20 Sealing Cabinets Ideas for Aesthetic and Durable Kitchen Design

Last updated on January 19, 2024

Unlock the longevity of your cabinets through sealing because it serves as added protection against stains, wear, and moisture seepage.

These are my unique design concepts made using design tools. I hope you find them inspiring!

Cabinets, the unsung heroes of storage, they take a beating each day of life’s kitchen chaos. It’s time to give them a new defense mechanism – sealants! A quick skim of the internet will serve you traditional sealing options. But this article aims higher. Expect a well-rounded guide with tried-and-true resources, plus a fresh perspective brimming with unique and practical sealing solutions meant to surprise and inspire.

Take a stroll through this list of innovative ideas as we explore uncharted territories in cabinet sealing. Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s dive in!

What's Inside

Textured Glass Door Cabinets

textured glass door cabinets

Featuring translucent glass panels, these cabinets offer a multidimensional look that adds depth to the decor of any room. They keep clutter concealed while allowing a glimpse of what’s inside – a functional and aesthetic solution. Ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms, they’ll lend your space a modern and stylish feel.

For a more personal touch, choose from a variety of textures and patterns such as frosted, seedy, or reeded glass. With custom fitting, they can seamlessly blend with any design scheme, whether its classic elegance or contemporary chic. It’s all about finding the right balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Metallic Accents On Cabinets

metallic accents on cabinets

Metallic accents offer a luxurious and sophisticated touch to cabinets. The glimmering light reflected off these accents enhances the room’s overall elegance and warmth.

You can incorporate metallic accents in several ways:

  • Hardware: Utilize metallic handles, knobs or pulls. These small changes can make a dramatic difference.
  • Trim Work: Adding metallic trim to the edges of the cabinet doors can change their overall appearance and feel.
  • Inlays: Consider using metallic inlays in the cabinet doors for a striking design detail.
  • Metallic Paint: Apply metallic paint over the entire surface of the cabinets for a brighter, more eye-catching look.

Remember, blending these accents effectively with other elements in the room is key to achieving a balanced look. Keeping the rest of the room’s color scheme and decor in mind will ensure a successful outcome.

Custom Carved Cabinet Doors

custom carved cabinet doors

Truly one of a kind, custom-carved cabinet doors offer a blend of functionality and high-end craftsmanship. Incorporating intricate designs from either classical motifs or modern geometric patterns, these doors instantly enhance the aesthetics of any room. Wood, being the most commonly used material, offers a multitude of carving options, each displaying a unique look.

Here are some concepts to consider when choosing custom-carved cabinet doors:

  • Understand the Style: Evaluate whether a sophisticated vine and leaf pattern fits your space, or if a minimalist linear design aligns more with your aesthetic.
  • Material Matters: While wood such as oak and maple are popular, options like mahogany and walnut offer rich, distinctive grains for an impressive visual impact.
  • Surface Finish: From natural to stained or painted, choose a finish that complements your room’s color scheme.
  • Craftsmanship is key: Ensure your contractor understands your vision. A skilled craftsman translates your design ideas into beautiful carvings.
  • Functionality Factor: Despite their beauty, these cabinet doors must fulfill their functional role. Check that the door motion and hardware meet your criteria.

Get creative and let your personality shine through these highly personalized cabinet features.

Acrylic Finish Cabinets

acrylic finish cabinets

The glossiness of acrylic finishes are unmatched in their high-end appeal, transforming cabinets into sleek and stylish accents. These finishes, typically available in a wide array of colors and shades, are scratch-resistant and easy to clean—perfect for families and busy kitchens.

One of the main benefits of this style is its durability. Cabinets with acrylic finish can withstand heavy usage without losing their sheen, making them a practical choice that’s easy on the eye, too. The reflective qualities of acrylic also add depth, enhancing the space’s aesthetic while making it look larger.

