26 Modern Kitchen Ideas with an Island Stove

Last updated on January 18, 2024

These are kitchen ideas with an island stove — a functional and visually appealing way to design a modern kitchen. Read on!

Designing a kitchen with an island stove is an excellent way to add extra storage and counter space and create a modern, open concept.

Start by choosing the right style of island stove that fits your kitchen’s aesthetic. Then, select sleek cabinets and countertops in neutral colors to complete the look. Add a touch of personality with house plants or festive decorations, and add extra seating with bar stools for entertaining guests.

A trend is using industrial-style lighting fixtures and exposed bulbs for an edgy charm to make your kitchen truly stand out.

What's Inside

Sleek Island Stove

This kitchen features a stunning island stove surrounded by sleek white quartz countertops and gold handles. The bright kitchen lighting illuminates the space, making it perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a family dinner.

The knock-through design creates an open-concept kitchen and dining area, perfect for home inspiration. With its modern design and stylish decor, this kitchen is sure to be the envy of any kitchen lover!

Huge Countertop Island Stove

A large island stove dominates the spacious kitchen with sleek modern lines. It provides plenty of storage space and counter space, perfect for making meals or baking.

The clean, white cabinets offer ample storage for dishes and cookware. To the side of the stove is an industrial-style sink, perfect for washing up after a long day of cooking.

A skylight above illuminates the room to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. For a touch of decoration and personality, house plants sit on either side of the Island to add color and texture to the area.

The kitchen is further completed with an industrial decor aesthetic which includes exposed bulbs and pipes that bring an edgy charm to the space. Overall, this kitchen renovation is sure to provide an enjoyable experience for anyone who spends time in it!

Modern and Minimalist Kitchen

This modern kitchen features a sleek island stove with quartz worktops. The white cabinets, dove grey walls, and shaker-style design create a crisp, neutral look accented by the festive decor of ribbons and faux flowers.

Bar stools are tucked away along the side to provide extra seating for family dinners or entertaining guests. A kitchen renovation has added an extension to this space, creating more room for storage and appliances.

It’s an inspiring setting that encourages creative culinary adventures!

Functional and Practical Kitchen

Natalia Moreno kitchen with island stove
Source: @natmordeco

This modern kitchen features a sleek white design with a large island stove. Counter space surrounds the island stove making it perfect for preparing meals or entertaining guests.

The white cabinets and stainless steel appliances give the room a bright and airy feel, while the kitchen island adds extra style and functionality. The kitchen also has plenty of storage space, making it easy to keep everything organized.

For added inspiration, several decorative touches, such as pendant lighting and colorful accents, combine the whole look.

Two-Toned Black and White Kitchen with Island Stove

The bright, airy kitchen features a sleek island stove surrounded by wood cabinets and white walls—open shelves above the stove overflow with cooking and fresh herbs for that cozy home-cooked feel.

The room’s centerpiece is a modern island stove with whisper-quiet burners and an integrated griddle. For those who love to cook, this is the ultimate space to channel their inner chef.

Accents like copper pots, pans, and terra cotta tiles bring warmth to the minimalist atmosphere of this kitchen, while natural light floods in through the skylight windows, resulting in a lively and inviting place to create culinary delights.

All White Marble Ideas

This kitchen is a stunning combination of modern and traditional design, featuring a large island stove with marble quartz countertops and a stone backsplash. The kitchen worktops are made of the same stone, creating an elegant contrast to the white cabinetry.

Various home renovation ideas create this unique space, including open shelving for additional storage and lighting fixtures that enhance the atmosphere.

The overall effect is one of warmth and comfort, perfect for entertaining guests or cooking delicious meals.

Turbine Grey Quartz

The kitchen is luxurious, with a stunning grey quartz island stove. The quartz countertop has been built up to 60mm, creating an eye-catching feature in the middle of the room.

Open-Concept Kitchen Style

This modern kitchen features a sleek island stove and a spacious open-plan living area. The kitchen cabinets are black, and the quartz worktops provide a striking contrast.

A bespoke kitchen extension has been added to the space, with handmade furniture and faux flowers adding an extra touch of luxury. The roof light allows natural light to flood in, while barstools provide seating for guests.

DIY decor ideas complete the look, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining.

Neutral and Modern Aesthetic

The spacious kitchen features a large island stove with modern shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, and barstools. The neutral color palette of grey and white creates an open-plan living space perfect for entertaining guests.

Contemporary Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen kitchen with island stove
Source: @houseg_360

This kitchen features a sleek and modern island stove, surrounded by an array of contemporary architecture and Scandinavian design elements.

The island stove is the room’s centerpiece, and its Wabi-Sabi-inspired Japandi style provides a unique look that blends traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern minimalism.

Soft minimalist touches like white walls and natural lighting complement the warm wood tones of the cabinets and countertops. The overall effect is serene simplicity, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in any home.

Monochrome Countertop

The kitchen is a stunning blend of black and white, showcasing an island stovetop and range hood. The sleek monochrome design creates a beautiful and straightforward atmosphere that highlights the clean lines of the island stovetop and range hood.

Warm Tones and Spacious Storage

The kitchen has a magnificent island stove, gleaming against the warm tones of the walls and cabinets. Its cooking surface comprises several raised burners, giving ample space to cook multiple pots and pans.

Above it, an overhead vent hood cleverly lets you keep the air fresh while cooking. For added convenience, a small shelving unit sits atop the counter that can be used to store spices and other elements while you’re cooking.

