only adds character but also keeps the books upright while cooking.

You can also use cake stands or tiered serving trays as stylish displays for smaller-sized cookbooks or recipe cards. These items are often found in thrift stores at affordable prices and add charm to any kitchen decor.

Vintage Cookbook Display

Vintage Cookbook Display

If you have some old cookbooks that have been passed down through generations or found at a thrift store, consider displaying them on your kitchen counter. You can use vintage bookends to prop them up or stack them in an antique basket for a charming display.

Another idea is to frame the covers of your favorite vintage cookbooks and hang them on the wall as art pieces. This will add character and warmth to your kitchen while showcasing your love for cooking history.

If you’re lucky enough to come across an old cookbook stand at an estate sale or flea market, snatch it up! These stands were designed specifically for holding open recipe books while cooking and often feature intricate designs that add charm and elegance to any countertop display.

Floating Cookbook Shelves

These shelves can be installed directly onto the wall without any visible brackets or supports, giving the illusion that your books are magically suspended in mid-air. Floating cookbook shelves come in various sizes and materials such as wood, metal or glass.

They offer a sleek look while keeping your favorite recipes within reach.

To create this type of display on your kitchen counter, choose a blank wall space where you want to install the shelf(s). Measure out how much space you need based on the size of your cookbooks and purchase accordingly.

Once installed correctly with anchors into studs (if possible), arrange them by color or size for an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Under-cabinet Cookbook Storage

Under-cabinet Cookbook Storage

This is a great option if you have limited wall space or prefer to keep your counters clear of clutter. There are several ways to achieve this look, including installing a simple wire rack or using adhesive hooks and binder clips to hang books from the underside of upper cabinets.

One popular method is using an under-cabinet mounted holder that pulls down like a drawer when needed. These holders come in various sizes and can accommodate multiple cookbooks at once while keeping them within reach but out of sight when not in use.

Another option is attaching small shelves underneath your cabinets with brackets or screws. You can then stack cookbooks horizontally on these shelves for easy access without taking up valuable counter space.

Under-cabinet cookbook storage also works well for those who want their favorite recipes close by while cooking but don’t necessarily want them displayed all the time.

Cookbook Display Ladder

Use of Racks and Shelves

This type of display adds height and dimension to your kitchen counter, making it an eye-catching focal point. You can easily find a decorative ladder at any home decor store or even make one yourself with some basic tools.

To create this look, simply lean the ladder against the wall on your kitchen counter and place your cookbooks on each rung. You can also add small potted plants or other decorative items in between books for added interest.

One great thing about using a cookbook display ladder is that it doesn’t take up much space on the counter itself, leaving you plenty of room for food prep and cooking. Plus, when you’re not using it as a bookshelf, you can repurpose it as an indoor plant stand or towel rack.

Spice Rack Conversion

industrial shelves

Spice racks are typically compact and can hold multiple books at once. You can either use the existing shelves or remove them to create more space for larger cookbooks.

To convert your spice rack into a cookbook holder, simply remove any hooks or clips that may be in the way of holding your book open. If necessary, add some decorative paper to the back of each shelf for added support and style.

Once you’ve converted your spice rack into a cookbook holder, place it on an empty wall near your kitchen counter or hang it above an island for easy access while cooking.

Tablet and Cookbook Combo

Tablet and Cookbook Combo

Not only does it save space, but it also allows you to access thousands of recipes with just a few taps on the screen. There are several ways to create this setup – one option is to purchase a tablet stand that can hold both your device and cookbook at once.

Another idea is to mount your tablet onto the wall or under-cabinet using specialized brackets designed for this purpose.

When choosing between these options, consider how often you use physical cookbooks versus digital ones. If you find yourself reaching for traditional books more frequently than not, then investing in a stand may be worth it as they come in various styles and materials such as wood or metal which can complement any decor style.

On the other hand, if most of your cooking inspiration comes from online sources like food blogs or recipe apps on tablets like an iPad or Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, mounting them might be more practical since they allow hands-free viewing while cooking without taking up valuable counter space.

Rustic Countertop Box

Rustic Countertop Box

This type of display adds warmth and character to any kitchen, especially if you have a farmhouse or country-style decor. You can easily make one yourself by repurposing an old wooden crate or building one from scratch using reclaimed wood.

To create this look, start by measuring the dimensions of your largest cookbook so that you can build the box accordingly. Then cut four pieces of wood for the sides and nail them together with finishing nails or screws.

