25 Stylish Kitchen Ideas with Open Shelving

Last updated on December 24, 2023

Here’s how to style your modern kitchen with open shelving. Scroll down for the whole list of ideas.

Open shelving is a trend that allows you to display your favorite items and decorations while keeping them within reach.

This modern style incorporates bright colors, bold patterns, and eye-catching accessories to create an inviting atmosphere.

Popular features include navy cabinets, wooden flooring, exposed steel beams, period-style furniture and decorations, butler sinks, and eucalyptus accents.

Open shelves are also perfect for displaying decorative plates or artwork to give the space a personal touch. Plants are also often included in this look for an extra touch of greenery.

What's Inside

Pattern Tile Kitchen Shelves

The shelves are painted in bold, color, and patterned tile, adding an eye-catching element.

The combination of bright colors and open shelving creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages guests to linger in the kitchen.

To complete the look, the accessories like mugs, plates, and bowls are displayed on the shelves for a unique touch.

With this design, you can easily show off your style while having all your essentials within reach.

Green & Nature Inspired Kitchen Shelves

Their kitchen features navy cabinets, wooden flooring, exposed steel beams, and an island with Pooky lights.

Grey cabinets provide a contrast against the navy island, creating a striking look that complements the large vase of dried hydrangeas placed upon it.

The walls are adorned with open shelving designed for decoration and storage – allowing you to show off your favorite while tidily arranging your favorite cooking bag!

Single Top Kitchen Shelve

The neutral colors and eucalyptus accents create a soft, minimalist effect, making the perfect backdrop for any dinner party or family gathering.

The butler’s sink provides an elegant touch that with period-style furniture and decorations even looks more amazing.

The open shelves are also great for displaying decorative plates and artwork to give this space an extra personal touch.

Brown Kitchen Shelves

Busola Evans kitchen with open shelving
Source: @busolaevans

Combining brown cabinets and brass taps creates a stylish contrast against the white walls.

The open shelving provides plenty of storage space for all your kitchen essentials and gives the room an airy feel.

With its sleek design and timeless details, this kitchen will surely be a showstopper in any home.

Multiple Box Shelves

DustStory kitchen with open shelving
Source: @duststory

This modern kitchen design features open shelves made of brass, creating an eye-catching contrast against the white shaker cabinets.

The shelves are perfect for displaying cookbooks, plants, or other decorative items while providing easy access to everyday things like dishes and utensils.

For a more eclectic look, mix in some vintage pieces with modern accents for a unique touch.

This kitchen renovation will inspire and will be sure to impress!

Skintone Kitchen Shelves

Utilize neutral colors such as grey and white to set the tone of your kitchen. Use shaker-style cabinets and quartz countertops to add a contemporary feel.

Accessorize with vases, chopping boards, and other small items to characterize the shelves. Place kitchen islands strategically throughout the room for extra space and storage.

Add some charity shop finds, or Ikea finds for a unique touch that adds personality to your home decor to complete the look.

With these elements combined, you can create a beautiful, functional kitchen with open shelving that will envy all your guests!

Neutral Wood Kitchen Shelves

This design choice will bring a unique aesthetic to the space, allowing you to showcase your favorite dishes, cookbooks, and decorative items.

The open shelving will give your kitchen a light, airy, stylish, and functional feel.

You can create an aesthetically pleasing and practical space with suitable materials and accessories. Choose from various woods or metals for the shelves, then add baskets, jars, or other decorative items to complete the look.

You can also use colorful paint or wallpaper to add color to the walls—accessories with plants or greenery for a natural touch.

With this combination of materials and accessories, you’ll have an inviting kitchen with open shelvingyou’llwill be sure to impress!

Tree Short Layers Kitchen Shelves

The shelves are adorned with window shutters, adding a rustic touch to the room.

A mantle above the sink is filled with fresh flowers, creating a cheerful atmosphere in this cozy cottage kitchen.

Dark Wood tones Kitchen Shelves

This idea incorporates open shelves with dark wood tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Place the shelves strategically on either side of the kitchen window, allowing natural light to shine and brighten the room.

The shelves are perfect for displaying beautiful plates, glasses, plants, and other decorative items while still providing plenty of storage space.

Classic Wood Tones Kitchen Shelves

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with white-painted cabinets. A range hood adds an industrial touch to the space, while a subway tile backsplash brings in classic style.

To complete the look, vintage-inspired lighting fixtures and decorative accents add a touch of personality to this kitchen.

Retro-Style Open Shelves

DIY Affordable Open Shelves kitchen with open shelving
Source: @highboyla

Start by adding retro-style shelves to your walls and display vintage-style accessories in a modern way.

Use bright colors and thrifted home items like cups, mugs, and plates to create an eye-catching design. Add a few handmade home projects that match the rest of your decor for a different personality.

