25 Kitchen Ideas with a Pantry Where Storage Meets Style

Last updated on January 7, 2024

Use these ideas for a kitchen with a pantry to maximize your space. Read on!

Kitchens often come with storage areas called the pantry. They’re famous for a reason; they’re not only functional but very efficient as well. You have everything you need within arm’s reach.

However, many homeowners are having difficulty designing their panty areas or shelves. Here we have ideas on what you can do for your kitchen and how to organize pantries that blend in.

We don’t only shoot for efficiency and practicality. Above all, we want your kitchen to look immaculate and beautifully designed. Check out these thoughtful interiors and other solutions for an aesthetically pleasing pantry.

What's Inside

Contrasting Colored Cabinetry Pantry

Don’t fear the contrast. This kitchen pantry design uses contrasting colors of white, red, and deep marine green. It features a spacious pantry for optimal storage solutions, allowing you to keep your ingredients and cookware organized.

Minimal Pantry Kitchen

This kitchen has a minimalist pantry design. It has a beautiful layout featuring impressive cabinetry and skillful interior design.

The pantry provides ample space to store all items related to cooking or entertaining, allowing for access to articles quickly when needed.

It has well-designed shelving and plenty of countertop space; everything is made easy within the large kitchen area.

Easily accessible storage solutions ensure that all ingredients, utensils, and cookware are organized without taking up too much room in your kitchen space.

This kitchen plan uses fresh colors and efficient lighting to highlight different areas, bringing out the best in every interior design corner.

Vertical Kitchen Solution

The pantry is the perfect addition to this stylish and functional kitchen, providing ample room for food and supplies. It works for smaller kitchens; you don’t have an extra walk-in pantry space.

The neutral color palette of whites and greys creates an inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

Kitchen cabinets provide plenty of storage, while the breakfast bar adds a touch of luxury to the space. Kitchen accessories such as barstools and fresh flowers add pops of color that bring life to the room.

Don’t forget to add love with special touches like kitchenware styling or a few decorations here and there!

Sliding Door Kitchens

Sliding door works to maximize space. It is designed with both style and practicality in mind. It features black and cherry edging, contrasting straight pull handles, and a quartz worktop.

The shelves and fridge are filled with personal items such as kids’ paintings, design accessories, and heirloom pieces, making the space feel welcoming and inviting.

The mix of modern materials, traditional decorations, and unique accents create a truly unique kitchen.

Functional Cabinet Pantry

Kin by Mowlem kitchen with pantry
Source: @kinbymowlem

This is a cabinet that works its full function. That aside, it’s also designed very fitting to the kitchen space.

The cabinets are painted in a beautiful blue hue, adding a touch of color to the room. There is plenty of storage space for all your kitchen essentials for added convenience.

Glass Door Walk-in Pantry

The combination of modern and traditional elements makes this design truly unique, from the sleek lines of the cabinets to the intricate detailing on the doors.

The pantry is ideal for storing essentials, from spices and canned goods to snacks and beverages.

It has plenty of shelving and storage space to keep everything organized and within reach.

All-White Spacious Cabinet Pantry

INGRID a náš stylově nestylový dům kitchen with pantry
Source: @innuskyhome

You can’t go wrong with the color white. It matches any pattern, and it’s easy to blend.

This kitchen has plenty of storage with a spacious pantry. It’s the perfect organization item for your ingredients, cookware, and other kitchen essentials.

This is an excellent design for those looking for retro-style decor pieces. It’s vintage and modern at the same time.

Wooden Walk-In Pantry

Arc PR Walk-In Pantry kitchen with pantry
Source: @arc_pr

This pantry is tidy and well-organized. Finding the items and ingredients you need when preparing meals is straightforward. This is a dream pantry for those with extra space for a walk-in pantry.

This pantry design is well-thought-of, functional, and stylish. It’s an Instagram-worthy pantry that is both organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Classic All-Wood Pantry

This custom-made classic wooden pantry is a chef’s dream. Its walnut cabinets create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the herringbone pattern lends an elegant touch.

This dream kitchen is ideal for those looking to achieve their house goals. Kitchen organization is made easy with plenty of shelves and drawers in the pantry, perfect for organizing spices, canned goods, snacks, and more.

For added luxury, custom cabinetry provides extra storage space for all your kitchen needs.

Timeless White Classic

This timeless white pantry is organized and efficient, with plenty of space to store food items, cookware, and other kitchen essentials. Its shelves provide easy access to articles while keeping them neatly arranged.

A door at the entrance ensures that everything stays in its place when not used. The interior has a modern yet homey feel with neutral colors and natural wood accents.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or need some organization tips, this pantry will ensure your kitchen looks beautiful and stays organized!

Gray Pop-up Pantry

This pantry is designed with organization in mind. It features shelves and drawers to keep everything neatly organized. A breakfast station provides a convenient place to prepare meals in the morning. There’s also a coffee station that makes it easy to enjoy your favorite hot beverage any time of day.

This kitchen also includes decor elements such as kitchen interiors and home decorations, making it feel like a home sweet home.

