26 Stunning Kitchen Ideas with Glass Backsplash

Last updated on January 7, 2024

Create a modern kitchen with a glass backsplash! Add flair to your kitchen with these ideas. Read on!

A kitchen with a glass backsplash can be a modern and luxurious addition to any home. To create the perfect look, choose glass tiles in shades of white and other colors that reflect light and create an airy atmosphere.

Look for stained glass and print art to create an accent with your backsplash. High-quality prints are a new technology that makes all the difference in backsplash design.

Use the following ideas for your inspiration.

What's Inside

Andrew Pearson Glass Backsplash

The kitchen glistens with its glass backsplash, shining under the light from the glass countertops and reflecting off the sleek glass kitchen. The glossy surface adds a modern touch to the room, inspiring creativity and an elegant atmosphere.

The backsplash provides an exciting contrast to the other materials in the room, creating a unique look that will bring life to any Sunday night dinner.

Lacquer Glass Backsplash

The kitchen is a module design in shades of white, accented with glass backsplash and lacquered glass. Hafele and Hettich offer stylish kitchen furniture, while Blum provides the hardware that fits seamlessly into the contemporary design.

This affordable yet luxurious remodel meets all your need for elegance!

Modern Glass Design

IMAGIO Glass Design kitchen with glass backsplash
Source: @imagioglass

This kitchen is a modern oasis, featuring a glass backsplash reflecting the sun’s light and creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The Imagio glass tile adds an elegant touch to the space, while the beach-inspired design with palm trees brings in an element of relaxation.

The solid glass backsplash provides a clean look that is easy to maintain, making it perfect for any kitchen design goals. To complete the look, white cabinets and grout less tiles create a contemporary feel that will last for years.

With its healthy design and wellness focus, this kitchen inspires creativity and provides endless possibilities for customizing your backsplash goals.

Moda Clear Glazier Glass Works

This modern kitchen features a stunning glass backsplash seamlessly crafted from tempered glass and back-painted for a unique look. The glazier expertly installed the backsplash, creating an eye-catching focal point in the kitchen that is sure to impress.

The glass provides a sleek and contemporary feel, perfect for YXE Living’s modern residential renovations.

Kitchen Detail

The modern and sleek kitchen has two-tone flat-panel cabinets and a waterfall island. The cabinets feature a high gloss finish that contrasts against wood tones, while the backsplash is made of glass tiles that create a shimmering effect in the light.

Above, pendant lights hang from the ceiling, adding to the sophisticated lighting design.

Red Glass Backsplash

IMAGIO Glass Backsplash kitchen with glass backsplash
Source: @imagioglass

This vibrant red kitchen boasts a stunning glass backsplash, perfecting its modern design. The high-gloss glass pieces catch the light in their richly pigmented color, creating an energizing and inviting atmosphere.

The white kitchen cabinets provide an ideal backdrop, allowing the beauty of the red and glass to stand out. The solid glass backsplash reflects light and creates a sleek appearance, while the groutless installation keeps it minimalistic yet stylish.

Together these elements create a powerful visual statement that will brighten up any cooking space.

Blue Glass Backsplash

This kitchen is a stunning blend of modern style and eye-catching design. The sleek, handleless cabinets, made by Beckermann, are complemented by a beautiful glass backsplash that adds color to the room.

Neff appliances provide dependable and efficient performance. A set of barstools in a pop of color add the perfect finishing touch to this modern kitchen.

Tropical Glass Backsplash

This kitchen features a stunning glass backsplash that radiates tropical vibes. The back painted glass creates an artful, modern look, perfect for any home remodeling project.

Its unique design combines the Key West style with the architecture and interior design of South Florida cities like Miami, Key Biscayne, and Coral Gables. Surfside Beach’s coastal atmosphere is also reflected in this beautiful kitchen’s glass contractors’ artistry.

Sky Design with Bible Quote Art Glass Backsplash

Sky Design with Bible Quote Art Glass Backsplash kitchen with glass backsplash
Source: @kensoart

This kitchen is a stunning combination of modern design and classic style. The glass backsplash creates a beautiful, sparkling effect that adds a touch of elegance to the space.

