How to Store Ice from an Ice Maker? [2 Ways]

Last updated on November 27, 2023

You need to store ice cubes from your ice maker machine in the freezer. The problem is they stick together. Here’s how to solve this and store ice cubes correctly.

Coming from an ice maker, they are all in one basket. If you place the basket in the freezer, the cubes will stick together in one lump. The same will happen if you store them in a plastic bag.

You have a simple solution. Use paper bags. You can use either store ice in them directly or line a plastic container with paper for the same effect.

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Why Do Ice Cubes Stick Together?

Ice cube storage

Ice cubes stick together when there is excess moisture between them. Wrapping the ice bucket in paper removes the excess moisture. When this refreezes, two cubes of ice won’t stick. One way to avoid the problem of water and ice sticking together is to wrap your ice maker’s container with a paper towel. Papers have tiny pores that absorb any extra liquid that might get released by wetting the outside of an iced container. This liquid can then refreeze once it gets

Storing Ice Cubes

A portable ice maker is not a freezer, but the melting process will be slowed since it is well insulated. It will take 2 hours for the ice to melt into water and change from a solid to liquid. As the ice melts in its storage bin, it creates more water that goes into the reservoir. Portable makers themselves are not usually refrigerators for holding ice; they are made so that an operation called melting takes place: once some of the ice becomes water-based (liquid), it begins flowing down into a separate part of your machine and drains away shortly after.

Hence, to store ice cubes from the ice maker, you have to move them to the freezer in a container. The choice of the container decides if you can store them for a long time successfully (and they don’t stick.)

Store in a Paper Bag

Store ice cubes in a paper bag. This is done by placing the paper bag flat on a table and adding an equal amount of ice to the opening. Fold the paper around to form a square, slide into plastic, or place back into Tupperware without crushing any of the cubes on top.

The paper is porous and absorbs the extra moisture contained in ice-cubes, unlike plastic bags, which would hold onto any extra water. This is a good thing because it means that as the paper ages over time, it actually can freeze your cubes together less readily.

Store the ice cubes in a paper bag if you are making lots of ice for a party. If you are using the ice at home, fill up smaller bags and make sure to refill them as needed—store bags of ice in a place where there is no noise to bother your neighbors.

Line a Container with Paper

Since we’ve established that paper absorbs extra moisture and prevents ice cubes from sticking together, another solution might be simply lining a container with paper. If you find plastic containers more convenient to store ice in the freezer, you can line them with paper. This will also absorb moisture and keep all the cubes separate.


How do you store ice on a countertop ice maker?

Move ice cubes from the countertop ice maker to the freezer. Use paper bags to prevent it from sticking.

Why does the ice in my ice maker stick together?

The extra moisture from melting and then freezing it back in the freezer causes ice cubes to stick together.

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