Simple and Elegant Kitchen

This simple and elegant kitchen pantry is perfect for smaller kitchens. There’s a breakfast pantry that provides extra storage space and makes it easy to store ingredients and cookware.

The white walls create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy. For added convenience, the sink is nearby for quick clean-up after meals.

Floating Shelve Cabinet

In this kitchen design, there’s a floating cabinet. It has ample room to store all kitchen essentials, from dry goods to dinnerware. The pantry is organized with labels and shelves that are easy to access, making it easy to find whatever you need instantly.

Complete the look with sleek cabinetry and contemporary lighting. This well-designed pantry goes smoothly with everything.

Grey and White Walk-in Pantry

If you have more space in your home, check out this white and grey combo for your walk-in pantry.

It looks good and is organized and decorated to achieve the homeowner’s goals, with plenty of storage for essentials and staples. Inspiration abounds in this kitchen pantry, which includes furniture that adds to its overall decor.

Pocket Door Pantry

Pocket Door Pantry kitchen with pantry
Source: @styledbypt

The all-white cabinets create visual balance, while the steel finishes add an industrial edge. The pantry provides both form and function, giving space for hosting dinner parties or preparing family meals.

Add warm accents like copper fixtures, potted plants, and woven rugs as part of your kitchen decor to give it a cozy yet modern feel.

Mount shelves over the sink for additional storage space, and if your kitchen has room for an island, feature fresh stools with decorative upholstery.

With its innovative combination of style and practicality, this kitchen will inspire endless interior design ideas.

Detailed Kitchen Stenciling

If you want to go for a unique look, then check this design for your kitchen. The walls are painted in a combination of half-silver and quarter-silver. It creates a beautiful, greige hue that adds warmth to the room.

The pantry is designed with plenty of storage space and can be organized to suit any need. From kitchen inspiration to kitchen renovation, this kitchen design has it all!

Compartment Cabinets

This compartment cabinet gives you many areas to store your cereals, oatmeals, and granola bars. The pantry also includes shelves for canned goods and snacks for convenient access.

Complete the look of this kitchen with modern home decor. Several kitchen items bring sophistication to the space while providing plenty of storage options to keep everything in its place.

Pantry Perfection

This is pantry perfection. Drawing inspiration from the farmhouse pantry style, this pantry is an elegant and functional design. It’s easily a focal point of your home.

Every detail is perfect and creates a stunningly timeless look that perfectly captures the modern pantry aesthetic.

Mini Pantry Cabinet

If space is a problem, then this is your perfect solution. The pantry has plenty of shelving and drawers to store everything from spices to cookware. The kitchen also includes an island with cabinets and countertops for additional storage space.

The cabinets and drawers have been decorated with a modern touch, while the walls are painted in an inviting color palette. To complete the look, the floor has been tiled with durable tiles that will last for years.

Dark Brown Modern Cabinet

Another space solution is this dark wooden cabinet. It’s sleek and doesn’t take up much space in your home. Custom shelving, drawers, and dividers create an efficient system for storing food items, appliances, and small kitchen gadgets.

It’s best to clearly label the canister to make it easy to find what you need when cooking or baking. Entire walls are devoted to keeping items within reach while ensuring everything has its spot in the pantry.

Not only does this design look beautiful, but it keeps your kitchen neat and organized for maximum convenience.

Organized Pantry Cupboard

This custom-made cabinet is stenciled. The charcoal grey cabinets provide plenty of storage space, while the light floor and walls give the room a bright, airy feel.

A rustic-style larder adds warmth and character to this contemporary kitchen.

Customizable shelving units provide ample opportunities for organization and creativity, allowing you to create a dream pantry layout just for you.

Beautiful Pantry Larders

Crafted from hand-selected materials, the neutral color palette ensures this kitchen will fit into any home, while the bright accents bring a touch of personality.

The pantry has ample space to store all your kitchen essentials, making it perfect for organization and easy access.

Inspirational touches like the pantry goals boards make this kitchen truly unique. With its traditional style and modern features, this kitchen will surely be a stunning addition to any house.

Drool-worthy Kitchen Storage Inspiration

Droolworthy Kitchen Storage Inspiration kitchen with pantry
Source: @busolaevans

The classic style and vintage furniture create a timeless look. Modern storage solutions provide plenty of space for all of your kitchen items. With its inspiring design and beautiful spaces, this kitchen is sure to be an interior designer’s dream.

Elegant White Kitchen Pantry

This is an ideal design that suits your lifestyle and home. A bi-folding, traditional, walk-in, or classic cabinet-style pantry easily store small appliances that take up valuable countertop space.

Create a breakfast station or display an impressive gin collection. This is your tip for getting that kitchen of your dreams.

Pop of Colors for Pantry / Larder

Choose great colors for your larder or pantry. With the combination of green and blue tones, this kitchen is bright and inviting. The storehouse provides plenty of space to store everything from staples to snacks.

Clever organization solutions, such as baskets and shelves, keep the pantry neat. Easy Pantry goals are easily achieved with this stylish yet functional design!

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