Sherwin Williams Grey Kitchen Cabinets: An Overview of Paint Colors, Benefits, and Selection Tips

Last updated on March 27, 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of Sherwin Williams grey kitchen cabinets, because they offer a multitude of options that accommodate various styles, needs, and trends, making each selection a well-guided and gratifying journey.

Gray kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice that infuse sophistication and modernity into any culinary space, and Sherwin Williams’ selection of grays offers the perfect hue to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re contemplating the warm, inviting tone of Mindful Gray or eyeing the contemporary edge of Peppercorn, navigating the subtleties of undertones and lighting conditions is key to creating your desired ambiance.

Get ready to discover the impact of choices like Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray on your kitchen’s aesthetic, and learn how to pair these shades with the right accessories and lighting to truly make your cabinets stand out.

Prepare to transform your kitchen with the ideal Sherwin Williams gray, as we delve into the nuances that will help you make a confident and stunning selection.

Key takeaways:

  • Sherwin Williams offers an array of gray colors for kitchen cabinets, including Repose Gray, Dorian Gray, Agreeable Gray, and Gauntlet Gray.
  • Consider lighting conditions, cabinet surface, kitchen size, undertones, and existing decor when choosing a Sherwin Williams gray for kitchen cabinets.
  • Mindful Gray is a versatile choice with warm undertones that complements a variety of countertop materials and hardware finishes.
  • Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray, Dovetail, and Peppercorn are popular gray cabinet colors by Sherwin Williams for 2021.
  • Accessories and lighting can enhance the neutrality and maximize the natural light reflection of Sherwin Williams gray cabinet colors.

What's Inside

trending sherwin williams gray cabinet colors

Sherwin Williams boasts an array of gray colors perfect for kitchen cabinets, capturing both modern and classic styles. To achieve a sleek, contemporary look, consider “Repose Gray.” Its neutral yet warm undertone suits a variety of lighting conditions and complements stainless steel appliances marvelously.

For those leaning towards a cozy, inviting kitchen ambiance, “Dorian Gray” brings a subtle depth to the space without overwhelming it with darkness, pairing beautifully with natural wood accents.

Homeowners looking for a lighter touch might find “Agreeable Gray” lives up to its name, offering a soft backdrop that harmonizes with other hues, perfect for kitchens that double as a gathering space.

Lastly, “Gauntlet Gray” stands out as a bold choice that can create a statement. Its deep tones work well with marble countertops or a tiled backsplash, providing balance and elegance to the heart of the home. Choosing the right Sherwin Williams gray can transform your kitchen cabinets into a stylish focal point.

Choosing the Right Sherwin Williams Gray for Your Kitchen Cabinets

choosing the right sherwin williams gray for your kitchen cabinets

When selecting a Sherwin Williams gray paint for your kitchen cabinets, consider the following factors:

1. Lighting Conditions: Understand how natural and artificial light affect paint color in your kitchen. Lighter grays, such as First Star, can brighten up a space, while deeper tones like Dovetail create a more dramatic effect.

2. Cabinet Surface: Assess whether you’re painting over dark wood, which might require a gray with higher opacity, or light cabinets that allow for more versatility.

3. Kitchen Size: In smaller kitchens, opt for lighter shades to give the illusion of more space. Larger kitchens can handle the depth of darker grays without feeling constricted.

4. Undertones: Identify the undertone of the gray you’re considering. Grays with blue or green undertones offer a cool feel, whereas grays with red or brown undertones bring warmth.

5. Existing Decor and Appliances: Make sure the gray complements your countertops, backsplash, and appliances. Metallic finishes pop against a neutral gray backdrop.

6. Finish: Decide between matte, gloss, or satin finishes. Matte can hide imperfections, while glossier finishes reflect more light and are easier to clean.

By focusing on these key points, you can identify the perfect Sherwin Williams gray that matches the design vision for your kitchen.

Warmth and Versatility of Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Balancing cozy and contemporary, Mindful Gray is a go-to choice for spaces that require a neutral backdrop with a touch of warmth. This subtle shade embodies a unique chameleon-like quality, adapting to its surroundings and complementing a variety of decor styles.

Here’s why it stands out:

  • Versatility: Mindful Gray sits comfortably between a true gray and a beige, making it incredibly versatile for any kitchen style, from modern to country.
  • Warm undertones: Unlike cooler grays, its warm undertones bring an inviting atmosphere into the heart of the home.
  • Pairing potential: It works beautifully with a range of countertop materials and hardware finishes, from polished granite to butcher block and from brushed nickel to matte black.
  • Depth: This hue adds depth and dimension to cabinetry without overwhelming the space, making it an excellent choice for both small and large kitchens alike.
  • Light reflection: Mindful Gray has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) that strikes a balance, reflecting enough light to keep your kitchen feeling open while offering enough saturation for a distinctive presence.