With these elements combined, you’ll have a charming kitchen in which you can be you’ll

Charming Wood Kitchen Shelves

The shelves are durable wood and feature metal hardware for an industrial touch.

The open shelving allows the cook to access all their utensils and ingredients without searching through cabinets.

Display various colorful dishes, glasses, and decorative items on the shelves to add a pop of color and personality to the kitchen.

Long Modern Kitchen Shelves

Everyday items from tumblers to egg cups are on display, as well as more special pieces like pink champagne flutes and green port glasses.

Open shelving allows easy access to all these items while elevating the kitchen design with an attractive modern look.

Eye-Catching Kitchen Shelves

Cara + Co. Studio kitchen with open shelving
Source: @cara.co_

The sleek brass accents give the room an air of luxury and sophistication, while the small details, like the interior styling and architecture, create a unique look that will inspire.

The combination of open shelving and city kitchen elements makes for an eye-catching design that will be sure to impress.

Wooden with Metal Bracket Kitchen Shelves

Open shelves give you the perfect place to show off your favorite dishes, cookbooks, or unique trinkets while allowing natural light to flood in and create an inviting atmosphere.

Opt for classic wooden shelves with metal brackets or hardware for a truly timeless look, giving your kitchen that vintage feels without compromising style.

With pretty window views and the right decor pieces, you can turn your kitchen into a sanctuary of old-world charm that will bring warmth and joy every time you step inside.

Natural Wood Kitchen Shelves

The shelves are made of natural wood, giving the room an earthy feel. Paint the walls in a light shade of green to create a cozy atmosphere.

On the shelves, vintage-style dishes and glassware add to the cottage-style charm. A few plants bring life to the space while adding texture and color.

Spring decorations like wreaths and eggs on the shelves or hung with ribbon for added appeal.

This attractive kitchen design is complete with small trinkets like jars filled with spices or dried flowers.

White Marble Kitchen Shelves

M&M Lighting kitchen with open shelving
Source: @mmlighting

The stunning white kitchen boasts cabinets with brass pulls featuring white and gray marble countertops and a matching backsplash.

Cabinetry pops against white walls and subway tiles, marble counters, and warm wood floors.

With its classic design and timeless appeal, this open shelving idea will surely bring warmth and character into any kitchen!

Functional Open Shelves

White cabinets and vintage give a timeless feel space. Combining classic elements with modern touches creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining.

Open shelving allows easy access to everyday items while adding visual interest to the room.

With careful styling, this kitchen will be beautiful and functional!

Unique Look Kitchen Shelves

This look combines the warmth of wood with the modern feel of open shelving, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining.

The combination othat’sral wood shelves and sleek metal brackets create a unique look that adds character to the space.

Open shelving also allows you to easily access items in your kitchen, making it easier to find what you need when cooking or baking.

With its timeless appeal and practicality, open shelving is that’s way to update your kitchen with a fresh look.

Ironstone Kitchen Shelves

The shelves are made of wood and topped with ironstone for a rustic look.

A toaster oven sits atop the counter, surrounded by collections of wicker-covered bottles and topiary plants for an added touch of botanical charm.

The overall effect is fresh and clean, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages home-keeping and domesticity.

Light Oak Kitchen Shelves

The shelves are brightened by an array of kitchen lighting, adding to the space’s overall aesthetic.

Strategically placed for maximum effect, this light creates a soft ambiance perfect for any meal.

The minimalist design allows for a clean and organized look while incorporating functional elements such as storage baskets to keep items within easy reach.

Combining natural elements with sleek lines, this kitchen offers an inviting atmosphere that will look beautiful in any home.

French Kitchen Shelves

The shelves are stocked with antique pieces, adding a unique touch to the design. A soapstone sink completes the look, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Open Long Shelving Kitchen

Utilize mid-century decor elements such as armchairs and vintage accessories in warm tones. Install parquet flooring for a timeless look, then use quartz countertops and tiles to complete the look.

Create custom open shelving with handles for practicality and style, making sure to add colorful pieces like cookbooks or plants to liven up the area.

Don’t forget the small details like mugs or jars of oDon’tsoning, which will add charm and personality.

Neutral Canvas Shelving Kitchen

The white countertops create a neutral canvas for the shelves to stand out. The frames are adorned with simple decor pieces such as mason jars and wooden bowls, adding texture and warmth to the design.

A farmhouse sink is nestled in the corner of the kitchen, completing the rustic-modern look.

To top it off, a library ladder provides easy access to the upper shelves while adding a unique touch.

Warm Lighting Kitchen Shelves

M&M Lighting kitchen with open shelving
Source: @mmlighting

The shelves are crafted from light-colored wood and offer an airy, minimalist look that can be accessorized with bright pops of color to make a statement.

The open shelves provide easy access to cookware, dishes, and other kitchen items, making it perfect for frequent cooks or those who want an elegant solution for their kitchen needs.

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