The stainless steel hinges on the cabinets create an industrial feel, while the blue-proof waterproofing system ensures durability and long-term protection against water damage. The Riccohhk small wardrobe designs complete the look with sleek lines and modern detailing.

To add a personal touch, backsplash or kitchen art can be added to create unique artwork for the room. For genuinely unique interior styling, home styling or deco details can be used to customize each corner of this stylish kitchen.

White Metallic Glass

A white metallic glass backsplash beautifully complements the kitchen. Installed in Doreen, the glass splashbacks provide an elegant touch and enhance the modern look of the cabinetry and benchtops.

Printed Splashback

This stunning kitchen features a glass splashback that stands out from the rest. It is part of a modern kitchen renovation located in Camden, NSW, Bundanoon, Bowral, Moss Vale, Mount Annan, Berrima, and Wollongong.

The splashback has been printed with a unique pattern that adds an extra dimension to the overall look. The glass printing was done with great care, ensuring maximum impact and adding personality to the room.

The glass gives off a mirror-like effect that reflects light beautifully, creating a warm atmosphere. This genuinely one-of-a-kind kitchen backsplash is the standout feature of any home in the Wollondilly or Wingecarribee districts and Kiama or Illawarra regions.

Tempered Glass

This modern kitchen features a stunning glass backsplash that seamlessly blends with the rest of the interior design. The backsplash is made from tempered glass and back painted for a unique, vibrant look.

The glazier expertly crafted the custom backsplash to create an elegant, contemporary feel in this Saskatoon home. YXE Living’s talented team of homebuilders and interior designers worked together to bring this homeowner’s vision of modern living to live.

Glass Art Design

This kitchen features a stunning glass backsplash with backlit and patterned glass, illuminated by the light reflecting off its etched surfaces. Carved and back-painted glass tiles form a unique mosaic to create a modern look that’s vibrant and eye-catching.

A custom glass shower enclosure adds a layer of sophistication to this contemporary design. It’s all complemented by metallic gridlines on the wall, creating an interior of unparalleled style in this kitchen space.

Pattern Glass Design

IMAGIO Glass Design kitchen with glass backsplash
Source: @imagioglass

This luxurious kitchen features a solid glass backsplash that genuinely stands out. The sleek glass radiates a beautiful radiance, and its white color pairs perfectly with the rest of the kitchen design.

Grout is nowhere to be seen – instead, this backsplash creates an uninterrupted look that celebrates its own Imagio. As a result, it is no surprise that this glass backsplash has become a goal for many looking to upgrade their space.

This inspiring kitchen carries a reminder to live life untilted and stand as inspiration for healthy design practices.

Color-matched Starphire Back-painted Glass

This kitchen is a stunning modern design, featuring a beautiful glass backsplash that is color-matched to any hue. The glass has been back-painted with Starphire, creating an eye-catching effect that adds dimension and texture to the room.

Designed by Lisa McCann, this kitchen demonstrates her skill in blending form and function for a truly unique look.

Black and White Glass Kitchen Interior

The kitchen is adorned with a sleek glass backsplash that reflects the surrounding light, creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

The perfect combination of custom glass, interior design, and luxury interiors creates an impressive aesthetic with modern architecture and architectural details.

The glass backsplash effortlessly complements the glass furniture, table tops, countertops, and other elements manufactured using precision engineering from a professional glass manufacturer.

From the subtle yet sophisticated design to the inspirational kitchen designs by architects and designers, this kitchen creates an experience for those who appreciate high-end hospitality and real estate.

Artisan Glass

This kitchen features a stunning glass backsplash that adds a touch of luxury to the space. The glass is custom-made and designed with interior design and hospitality in mind.

Glass furniture, countertops, and tabletops for an overall modern look complement the backsplash. The combination of glass and architecture creates a unique atmosphere that is both stylish and functional.

