What to Ask for When Hiring a Windows and Doors Company

Last updated on July 21, 2020

When we buy things, some times they don’t work as advertised and we return the product. No harm, no foul. When we contemplate a home renovation project, we don’t want to get caught in a costly do-over when spending thousands on new windows and doors. Finding a contractor with the skills to bring your project to successful completion is paramount to receive value for money.

The question becomes, how do you hire a contractor for windows and doors, and what do you ask them when you contact them.

What's Inside

Form of Validation

A form of validation is in order when you are entrusting your home and thousands of dollars to a contractor. In the beginning, a competent, qualified windows and doors contractor will hold a municipal business license to operate.


The second factor in determining the validity of a contractor is whether they carry insurance for the work they do on-site. Most contractors have their license number printed on the side of their service trucks and it is easily verified through an Internet search. Insurance is a little more difficult, but a request to see the policy number and carrier name will establish the bona fides of the contractor.

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Once you have established the professional credentials of the contractor, ask about the duration they have worked in the windows and doors industry. Many inexperienced contractors will get into trouble on the job because they have never been the situation they find themselves in. This could cause improper installation of windows and doors to occur. If that happens, any warranty that is available for the products you purchased will be void due to poor installation.

Business Presence

When selecting a contractor, ask them where their store is. If they don’t have an address, business phone number, and showroom it will reduce the trust factor when assessing a contractor. A location indicates stability, and that is something that can be the tipping point when choosing a contractor.


Business expertise will be demonstrated through past performance and be a solid indicator of what to expect when you hire a contractor. References, both on the Internet, and personal references will be solidifying factors when hiring a contractor. Make sure to avoid the family and friends’ references and concentrate on people who have had the same type of work done that you are shopping for.


Remember, buying replacement windows and doors is a business deal. And the cheapest price doesn’t make it the best deal. Look for value when you purchase products and services and get everything in writing. Your estimate is your insurance policy and without one, you are at the mercy of a contractor who may not have your best interests at heart.

The Crew

The crew that will be employed is as important as the products you purchase. Ask if they have any special training that qualifies them for your project. Do they have safety training, how long have they been on the job are some of the questions to ask. One question for the contractor is the use of labor, does he hire out to subcontractor or does he have a crew operating on the job? A company with a crew will be trustworthy, and it will be easier to get them to come back if something goes wrong.

Before you sign on the dotted line, seek out more than one estimate to get a feel for what the market has to offer. Then, work with the contractor who has built trust through his ability to meet the criteria of a qualified windows and doors contractor.

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