Effortlessly merging function and style, these cabinets create a contemporary feel in the kitchen or bathroom. But remember, quality, care, and maintenance matter. For instance, wiping with a damp cloth ensures that your cabinets retain their smooth, glossy finish for years to come. On the downside, fingerprints and smudges may show up more noticeably on these surfaces.

It’s also worth noting that, while more expensive than other options, these cabinets are a worthy investment given their longevity.

Some may worry about environmental impact, yet many acrylic finish cabinets on the market today contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making them a cleaner choice.

On balance, acrylic finish cabinets offer a sleek, durable, and low maintenance solution for those seeking a high-end look that lasts.

Rustic Barnwood Cabinets

rustic barnwood cabinets

Resurrecting the old world charm, rustic barnwood cabinets can introduce a vintage and unique atmosphere. With their individual grain patterns and natural tones, each piece is undeniably distinctive.

Here are a few points:

  • 1. Barnwood, with its rough-hewn texture and rich wood grains, is perfect for bringing warmth and character to the interiors.
  • 2. The weather-worn nature of barnwood can create an aesthetic of comfort and lived-in charm, which is appealing in modern designs.
  • 3. Sustainability is another advantage of using barnwood. Reclaimed and repurposed, it’s an environmentally friendly choice.
  • 4. Maintenance is straightforward. Regular dusting and occasional conditioning with a suitable oil will preserve the wood’s beauty.
  • 5. Care should be taken to ensure the barnwood is treated to prevent infestation and decay. Professional sealing with a clear coat can protect against moisture and everyday use.

Remember, with these cabinets, a little goes a long way. Balancing them with simpler designs elements avoids overwhelming your space.

Glossy Red Lacquer Cabinets

glossy red lacquer cabinets

Glossy red lacquer cabinets give your kitchen a contemporary twist and a powerful pop of color. Their sheen is thanks to multiple layers of lacquer applied, producing a hard and durable finish. They reflect light brilliantly that makes a room appear brighter and larger.

You’ll love the ease of cleaning; a simple wipe can bring back their glamorous shine. Keep in mind maintenance is a tad higher due to their tendency to show fingerprints and scratches. But fear not, minor scratches can be easily touched up.

For a balanced look, pair these cabinets with neutral tones like grey, beige or white. Stainless steel appliances and hardware also compliment the bold red aura nicely. Be brave, be bold, let your kitchen make a statement with these glossy red beauties.

Pastel Lavender Cabinets

pastel lavender cabinets

Pairing Pastel Lavender Cabinets with neutral or white walls creates a sweet yet sophisticated look. This color can brighten up any kitchen and bring a whimsical ambiance.

Here are ways to integrate this style:

  • Material Selection: Opt for high-quality woods like maple or birch that will beautifully showcase the color.
  • Accents: Incorporate silver or stainless steel hardware to add a modern touch against the soft lavender.
  • Countertops: Quartz or marble countertops with gray veins complement the pastel cabinetry.
  • Backsplash: A soft white backsplash helps balance the color intensity, allowing the lavender to pop.
  • Lightings: Use warm or neutral tone lighting to keep the room bright without clashing with the cabinets.

Remember, the aim is to create a harmonious assembly of elements with Pastel Lavender Cabinets as the star of the design.

Distressed Antique Cabinets

distressed antique cabinets

A seasoned favorite among traditional and rustic design enthusiasts, this style possesses a certain old-world charm. Often, they’re crafted from reclaimed wood, which contributes to an environmentally-friendly design approach. One major advantage is their knack for hiding minor scratches and dents due to their inherently ‘abused’ look.

To achieve this aesthetic, a few popular techniques are used:

  • Sanding: Usually followed by staining, this technique is used to simulate years of use and wear.
  • Dry Brushing: A method that requires minimal paint to create streaks, often used to wear down corners and edges.
  • Glazing: Dark glaze is often painted on and then selectively wiped off, to highlight details and grooves.

Whether a house-wide theme or an isolated design choice, distressed cabinets bring warmth and personality into any room.

