Do Any Countertop Ice Makers Keep Ice Frozen?

Last updated on October 9, 2023

If you want to keep your ice maker ice frozen for a long time without having to make fridge runs, you need a machine that keeps the ice refrigerated. Yes, there are such ice makers.

Most countertop and portable ice makers make ice pretty fast, but it melts back into water rather fast too. You need to take it to the fridge before it melts. Otherwise, you’re wasting energy running the ice machine over again to keep making ice.

The solution: an ice maker with a built-in refrigerator.

It’s important to note that some countertop ice makers have better ice basket insulation and they can keep the ice frozen longer (up to a couple of hours.) Smaller and cheaper portable units should have their ice removed fairly quickly.

Ice makers come in small sizes to provide all the ice you need without taking up too much room. The modern versions are not as efficient for making ice that will maintain its frozen condition due to being in a water-based environment. To combat this issue, the portable ice machines come with insulated cavities and a built-in bucket. Once the outer layer of ice has been removed from your insulated bucket, it then waits for more water before it can continue producing more cold iced cubes.

One advantage of portable ice makers is that they can make more than one batch of ice in an hour, which means you don’t have to wait long if you need ice. A portable ice maker is better for an office since they do not require water lines and can make many batches per hour. Therefore their workers will have the convenience to get fast service.

Some people do not like to buy a large ice maker because they will save money. Another good reason for buying a much smaller and lighter one is because you can take it with you on trips or recreational activities, such as camping. Many buyers also consider how quickly it makes ice, the size of the water reservoir, and how durable it is. The next big issue is whether the machine produces too much temperature difference between ice cubes that will melt faster than normal ice cubes.

What's Inside

Do Ice Makers Keep Ice Frozen?

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For the most part, the answer to that question is no. As soon as the ice is created, it begins melting, though luckily, it takes a lot of time before this happens. The machine is well insulated, so while the container might only last an hour with half of its contents still left, one could say that for the most part, the ice will be there within two hours after.

But there are ice makers that include an internal cooling system that can keep the ice it makes frozen. These units cost more than typical portable ice makers.

How Keep Ice Maker Ice Frozen?

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Many ice makers don’t work in a way that allows for the ice to stay frozen. However, you can still use the ice by either using it right away or allowing it to thaw out and freeze again before use.

Keeping ice from a portable ice maker in the freezer is one way to keep it frozen. Another option is to pour the ice into an insulated container and add dry ice.

How Long Do Countertop Ice Makers Keep Ice Frozen?

While a built-in ice maker with a refrigeration section can keep ice frozen, the portable ice maker cannot. Without this built-in fridge ice maker makes ice quickly for immediate use but does not stay frozen for long. A well-insulated machine can keep the ice frozen for a couple of hours.

What Happens If You Leave the Ice in the Ice Maker?

Many modern countertop ice makers can reuse the water from melted ice back into their reservoir. But don’t leave the ice in the ice maker without an overflow reservoir. The ice will melt into a puddle and form clumps that don’t look presentable. If you use it to make crushed ice, it will taste better.

Do Ice Makers with Freezers Exist?

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Yes, they do. The above is one example (the link earns our site a commission.)

Most of them don’t have a freezer compartment, but some have a large storage bin that is refrigerated and has the power to keep your ice frozen, so you don’t need any drain lines. Some ice makers do not hold freezers but instead have excellent storage bins, which are cooled. Typically these ice makers cost more than the average countertop machine.

Benefits of Ice Maker with Freezer

Someone who has an ice maker with a refrigerator doesn’t need a water line to make the ice. The user always has cold, solid ice available when needed. An example of an ice machine that produces this type of ice is one that has been compactly installed in your kitchen, RV, boat, or yacht.

There are two things not to like about having an ice maker with a built-in freezer, including: the production time for ice is low and there is not much room to store ice.


Does the Opal ice maker keep ice frozen?

The GE Opal ice maker is a high-end machine that can keep ice frozen reasonably long but it does not refrigerate it so it can’t keep it frozen forever.

Can you leave ice in a ice maker?

If you leave ice in an ice maker that can reuse melted ice the water goes back into the water tank. Otherwise, it might overflow your countertop.

What is the difference between a portable ice maker and an ice making machine?

Ice making machine is a built-in unit that can produce large amounts of ice. Portable ice makers are compact units that can produce ice for about 2 glasses of drinks at a time.

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