Mindful Gray’s adaptable nature ensures that your kitchen will remain timelessly elegant, standing up to changing trends while retaining a warm and welcoming feel.

Sherwin Williams has set the stage with grays that serve as a neutral foundation for any kitchen style. Reflecting the latest design trends, these hues promote a sense of calm and elegance.

  • Repose Gray SW 7015: This is a versatile, light gray that brings a modern, yet warm ambiance to the kitchen. It works well with both cool and warm tones.
  • Agreeable Gray SW 7029: As one of the most popular grays, this color provides a soft, agreeable backdrop that complements stainless steel appliances and natural wood accents alike.
  • Dovetail SW 7018: For a deeper, sophisticated look, Dovetail offers a stronger statement while still keeping the space inviting.
  • Peppercorn SW 7674: For those embracing the bold, dark kitchen trends, Peppercorn provides depth and drama without overwhelming the senses. It pairs beautifully with lighter countertops and backsplashes.
  • These colors not only stay current with the times but also have the staying power to remain tasteful for years to come. The key to their popularity lies in their flexibility, blending seamlessly with a variety of kitchen designs and accessories.

    Pairing Accessories With Sherwin Williams Anew Gray 7030

    Enhancing the neutrality of Anew Gray 7030 is effortlessly achieved by selecting accessories that complement its understated elegance. To infuse a touch of warmth, consider brass or gold hardware; the metal’s subtle sheen contrasts beautifully against the matte finish of the cabinetry. For a modern edge, opt for polished chrome or nickel. These cooler metals provide a sleek, sophisticated look that aligns with contemporary design aesthetics.

    Textiles and décor also play a pivotal role. Choose linens and curtains in natural fibers like cotton or linen to maintain an organic feel. Area rugs with geometric patterns or muted colors can anchor the space, while a pop of color, like sage green or blush pink, found in vases or cookware, can add interest without overwhelming the palette.

    When it comes to lighting, pendant lights with clear glass or industrial elements juxtapose the solid cabinetry color, providing visual interest and drawing the eye upward. Stick with fixtures that embrace simplicity to let Anew Gray be the star.

    For your backsplash, subtle patterns in white or light neutrals like a classic subway tile or a herringbone pattern enhance the room’s dimensions without competing for attention. This approach keeps your space unified and allows the sophistication of Anew Gray to shine through in your kitchen’s overarching ambiance.

    Maximizing Natural Light With Sherwin Williams First Star 7646

    Harnessing the power of natural light in your kitchen can make the space look larger and more inviting. Sherwin Williams First Star 7646 is a light gray that reflects light, amplifying its presence in your kitchen. Its subtle cool tone makes it an exceptional choice for cabinets in kitchens with ample sunlight, ensuring the space feels airy throughout the day.

    To enhance the interplay between natural light and your cabinets:

    • Use a satin or semi-gloss finish which will reflect light better than matte finishes.
    • Consider the color temperature of the sunlight; spaces with cooler daylight can benefit from the slight warmth of First Star to balance the ambiance.
    • Pair with bright white trim and countertops for a crisp, seamless look that maximizes light reflection.
    • Incorporate under-cabinet lighting to elevate the reflective quality of the paint during the evening.
    • Avoid heavy window treatments, letting First Star work in tandem with the light to create a serene, open space.

    Creating a Refined Space With Sherwin Williams Light French Gray SW 0055

    Light French Gray SW 0055 is a timeless shade with a balanced blend of warm and cool undertones, making it adapt effortlessly to a variety of lighting conditions and design aesthetics. Implementing this hue in your kitchen can elevate the space, giving it a polished and serene ambiance that remains inviting.

    • Balanced Undertones: The neutral undertones of this color offer flexibility, ensuring it doesn’t lean too heavily towards either a stark or overly cozy palette, thus preserving the kitchen’s refined feel.
    • Versatility Through Lighting: Under different lighting conditions, Light French Gray exhibits subtle shifts that can accentuate your space’s elegance. With abundant natural light, it reads cooler, while artificial warm lights bring out its warmth, offering dimensional richness.
    • Complementary Colors: Pairing Light French Gray with marble countertops or backsplash tiles can enhance the sophistication of your cabinets. For contrast, darker hardware or fixtures add depth and interest without overwhelming the grace of the gray.
    • Consistent Aesthetic: Use this shade on all cabinetry to maintain a streamlined look. It works harmoniously with both contemporary and traditional design elements, allowing for a sleek, unified aesthetic.
    • Textural Contrast: Combine it with different textures such as brushed metals, glass, or wood to create a layered, refined look that maintains the gray’s understated elegance.

    Remember, the success of creating a high-end look lies in the details, so consider the nuances of your space to make the most of Light French Gray SW 0055.

