How to Maintain a Pool? These Tricks Will Help You

Last updated on November 3, 2023

Here are a few quick tips that will set you up to maintain your pool and keep it in good condition. Read on!

If you own a swimming pool, then you need to maintain and look after it. Swimming pools get dirty very quickly. If you allow yours to get dirty, then it could become unusable.

Things like algae and mold can make swimming in your pool very dangerous. Exposure to algae and mold can cause rashes, infections, and spots.

A lot of people have absolutely no idea how they are supposed to look after their pools. If you are one such person, then this post will tell you everything that you need to know.

What's Inside


pool algaecide

If you have noticed algae or mold in your pool, then instead of draining the water or using acid, use an algaecide. An algaecide can be very effective for cleaning your pool of any algae or mold. If you do not use an algaecide, then no matter what you do, it will return.

The reason that draining your pool isn’t effective is that algae don’t only live in your pool; it also lives in your pool’s drains and pipes. Even if you drain it, it will just come back.

Using an algaecide to treat your pool water will eliminate algae from inside your pool’s hard-to-reach places. If you are not sure how to apply it (or how much to apply), then you should hire a professional pool cleaning company or a professional that specializes in algae removal to do it for you.

Robot Cleaner

pool robot cleaner

One extremely effective way of cleaning your pool is to use a robot cleaner. Robot cleaners are devices that skim the surface of your pool, removing any floating objects or germs.

The best part about robot cleaners is that you can leave them running when you aren’t even home and control them using an application on your phone.

However, it is still good to supervise your robot cleaner so that you can be sure it doesn’t get tangled in anything or broken. Using it remotely is definitely handy but isn’t always recommended.

Making Repairs

old pool

If your pool’s interior walls become damaged, then you need to repair them quickly. Cracks to your pool’s concrete walls can quickly spread, causing significant structural damage to your swimming pool.

Making repairs is very easy. All you usually need to do is to drain your pool and then fill in the cracks. You can buy specialist pool-filling spray.

If you do not know how to do it yourself, then you can pay a professional pool repair company to do it for you. Before hiring one, do research and find the one that’s most qualified and has the best online reviews.

Covering Pool

pool cover

When you aren’t using your pool, it’s generally a good idea to cover it. This is especially true in autumn when leaves begin falling off of trees. If you don’t cover your pool, you will end up having to fish leaves out of it every day.

With that said, it is still a good idea to use a net to clean your pool throughout the year, not just in autumn.

Covering your pool will also make it a lot less attractive to pests. Sometimes deer, bears, wildcats, and other animals find their way into people’s back gardens and drink from their pools.

Professional Help

If you struggle to maintain or look after your pool, then you can employ a specialist pool cleaning and maintenance company to help you.

People who employ these companies tend to live very busy lives since they are quite expensive. If you are at home a lot and are physically able to clean and maintain your pool yourself, then it’s much better to do this.

The reason for this is that by cleaning your pool yourself, you will save a lot of money, and also learn new skills. The skills that you learn cleaning and maintaining your pool will mean that you never have to hire a professional cleaning company or maintenance team.

Regular Checks

Finally, make sure that you perform regular checks on your pool’s filter and drainage system. If either of these things gets clogged or breaks, your pool can back up with dirty water and become unusable.

It’s very people for people’s pool filters to get clogged since they remove things like leaves and other floating objects. When you are checking your filter, make sure that you turn it off. Checking it without turning it off can lead to you injuring yourself or getting your hand stuck.

Swimming pools need to be carefully maintained and looked after. Failing to do this can result in germs and bacteria building up. If these things do build up, then this can mean that you aren’t able to use your pool.

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