3 Things to Consider Before Installing a New Furnace

Last updated on October 7, 2023

Need a new furnace to install to your home HVAC system? Start by considering these three important things.

Having a reliable heating system is essential. You encounter different types of climates and weather throughout the whole year. You would not know when you will need to keep warm or cool. 

There are several ways to heat up your home, like having a fireplace, carpet floors, and sealed windows and doors. However, these options either take so much effort or can only offer limited heat when you need it. 

Most homeowners opt to have a furnace. As Boilerbrain.co.uk, explains a furnace is a central heating system that will warm up your entire home. Even though it is much easier and effortless to provide heat for your whole house, you still need to consider things before installing one. 

What's Inside

Type of Fuel

electric furnace

There are various ways to power a furnace. The most common would be natural gas. It could burn propane or fuel oil. Some furnaces are electrically powered. All of these options have pros and cons. 

Using gas would be better in providing heat, but there are safety protocols that you need to follow. You will need to maintain your furnace to avoid gas leaks. 

Choosing oil can be a better choice for you since it is much more accessible. However, the disadvantages of it are that oil prices are not stable and oil furnaces are messier. 

If you have the budget, you can use electric furnaces. It is much safer to use compared to the first two options. However, the furnace will be connected to your electricity, so you should be ready to have an expensive electric bill if you choose this option. There is an economical option. There is an electric-powered heat pump furnace that uses less electricity.

The type of fuel you will use for your furnace should be considered when you look for one. You should be aware and prepared to include the fuel cost to sustain your heating system. 


large furnace

Do not just buy or install a new furnace without thinking of your space’s size or the device’s capacity. Before you push through the furnace installation, you should know how much heating or cooling your house needs. It should perfectly fit the ability of your new furnace. 

Your furnace can’t heat or cool a space that is too small or big for it. It has to be the right size. Aside from this, you need to consider the usual climate your area experiences and other factors. 

Zoning System


There are times when your house’s specific room needs less or more heat than the other rooms. This can happen because of several reasons and could cause future problems. You can have zoning systems to fix that. 

Identify the rooms that you would want to have independently controlled heating so separate thermostats can be installed. Also, dampers will be installed in the ducts to achieve this zoning system. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. These are only a few things you need to consider before installing a new furnace. You can have more in-depth research before you do the installation. But, these three are some of the top factors you should keep in mind. 

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