    Real Home Projects Featuring Sherwin Williams Gray Kitchen Cabinets

    Visual examples bring color concepts to life. Dive into real home projects where homeowners have transformed their spaces with various gray tones from Sherwin Williams.

    A cozy suburban kitchen finds sophistication with cabinets painted in Dorian Gray, complemented by brushed nickel hardware. The homeowner’s choice reflects a balance between modern chic and warm, welcoming ambiance.

    In a city loft, the bold decision to go with a darker shade, like Gauntlet Gray, crafts a statement kitchen, pairing with white marble countertops for a stunning contrast that showcases an edgy, yet upscale aesthetic.

    A seaside retreat features cabinets drenched in Repose Gray, creating a serene and airy feel. This lighter shade harmonizes with sandy hues and oceanic blues, illustrating how gray can adapt to softer, coastal design themes.

    Lastly, picture a restored farmhouse where the cabinets are bathed in Agreeable Gray. This greige tone bridges rustic charm with contemporary cleanliness, achieving a balance that’s both inviting and fresh.

    Each example underscores the adaptability of gray as a cabinet color, demonstrating its potential to enhance various types of homes and design preferences.

    How to Shop for the Best Paints for Kitchen Cabinets

    When selecting the best paint for your kitchen cabinets, prioritize durability and finish. Look for formulas specifically designed for cabinetry, such as Sherwin Williams’ Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel, which offers a hard, durable finish capable of withstanding frequent cleaning and daily wear. Consider the sheen level; semi-gloss or gloss finishes are easier to clean and resist staining better than flat or matte finishes, making them ideal for kitchen environments.

    For smoother application, opt for paints with self-leveling properties to minimize brush strokes and provide a professional look. If concerned about the paint’s impact on indoor air quality, choose low VOC (volatile organic compounds) options to ensure a healthier kitchen environment.

    Before purchasing, test paint samples on a small section of your cabinets to see how the color looks in different lighting conditions throughout the day. This will help you find the perfect shade that complements your kitchen’s lighting and your personal style.

    Investing in quality tools, like high-grade brushes or rollers, plays a crucial role in achieving a flawless finish. Remember to properly prep your cabinets before painting, including cleaning, sanding, and priming, to ensure the best adherence and longevity of your paint job.

    Tips for Creating a Coordinated Kitchen Palette With Sherwin Williams Greige

    Achieving a harmonious kitchen color scheme with greige entails focusing on complementary colors and textures that enhance this distinctive hue’s versatility.

    Begin by considering the undertones of your selected Sherwin Williams greige paint; this will guide your choices in countertops, backsplashes, and flooring.

    Opt for whites with similar undertones for a seamless look, or incorporate soft blues and greens to introduce subtle contrast.

    Explore natural materials to add warmth. Wooden elements, be it butcher block countertops or oak flooring, resonate with the earthy tones in greige.

    For a modern edge, brushed metals in cabinet handles and faucets can introduce sleek lines and reflective surfaces.

    Lighting also plays a crucial role. Under-cabinet lighting can bring out the depth in greige and set a welcoming ambiance.

    When it comes to decor, lean towards minimalist designs that don’t overwhelm the space.

    A few strategically placed plants or a vase of fresh flowers can bring life to the room without distracting from the color palette.

    Remember, the goal is to create a cohesive and inviting space that feels balanced and thoughtfully curated.


    What is the most popular grey for kitchen cabinets?

    The most popular greys for kitchen cabinets include Repose Gray, Gray Owl, Dorian Gray, Chelsea Gray, Edgecomb Gray, and Agreeable Gray.

    What Sherwin Williams gray for cabinets?

    The best Sherwin Williams gray colors for cabinets include Mindful, Repose, Worldly, First Star, Iron Ore, Agreeable Gray, and Dorian among others.

    What is Sherwin Williams most popular grey color?

    The most popular grey color by Sherwin Williams is Repose Gray SW 7015, renowned for its warm tones and beige undertones.

    Are grey kitchen cabinets a good idea?

    Grey kitchen cabinets can indeed bring a modern aesthetic, although careful consideration should be given to the complementary colors and shade of grey to avoid creating a dreary or cramped appearance.

    How does natural light affect the appearance of Sherwin Williams grey kitchen cabinets?

    Natural light enhances the tones of Sherwin Williams grey kitchen cabinets, giving them a warmer or cooler appearance based on the specific hue and intensity of the light.

    What color pairings work best with Sherwin Williams grey kitchen cabinets?

    Sherwin Williams grey kitchen cabinets pair best with cool neutrals like whites and creams, as well as bold colors such as navy blue, emerald green, or even shades of vibrant yellow.

    What is the right finish for Sherwin Williams grey kitchen cabinets in a high-traffic kitchen?

    The ideal finish for Sherwin Williams grey kitchen cabinets in a high-traffic kitchen is satin or semi-gloss due to their durability and ease of cleaning.

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