Island Stove Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen boasts a stunning island stove, surrounded by sleek cabinets and modern appliances. The island stovetop is the room’s centerpiece, providing plenty of space to cook and entertain guests.

The kitchen is finished with a stylish backsplash, luxurious countertops, and beautiful pendant lighting. This remodel is elegant, classic, and functional! Remodeling in Albuquerque has never looked so good!

Spacious Island Stove

The kitchen is a stunning space with white cabinets and a large island stove. The island stove is the perfect place to entertain guests while cooking delicious meals.

A sleek countertop wraps around the stove, providing plenty of room for prepping food or setting out appetizers.

The Cooktop on the Island

This kitchen boasts a stunning island stove with custom cabinets, quartz countertops, and a white subway tile backsplash. The island stove is the centerpiece of this beautiful kitchen, with its cooktop and hardwood inlay.

The custom kitchen island is made from white quartz and provides plenty of storage space for all your cooking needs. The cabinets are also custom-made and feature a unique design that adds to the room’s overall look.

Additional touches like white quartz kitchens and other accents complete the look for an elegant look. This kitchen is truly one-of-a-kind!

Sleek and Cozy Kitchen with an Island Stove

This kitchen features a stunning island stove with custom cabinetry and plenty of space for entertaining. The design is modern and stylish, with sleek countertops and an open layout allowing easy movement throughout the room.

The island stove provides a focal point for the kitchen, creating an inviting atmosphere for cooking and gathering. A construction company was hired to bring this dream kitchen to life, ensuring that every detail was perfect.

Contractors worked hard to ensure the kitchen remodel went smoothly, transforming the space into something special. This kitchen is a beautiful example of how creativity can be used to create something extraordinary.

Dark Tone Contrast Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is cheerful, boasting freshly painted cabinets and backsplashes that give the room a splash of color. At its center is an island stove, surrounded by an inviting atmosphere with cozy cafe appliances and festive decorations like an elf on the shelf.

The kitchen also features a renovated aesthetic, making it beautiful and functional for any occasion at Sweet Home Alabama.

Full House Remodel

This chic, functional kitchen features a stainless steel island stove surrounded by a wood-finish backsplash. The whole house remodels won the Home Builders Association award and is perfect for preparing meals or entertaining guests.

Maximizing Space and Storage Open Concept Kitchen

Maximizing Space and Storage Open Concept Kitchen kitchen with island stove
Source: @mdesignvic

This open-concept kitchen features an island stove, a white kitchen with neutral countertops, bright whitespace, and modern light fixtures. The stovetop is set in the center of the Island and is surrounded by plenty of counter space.

Above the stovetop is a hood fan that helps clean the kitchen air.

Traditional Kitchen Island and Dining Area

The kitchen is a sight with its gleaming island stove, traditional design, and modern countertops. A warming drawer complements the warm tones of the furnace, and a wall oven creates an inviting atmosphere for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Remodeling has transformed this space into something extraordinary, with the perfect balance of style and functionality. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the custom-built cabinets to the stylish backsplash.

With its timeless appeal, this kitchen will bring joy for years to come!

Marble Island Stove

The kitchen is dominated by a large island in the center, equipped with a stove and a raised countertop. A shaker-style cabinet surrounds the room’s perimeter, with white and gray tones creating an effortless blend of modern and traditional styles.

Above, hanging lights cast a warm glow on the space, illuminating its cozy nature. The island bar top stands out in contrast to its surrounding cabinets, offering style and function all in one.

Elegant Marble Center Island

This kitchen features a large center island with a stovetop, surrounded by beautiful marble countertops. The sleek island stovetop adds an elegant touch to the room, blending seamlessly into the surrounding marble decor.

The stove provides plenty of cooking space for preparing meals and entertaining guests.

Island Stove

This kitchen features a sleek island stove, surrounded by a modern and neutral style. The spacious design is perfect for renovative thinking and creative cooking.

The Houston Heights home has been remodeled with the help of an experienced Houston builder and designer, creating a luxurious space ideal for entertaining guests or simply enjoying time with family.

The renovation has transformed the home into an oasis of comfort and style, making it one of the most sought-after properties in Houston real estate.

Centerpiece Island Kitchen

This kitchen is a sight to behold, with its sleek island stove and modern design. The island stove is the room’s centerpiece, providing a functional cooking area and an aesthetic focal point.

The stainless steel finish of the stove contrasts beautifully with the warm wood tones of the cabinetry and countertops, creating a cozy yet contemporary atmosphere.

The surrounding cabinets provide plenty of storage space for all your kitchen needs, while the open layout allows easy movement around the room.

A few carefully placed plants add a touch of nature to this stylish kitchen, making it perfect for entertaining or enjoying quiet time at home.

Stove on the Island

Stove on the Island kitchen with island stove
Source: @cabinets46

The kitchen is bright and inviting, with a white island stove. The large kitchen island stands out against the neutral walls, providing plenty of counter space for meal preparation.

A sleek range hood hangs above the stove, adding to the modern feel of this Kansas City kitchen.

All Black and White Kitchen

The kitchen is a stunning blend of modern and rustic, with a large island stove. The sleek black countertop contrasts beautifully with the warm copper lighting overhead, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for cooking and entertaining.

The cabinetry is painted white to brighten the room, while the island stove adds a touch of industrial charm. Home decor accents complete the look, making this kitchen both stylish and functional.

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