How to Use Solar Power Without Ruining the Aesthetics of Your Home

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Here’s how to start using solar power without turning your house into a Frankenstein. Use these tips to have all the benefits without sacrificing your home style. Read on!

As a homeowner, you might already be convinced that using solar energy is the best option for your needs and your wallet. But, there’s one thing stopping you from actually buying solar panels at home: they don’t exactly fit in with your house’s aesthetic.

Sure, you have draperies to keep your home cool; you may have even installed an awning to create a cooler outdoor living space for your home, but when it comes to trying to keep your home cool while maintaining the aesthetics of your home, it can seem like an impossible feat.

But trust, you are not the first to have this problem, and certainly, you aren’t the last. So in this article, I’ll give you a few important tips on how you can use solar power without ruining your home design.

What's Inside

Roof-mounted vs. Ground-mounted Solar Panels

roof solar panels

You might not know this but you don’t necessarily have to mount your solar panels onto your roof. In fact, you can actually install these devices on the ground. However, an obvious requirement would be having available land to mount solar panels. This means a ground mount might not be the most ideal solution for homeowners in urban areas and those who have limited space in their backyard.

On the other hand, roof-mounted solar panels are the usual options but it gets a little tricky especially since it means you need to check your roof for possible damage more regularly to avoid accidents.

Pick a Solar Panel Frame That Fits Your Roof

solar panels

Frames protect the perimeter of solar panels from external damage. They are mostly made out of metal that’s painted silver or black. They don’t really have any difference in terms of durability, but the silver frames are more affordable than black. 

However, you don’t really need to limit yourself with just commercially available frames. You can also customize your frames the way you like.

Solar Panel Types and Why They Matter

black solar panels

Unlike panel frames, the colors of the solar panels themselves do represent a change in the material it is made out of. Solar panels are made out of crystalline silicon that’s protected by a glass sheet. 

There are two types of solar panels, depending on the amount of crystalline silicon it contains.

Monocrystalline panels are the better ones that have a darker blue color, while polycrystalline panels are more of a standard blue. Because of the efficiency and compactness of the monocrystalline solar panels, they are the more expensive kind.

Investing in Solar Roof Tiles

solar roof tiles

Speaking of expensive items, if you really want to transition into using solar panels on your roof, you might want to check out solar roof tiles. These are the newest innovation in solar energy, where actual roof tiles generate electricity. These are really good if you have the budget to spend and have somewhere else to sleep while contractors install your new roof. Finally, getting a rebate for solar panels makes them a viable investment.

Significance of Solar Skins

solar roof panel skins

Now if you’re on a budget and already have solar panels installed on your roof but the panels don’t aesthetically go with your roof, then the next best remedy would be to put in solar skins. 

Solar skins are adhesive overlays that you can customize to match the design of your house. If you can’t afford solar roof tiles, then this is the next best thing.

Keeping Solar Panels Away From Your Home

ground solar panels

However, the best way to use solar power without ruining the aesthetic of your home is by simply buying clean electricity from a local solar power provider. With a subscription from a solar farm community, you don’t need to install anything in your house, regardless if it’s on the roof or mounted on the ground. It’s definitely cheaper than buying solar tiles that are your sole responsibility. It’s also more practical than just slapping a solar skin on your roof.

Going green on your energy doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. You just have to know all the options at your disposal so you can find the best solution for your needs.

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