Once assembled, sand down any rough edges and apply a coat of stain or paint in your desired color. For added charm, consider stenciling on some vintage typography like “recipes” or “cookbooks.”.

Place your new rustic countertop box on your kitchen counter with its open side facing outwards so that you can easily slide in all sizes of cookbooks without having to worry about their thicknesses fitting into slots as required by other stands.

Shelves Under Your Kitchen Island

Adding shelves under your kitchen island is an excellent way to keep your cookbooks organized and within reach while freeing up counter space. You can install open or closed shelving units depending on the look and feel of your kitchen.

Open shelves are perfect for displaying colorful cookbooks with beautiful covers that add character to any room. Closed cabinets, on the other hand, provide more storage options for larger collections or books that may not be as visually appealing.

To make this idea work best in practice, consider installing lighting fixtures under each shelf so that they illuminate both the countertop and book collection below them. This will help draw attention to your cookbook display while also providing additional light when cooking at night.

Swivel Knife Block With Cookbook Stand

This clever design allows you to store your knives in an upright position while also providing a convenient spot for holding up your favorite recipes. The swivel base makes it easy to access both sides of the knife block and cookbook holder without having to move them around on the counter.

One of the benefits of using this type of display is that it keeps everything within reach while freeing up valuable counter space. You can easily rotate the stand towards yourself when cooking, then spin it back out of sight when not in use.

Swivel knife blocks with cookbook stands come in various sizes and styles, so choose one that fits both your kitchen decor and storage needs. Some models even have additional compartments for storing utensils or spices.

Simple Picture Frame Ledges

Simple Picture Frame Ledges

These are narrow shelves that you can easily install on the wall, and they come in various sizes and finishes to match your kitchen decor. Picture frame ledges are perfect for small kitchens or if you want to keep things minimalistic.

To create a cookbook display with picture frame ledges, start by measuring the space where you want them installed. Then choose the size of ledge that will fit best in that area.

You can find these at most home improvement stores or online retailers.

Once installed, arrange your cookbooks horizontally on top of each other with their spines facing outwards so that their titles are visible from below. This creates an organized yet casual look while still keeping everything within reach when cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Bright, Sculptural Bookends

These bookends come in all shapes and sizes, from geometric designs to animal figurines. They not only keep your books upright but also add a pop of color or texture to your countertop decor.

For example, if you have a modern kitchen with clean lines and minimalistic design elements, try adding some brightly colored geometric-shaped bookends that will complement the space’s aesthetic while keeping things organized. On the other hand, if you have an eclectic style with lots of textures and patterns going on in your kitchen decor scheme already – opt for something more whimsical like animal-shaped or nature-inspired sculptures as cookbook holders.

Color-Coordinated Display

This method involves grouping your cookbooks by their spine colors, creating an eye-catching rainbow effect on your kitchen counter. Not only does this look great, but it also makes finding the right book a breeze! To achieve this look, start by sorting your books into piles based on their spine color.

Then arrange them in rows or stacks according to the order of colors in a rainbow (red, orange, yellow…). You can use bookends or other decorative items to help separate each section and add some visual interest.

Keep in mind that not all cookbooks have colorful spines – some may be mostly white or black with small accents of color. In these cases, try grouping them together based on similar accent colors instead of trying to match exact shades.

A color-coordinated display is not only functional but also adds personality and style to any kitchen space!


How do you arrange cook books?

Arrange cookbooks by categorizing them based on cuisine type and separating sections for specific topics like grilling, seafood, or poultry, while ensuring the organization method suits your preferences.

Should you keep cookbooks in the kitchen?

Keep cookbooks in the kitchen if you enjoy their appearance and have sufficient storage space, but if you primarily use online recipes and lack space, it’s fine to let them go.

What are some creative ways to display and organize cookbooks in a small kitchen?

Some creative ways to display and organize cookbooks in a small kitchen include using wall-mounted shelves, a vertical rack, or repurposing a pot rack for space-saving and decorative storage.

How can you protect your cookbooks from spills and stains while using them on the kitchen counter?

To protect cookbooks from spills and stains while on the kitchen counter, use a stand or place them in a clear plastic cover.

Are there any recommended cookbook stands or holders for easy access and visibility while cooking?

Yes, recommended cookbook stands or holders include the Joseph Joseph Cookbook Stand, the Sturdy Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder, and the Norpro Acrylic Cookbook Holder for easy access and visibility while cooking.

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