15 Kitchen Towel Holder Ideas

Last updated on June 7, 2024

Looking for creative kitchen towel holder ideas?

What's Inside

DIY Rope Towel Holder

diy rope towel holder

Create a rustic yet stylish look by using a thick rope secured with hooks on your kitchen wall, perfect for hanging towels.

Repurpose a Wine Rack

repurpose a wine rack

Turn your wine storage into an elegant towel holder by simply rolling up your kitchen towels and stashing them in the wine slots.

Use an Over-the-Door Rack

use an over the door rack

Perfect for small spaces, this rack conveniently hangs on the back of your cabinet door, giving your towels a designated spot without taking up kitchen counter space.

Install a Curtain Rod

install a curtain rod

Easily hang your kitchen towels by mounting a chic curtain rod between your cabinets.

Repurpose a Towel Ring

repurpose a towel ring

A simple towel ring can be mounted inside a cabinet door to keep your kitchen towel within easy reach yet out of sight.

Use Tension Rods in Drawers

use tension rods in drawers

Keep your towels neatly rolled and easily accessible with tension rods placed inside your kitchen drawers.

Hang From Pot Rack Hooks

hang from pot rack hooks

Imagine easily grabbing a kitchen towel hanging from the same hooks that hold your pots and pans.

Use a Pegboard System

use a pegboard system

It allows you to hang multiple kitchen towels while keeping them within easy reach and organized.

Install a Stylish Wall Hook

install a stylish wall hook

Add a touch of flair to your kitchen by installing a chic wall hook that keeps your towels stylishly within arm’s reach.

Use a Plant Hanger Stand

use a plant hanger stand

Perfect for an eclectic kitchen, this transforms a plant hanger into a unique towel holder that doubles as decor.

Repurpose a Belt or Scarf Holder

repurpose a belt or scarf holder

Perfect for hanging multiple towels neatly, turning a belt or scarf holder into a kitchen towel organizer instantly clears counter space.

Use a Decorative Hook Board

use a decorative hook board

Perfect for adding flair to your kitchen, it showcases your towels while keeping them within easy reach.

Hang From Cabinet Knobs

hang from cabinet knobs

Imagine your kitchen towels hanging conveniently and stylishly from cabinet knobs, adding flair and functionality within arm’s reach!

Utilize a Wall-Mounted Shelf With Bar

utilize a wall mounted shelf with bar

Hang your kitchen towels neatly under a wall-mounted shelf with a built-in bar, utilizing the space for both storage and organization.

Attach a Towel Bar to a Floating Shelf

attach a towel bar to a floating shelf

Keep your towels handy and add extra storage by attaching a towel bar under a floating shelf.

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