Minimalist Scandinavian Cabinets

minimalist scandinavian cabinets

Functionality and simplicity are at the core of Scandinavian design. When translating this aesthetic to kitchen cabinetry, consider clean lines, smooth surfaces, and neutral colors. A successful design is one that promotes a clutter-free environment; therefore, cabinets in this style often offer ample storage with intelligently designed interiors for optimal organization.

This design favors light, muted colors that lend an airy and open ambiance to a room. Whites, beiges, light grays, and soft hues of blue are common. Dark, saturated colors are generally avoided in favor of an overall light and bright look.

Natural light is embraced in Scandinavian design, so consider adding light-catching elements like glass doors or glossy finishes. When it comes to material choices, light-colored woods like pine and birch are popular. These not only reflect the Scandinavian love for nature and the outdoors but also contribute to a sense of warmth and comfort.

Remember to keep the hardware understated. Stainless-steel knobs or handles provide a modern contrast without overshadowing the overall design. In Scandinavian design, the cabinets should speak for themselves, and the accessories should simply enhance their beauty.

Retro Inspired Green Cabinets

retro inspired green cabinets

When taking cues from bygone eras, the color plays a critical role in capturing the essence of the time period. The green shade, specifically when it’s on the pastel side, is often associated with the mid century.

1. Color Choice: Opt for a slightly muted mint green to evoke a vibe that is distinctly vintage yet fresh. It adds a quirky, unique aesthetic while still being versatile.

2. Hardware: Pair the green color with brass or gold accents for the hardware. This enhances the overall retro look.

3. Pairing Colors: When considering wall colors or countertop materials, think in terms of contrast. Whites and light neutrals help the green to pop more, creating a vibrant, cheerful kitchen.

4. Style: Go for a simple shaker style cabinet which suits a variety of decor styles and ensures your kitchen doesn’t lean too heavily into the retro feel.

Remember, it’s all about balancing colors and textures. Paying attention to these details will ensure you get the right retro-inspired look with your green cabinets.

Sleek High-Gloss Black Cabinets

sleek high gloss black cabinets

These cabinets are a bold, contemporary choice for a modern kitchen. The high-gloss finish gives them a sleek, polished look that is both stylish and practical. The black color is versatile, blending well with stainless steel appliances and light countertops, creating a striking contrast.

How to get the best out of this style:

  • Use spot lighting: This will give the cabinets a beautiful, radiant sheen and make them a focal point in the room.
  • Pair with light colors: A black cabinet works best with lighter elements in the room. Try white countertops, a white backsplash, or even light-coloured flooring.
  • Keep it minimalist: This style shines in simplicity. Avoid busy designs or over-decorating in the rest of the kitchen.
  • Use quality materials: High-gloss finishes show blemishes easily, so opt for high-quality, durable materials for a long-lasting finish.

Remember, for a successful sleek high-gloss black cabinet project, the key is maintaining balance. The cabinets are a bold statement, so every other element needs to work harmoniously with them.

Warm Honey Brown Cabinets

warm honey brown cabinets

Honey brown possesses an enticing warmth that makes it an ideal hue for cabinets. Its rich, welcoming tone is an excellent avenue for introducing a dash of coziness into your space. These deepen over time, further enhancing its charm and attractiveness.

Contrast is key when working with this color. Pairing it with light-colored walls or countertops could result in a classic yet striking aesthetic. Should you aim for a more rustic look, try matching it with a natural stone wall or backsplash.

Quality of finish matters greatly, given that honey brown is a deep, vivid color. Opt for high-quality sealants to not just highlight the hue, but also to ensure durability. Remember, a good sealer can enhance the cabinet’s resilience against age, moisture, and heat – essential for kitchens and bathrooms.

Hardware selection is another pivotal factor. Go for brass or bronze knobs and handles if you’re aiming for a vintage, homey appearance. But, if a modern look is what you’re after, brushed nickel or stainless steel can be reliable choices.

In essence, your options with warm honey brown cabinets are extensive. With the right pairings and finish, you can transform any room into a warm welcoming space.

