Top 9 Accessories You’ll Want for a Perfectly Styled Bed

Last updated on August 13, 2023

Does the look of your bed delight you? Or do you feel disappointed when it catches your eye? Are you wondering what, exactly, could be hindering your bed from looking like the stylish, comfortable models you see on TV and in fancy hotel rooms? Do you want to transform your bed from ordinary to extraordinary? If so, these are the top 9 accessories we recommend for styling the perfect bed:

What's Inside

An Enticing Bedhead

An attractive bedhead can become the central focus of attention in your bedroom, drawing the eye and adding a rich and lavish element to space.

You have many options for bedhead styles. Lately, upholstered headboards featuring elegant fabrics and graceful shapes have been trendy. This type of bedhead could be an ideal choice for you if you want your bedroom styling to appear elegant or romantic. If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, you could opt to style your bed with a plain timber bedhead instead. Be sure to choose a style that complements the rest of your bedroom furniture and ensures that it is one you truly love.

Your bedhead could arguably become the most important component of your bedroom styling efforts. If your bedhead is stunning, you can get away with heaps of mediocrity in other aspects of your bed styling.

A Mattress Topper

You might or might not need a mattress topper. When it comes to styling the perfect bed, this is an optional item.

You definitely will not need a mattress topper if you already have a brand new, blissfully comfortable mattress. But if you aren’t that lucky, a mattress topper may be exactly what you need to improve the look and comfort level of your bed. There are a couple of situations in which having a mattress topper would be ideal:

  • If your mattress sags, the topper will save your bed from looking old and hideous. It quite possibly could also save you from enduring a bad case of insomnia since a bad mattress is one of the possible causes of sleeplessness.
  • If you chose the wrong mattress – particularly one that is too firm – a mattress topper can help you rectify the situation.


The sheets you choose might or might not be visible when your bed is made – but either way, they will contribute greatly to the level of comfort you experience when you sleep in the bed. Be sure to choose sheets that complement the rest of your bedroom décor for a coordinated look.


Ideally, you’ll want to choose plump, fluffy pillows to make your bed look most comfortable and appealing. However, the pillows should not be overstuffed to the point they make your neck ache when you sleep on them.

Pillow Shams

Pillow shams are pillow covers that you put on overtop of your pillowcase. They can make your bedding look more cohesive and coordinated. When you’re styling your bed, pillow shams are optional, but they can contribute significantly to your bed’s overall look and the mood in your bedroom.

A Quilt, Comforter, Duvet Cover, or Bedspread

Your choice of bed covers will set the entire mood for your bedroom. If you’re going for a casual look, a comforter is a smart choice. If you have a more traditional look in mind, a quilt or old-fashioned bedspread could be the right choice. For an up-to-the-minute trendy aesthetic, consider a reversible duvet cover, which can give you two different looks for one’s price.


Cushions can add just the right mix of color, pattern, and texture to your bed’s styling. It’s ideal for adding them in groups of 3 – perhaps in varied shapes and sizes. You could include a bolster cushion plus one round and one square cushion in different sizes for a pleasing asymmetrical effect. Another option would be to scatter groups of square cushions in varying sizes on top of the bed.

A Throw

A throw is optional during the hottest months of summer, but it is a useful item to have on hand during the coldest months of winter. Lately, simple jersey knit throws made from extra chunky wool yarns have been popular. One of these is the perfect accent in a contemporary environment. A luxurious chenille throw is an alternative option that could work well if your bedroom features a more traditional home décor.

A Bed Skirt

A bed skirt can distract the eyes from all kinds of things you’d rather not have on display – for example, ugly bed legs or storage boxes concealed beneath the bed. A bed skirt also gives you an excellent opportunity to add pretty ruffles, appealing prints, or an elegant silhouette to your bed styling.

These 9 accessories are the ones you’ll want to consider using to style the perfect bed. If you’re not happy with your bed’s current look, and you’re missing any of these items, adding them is likely to make a positive difference in the overall look of your bedroom.

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