Architectural details such as modern lines and shapes add to the overall design inspiration while providing an eye-catching focal point in the room.

Real estate investors will appreciate the timeless beauty of this kitchen, making it a great addition to any home or commercial property.

Peaceful and Blessed Kitchen with Quotes

Peaceful and Blessed Kitchen with Bible Verse Backsplash kitchen with glass backsplash
Source: @kensoart

The kitchen is stunning with its glass backsplash, giving the room a modern, luxurious feel. Expertly crafted of tempered glass, the backsplash sparkles and catches the light, providing a perfect accent to the carefully curated kitchen design.

Dark cabinets line one side of the kitchen for storage, while white counters run along the other. Adorning the walls is art from Kensoart and other kitchen art, blending beauty and functionality.

The room also features fresh ideas from interior designers in Singapore, such as BTODesign and SGInteriors, who have lent their touches to make this an inspiring environment for cooking and entertaining.

Finally, details like gallery kitchens and kitchen inspirations complete the look, transforming this room into a vibrant space full of warm energy.

Floral Design Art Glass Backsplash

KensoArt Floral Design Art Glass Backsplash kitchen with glass backsplash
Source: @kensoart

The kitchen is stunning, with its Kenso Art glass backsplash reflecting the light. The glass backsplash adds an elegant touch to the resale HDB flat, making it look like a brand-new home.

Studio Type Backsplash

Tow Studios kitchen with glass backsplash
Source: @towstudios

This kitchen features a stunning glass backsplash with classic white cabinetry and luxury appliances. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances perfectly balance modern convenience and timeless elegance.

The fine cabinetry is custom designed to fit the space perfectly, creating a contemporary look that stands out from the crowd. The kitchen is further enhanced by details such as an eat-in area and stylish lighting fixtures.

Kitchen and bath remodeling services have been used to create this beautiful space, which will impress all who enter it.

Black Glass Over White Countertops

This kitchen is perfect for small apartment living, boasting a sleek and modern design featuring vibrant red accents and a glass backsplash. An interior architect has expertly crafted the space-saving interior layout, while the eye-catching glass backsplash adds to the room’s character.

The minimalistic design allows Dubravka Interiors’ signature style to shine through, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Turquoise Glass Splashback

The kitchen sparkles with its modern glass backsplash, a sleek addition to the room. The glass reflects the overhead lights’ light and casts it throughout the room, adding a bright, airy feel.

The glass splashback is perfect for those who want a contemporary look in their kitchen, catching specks of color as they reflect in the light.

Perfectly fitted over wooden cupboards and drawers, it combines rustic materials with modern design to create an elegant finish unique to each homeowner.

All-White Kitchen with Painted Glass Backsplash

This kitchen features a beautiful glass backsplash painted with vibrant colors that draw the eye. The glass guru of Honolulu installed this stunning piece, making it the perfect centerpiece for a kitchen remodel.

This home has been completely remodeled to capture the essence of Hawaiian living. This kitchen will impress anyone who steps inside, from the sleek countertops to the open bar area.

With its inviting atmosphere and modern design, this kitchen is ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Castle Valley

A kitchen with a glass backsplash looks sleek and modern. The backsplash is available in clear, tinted, and tempered for an easy-to-clean look.

Glass provides a unique and timeless element to the space that will naturally enhance the aesthetic of any kitchen design.

Teal Glass Backsplash

This kitchen features a stunning glass backsplash that adds a modern touch to the space. The painted glass backsplash comprises multiple glass splashback panels, creating an eye-catching effect.

The Greenville SC hue of the painted glass creates a unique look that stands out against the neutral tones in the room. Home Solutions OTC provides this attractive and durable solution for any kitchen, making it easy to transform your space into something special.

Full Wall Glass

This modern kitchen features a sleek glass backsplash, creating an eye-catching look that is easy to clean. The glossy surface reflects light, brightening the room and adding a touch of sophistication.

This stylish backsplash is perfect for contemporary homes and brings a modern flair to any kitchen.

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