Eclectic Bohemian Cabinets

eclectic bohemian cabinets

The eclectic bohemian style is a fusion of colors, patterns, and textures that gives freedom of expression in your home decor. Cabinets in this style use elements like vibrant color palettes, vintage furnishings, and assorted fabrics to create a distinct look.

1. Color: Avoid restrictive color schemes. Try mix-and-match technique instead. From earthy tones to vibrant hues, the choice will reflect your personality.

2. Patterns: Consider using different patterns on the cabinet’s surface. It could be floral, geometric, or ethnic prints to accentuate its boho appearance.

3. Textures: Bohemian style thrives on varying textures. You could use distressed paint, beadings, or even fabric overlays.

4. Details: Add quirky knobs and handles to your cabinets. It could be ceramic painted ones or artisanal brass hardware, both will enhance the overall aesthetics.

Remember, there are no rigid rules in boho styling. It’s all about making a statement that reflects your personal style.

Beadboard Cabinets for Bathroom

beadboard cabinets for bathroom

Incorporating beadboard into your bathroom cabinets brings a touch of charm and sophistication, making it a popular choice among decorators. Here’s why:

1. Appearance: Beadboard consists of thin, wooden planks lined vertically and stuck together with distinctive beads indented in-between each. This design creates attractive and elegant visuals.

2. Versatility: It suits both traditional and contemporary decor, offering a wide set of color options that range from classic whites, pastels to rich wood tones.

3. Ease: Beadboard cabinets are refreshingly low-maintenance, making them ideal for functional areas like bathrooms.

4. Durability: Made from high-quality wood or MDF, these cabinets withstand humidity and resist warping, ensuring longevity.

5. Cost: Compared to other premium cabinetry materials, beadboard is notably affordable without compromising aesthetic appeal.

Consider these points when selecting cabinets for your bathroom. Remember, the right choice will harmonize with your design goals while serving your needs efficiently.

Metallic Gold Toned Cabinets

metallic gold toned cabinets

A splash of gold on your cabinets can instantly elevate the aesthetics, introducing a level of sophistication and luxury. Applied as either an all-over color or reserved for hardware, gold undertones augment a rich, warm ambiance.

To start, carefully select the shade of gold. You can choose from dark antique, soft champagne, or bright traditional gold depending on your room decor and personal style. Next, consider the finish, which ranges from high-gloss, semi-gloss, or matte.

For hardware, gold handles, knobs, and hinges add a striking contrast on darker cabinets. Furthermore, they complement white or light-colored cabinets, evolving a refined appearance.

Maintenance is crucial with metallic gold-toned cabinets. Regular cleaning ensures they continue to exude their signature shimmer. Use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner to avoid scratching the surface and dulling the metallic luster. Lastly, consistent touch-ups will help maintain the brilliance of your golden cabinets, ensuring they remain the room’s stunning focal point.

Farmhouse Style Chicken Wire Cabinets

farmhouse style chicken wire cabinets

The charm of Farmhouse Style Chicken Wire Cabinets lies in their rustic appeal and, of course, functionality. This design offers an invitingly warm aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the farmhouse style accentuating the sense of hominess.

Manufacturing involves replacing the solid cabinet door with chicken wire, allowing visual access to the cabinet content, making it an excellent choice for displaying pretty dishware or collectibles.

1. Choose Quality Chicken Wire: Ensure the durability of the wire since it becomes the primary facet of your cabinet. Opt for woven chicken wire for added toughness.

2. Frame: The type of frame matters. Heavily grained woods like oak or ash can add depth to the overall cabinet design, enhancing the rustic look.

3. Accessorize: Complementing the cabinets with matching hardware (knobs, handles) can unify its aesthetic while boosting your kitchen’s overall design.

4. Paint: Keep the cabinets natural, paint them white, or opt for distressed finishes to maintain an authentic farmhouse vibe.

Remember, the secret to the best representation of this style is simplicity and a keen eye for detail.

Industrial Style Metal Cabinets

industrial style metal cabinets

This enduring style showcases a blend of raw materials, sturdy construction, and utilitarian principles. Industrial-style metal cabinets perfectly encapsulate these elements. They instantly add an edgy, urban feel to any space. The main attraction is their rugged appeal, which pushes the boundaries of traditional home decor.

1. Durability and Maintenance: They’re built to last and are resistant to wear and tear. While a scratch might ruin a wood cabinet, it merely adds character to a metal one.

2. Versatility: Although often associated with darker color schemes, these cabinets can come in a variety of colors and finishes. A brushed metal finish provides a softer look, while a polished finish delivers a more modern feel.

3. Utilitarian Aesthetic: With an emphasis on functionality, these cabinets often feature visible hinges and handles, contributing to an authentic industrial look.

4. Pairing Suggestion: Soften the aesthetic by pairing metal cabinets with wooden countertops or exposed brick walls.

Inviting an industrial vibe into your kitchen is about embracing the charm of raw, authentic materials while ensuring they still serve their functional purpose. It’s about crafting a unique kitchen narrative that goes beyond conventional design norms. These points will help you fuse function with über-chic style for a kitchen that promises to impress.

Stained Glass Cabinet Inserts

stained glass cabinet inserts

Stained glass inserts bring a unique, artistic twist to your cabinet design. They serve a dual purpose – providing privacy while maintaining a sense of openness. The vivid colors and intricate designs of stained glass can turn any simple kitchen or living room cabinet into a work of art.

Here’s a simple guide to consider:

  • Style: Many styles range from Victorian to modern abstract designs. Choose a design that matches your room decor.
  • Colors: Go for a color palette that complements your overall room theme.
  • Translucency: While some prefer the artistry of opaque stained glass, a translucent design will allow you to see cabinet contents.

Opt for a professional to install these inserts to ensure durability and a perfect fit. Custom designs are also possible if you’re aiming for a personalized flair. Remember that routine cleaning is pivotal to maintain the glass’s shine and to keep up the overall ambiance.

Decoupage Artwork On Cabinets

decoupage artwork on cabinets

To transform your cabinet into a conversational piece showcasing creativity and artistic flair, decoupage is an excellent choice. Here are four easy steps to achieving this:

1. Gather Materials: Select a series of images, designs, or even pieces of wallpaper to apply. The material could be paper or light fabric, ensuring they align with your interior aesthetics.

2. Prepare the Cabinet: Before applying your artwork, sand and clean your cabinet thoroughly. Remove any residue to ensure a smooth, clean surface.

3. Adhere Artwork: Using decoupage medium, apply your selected artwork. Remember to press out any bubbles from the center outward for a smooth finish.

4. Seal the Design: After your design has dried, seal it using the decoupage medium or a clear acrylic sealer for longer-lasting results.

The beauty of the decoupage technique lies in its flexibility. You can create anything from a vintage-themed pantry door to whimsical bathroom storage. Let your imagination run wild!

Salmon Pink Kitchen Cabinets

salmon pink kitchen cabinets

Developing a special affinity for a color like salmon pink can bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the kitchen. Let’s delve into how to incorporate this unique shade into your kitchen cabinets.

1. Shade Selection: While it’s crucial to ensure consistency of the hue, consider darker or lighter shades for the lower cabinets to add depth to the space.

2. Complementary Colors: Salmon pink pairs well with whites, greys, and natural wood tones. Keeping the surrounding environment in these hues will make the cabinets pop and ensure the kitchen doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the color.

3. Finish Options: A matte finish will give a modern look, while a glossy can add a hint of glamour.

4. Hardware Matters: Gold or brass handles and knobs marry well with salmon pink and enhance its warm tones.

5. Light it up: Under-cabinet lighting can highlight the beautiful color and provide the kitchen with a warm glow.

Remember, the use of salmon pink can transform kitchen cabinets into an interesting focal point, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere. Use these tips to create a kitchen that speaks volumes about your unique style and charm.

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